Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1012 - Profitable Investment

Chapter 1012 - Profitable Investment

Chapter 1012: Profitable Investment





Chapter 1012 – Profitable Investment

“Hahaha! Now that Zero Wing has provoked so many Dark Guilds, I can’t wait to see how the Guild gets out of this! Even I am starting to pity Zero Wing. Gentle Snow can’t get her priorities straight, either, refusing to join Underworld. I wonder how much she’s regretting that decision.”

“Young Master Feng, should we head to White River City and take care of Zero Wing’s members, too?”

“That’s a nice idea. Now that so many Guilds are targeting Zero Wing, we can disguise ourselves and use this opportunity to rake in some profit. If we can get rid of ten or so Zero Wing core members, we can upgrade everyone’s equipment. If we’re lucky, we might even get a cut of White River City. My position in the organization will rise again, and I won’t have to listen to that d.a.m.nable woman anymore.”

Currently, Feng Xuanyang led a team to grind Level 42 Mine Gnomes, using them to power level to Level 40. However, as his team lacked good equipment, they couldn’t afford to venture too far into the mine. If they could upgrade their equipment, they could increase their grinding speed.

However, when Feng Xuanyang thought about how he had been forced to lead this team personally, he was indescribably frustrated.

He had been one of Underworld’s middle managers. Now, however, he had been reduced to leading a team to grind monsters. This was all due to Underworld’s upper echelons sudden focus on Youlan. They had even transferred Maple City’s management, as well as five other major cities, to Youlan. This was a nightmare.

Just you wait. When Zero Wing falls, I’ll poach Zero Wing’s top players and regain possession of Overwhelming Smile!

Feng Xuanyang inwardly chuckled.

Zero Wing’s elite members and experts were extraordinarily strong. If Zero Wing were defeated, these people would refuse to join Guilds like Blackwater or Heaven’s Burial. At that time, he simply needed to offer an appropriate price to recruit them. After making these people his own, Underworld’s upper echelons would have no choice but to focus on him.

When Feng Xuanyang and his team reached White River City, they were astounded by what they saw.

The NPC guards were slaughtering numerous players inside the Teleportation Hall. In the face of the Level 180 guards, Level 40 expert players were infants. The NPCs only needed one hit to defeat each player. One cloaked player, who had just teleported into the city, died before he had even realized what had happened.

What’s going on here?

Chills ran down Feng Xuanyang’s spine as he looked down at the Dark Guild player corpse beside him.

Feng Xuanyang wasn’t the only player who wondered what was happening. Many other Guilds that had teleported to White River City to take advantage of Zero Wing’s predicament were stupefied.

Inside the s.p.a.cious Teleportation Hall, several hundred disguised Red Players had died. The scent of blood lingered in the air. White River City had become a forbidden ground for Red Players.

Previously, everyone had thought that these Dark Guild players were too arrogant in the city. Now, however, they pitied these players.

Any Red Players the NPC guards killed would be jailed in White River City’s Confinement Room to await their punishment after they resurrected. With the Crime Values these Dark Guild members possessed, it would be a miracle if they were not locked up for over a month…

Rescuing these players from White River City’s Confinement Room was nothing more than a dream. Level 200, Tier 3 NPCs guarded that room, and they would instantly kill any and all players that didn’t belong.

However, if these players weren’t rescued, mainstream players would have long since surpa.s.sed these players levels and equipment by the time their prison sentence was over. It would be very difficult to catch up. At the very least, they would need to spend several months grinding endlessly.

As for deleting their accounts and starting all over again, although they could level up quickly if high-level players power-leveled them, they would never catch up to mainstream players in a month without some leveling secret. Of course, regaining their levels was one issue, but what about their Reputation? What about their weapons and equipment? What about the wealth they had acc.u.mulated?

“Young Master Feng, are we still going to take on Zero Wing’s members?” South Wolf, who was currently Level 38, asked hesitantly.

Zero Wing was definitely involved in White River City’s sudden development, and anyone that said otherwise was lying. If Zero Wing was already capable of this, who knew what else the Guild could do?

“Let’s investigate the situation first.” Feng Xuanyang felt somewhat unsteady at this moment.

He could not forget the Level 40 expert who had teleported in beside him dying after a single strike.

Elsewhere, the various Dark Guilds’ upper echelons were dumbfounded when they heard the news of this sudden development.

“Can someone tell me what is going on?!”

“Why are White River City’s NPCs slaughtering our members like madmen?!”

This was the first time these Dark Guilds had encountered a situation like this. The NPC city that they had been able to move through freely was now a forbidden land. Over half of the members they had dispatched to White River City were dead. Only a small minority were still active in the fields near White River City. This was an unprecedented blow to their Dark Guilds.

The death of their members was nothing to them. However, if their members were confined for over a month, this would severely wound their Guilds.

“d.a.m.n it! Zero Wing set us up!”

“Contact the other Dark Guilds immediately! From now on, we cannot let anyone from Zero Wing survive! If they show themselves, kill them all!”

Star-Moon Kingdom’s various Dark Guilds swore to fight Zero Wing until the bitter end.

“What did you say?! Over half of the Dark Guild members have been locked up in White River City’s Confinement Room?! How is that possible?! Didn’t they have their disguise tools?!” Abandoned Wave’s expression froze when he received the news. He could not bring himself to believe it.

While Dark Guilds were not strong in a head-on battle, their survivability and ambus.h.i.+ng capabilities in the fields were top-notch. This was precisely the reason that he had paid a ma.s.sive price for these Dark Guilds to whittle down Zero Wing’s strength.

Yet, now, over half of them had been killed and jailed in White River City. With this, it had become far more difficult to deal with Zero Wing’s members.

“Guild Leader, what should we do now? Now that over half of the Dark Guild players have been locked up, the threat on Zero Wing has been reduced significantly. Moreover, some of the regular Guilds that intended to strike Zero Wing have decided on the wait-and-see approach,” the middle-aged, bald man asked.

After some thought, Abandoned Wave commanded, “This development has affected our plans slightly, but no matter. Contact the Dark Guilds immediately. Tell them that we’ll send some of our top players to a.s.sist. If they can delay Zero Wing’s top players, we’ll reward them.”

Heaven’s Burial had already begun to construct the sealing cores around Stone Forest Town. If they could not pin Zero Wing’s core members down in White River City, taking Stone Forest Town would become far more troublesome.

“Understood!” After hearing this, the middle-aged man retreated to contact the various Dark Guilds.

Meanwhile, inside White River City, s.h.i.+ Feng was in a very good mood.

He had simply spent some money to exterminate the pests in White River City. He had never expected such a huge windfall.

After he had activated the city’s High Alert Mode, over 10,000 Red Players had died and were captured. This result earned him yet another Advanced t.i.tle.

City Protector!