Reincarnation Of The Strongest Sword God - Chapter 1009 - Moon God's Robes

Chapter 1009 - Moon God's Robes

Chapter 1009: Moon G.o.d’s Robes





Chapter 1009 – Moon G.o.d’s Robes

A large group of independent players had gathered before Heaven’s Burial’s majestic Guild Residence in Star-Moon City, every one quietly waiting to take the Guild’s entrance exam.

In the past, such a situation would have been unthinkable for Heaven’s Burial. Now, however, this had become a regular scene, and the city’s inhabitants were used to it.

Suddenly, these waiting players heard loud neighing. Everyone turned towards the sound.

“Wow, so many mounts!”

“Are those Common Mounts?”

“Those are warhorses. I heard that warhorses are Bronze rank at the very minimum. Heaven’s Burial is so amazing! It has so many warhorses!”

“I have to join Heaven’s Burial no matter what! If I get a Bronze Mount, all of the time I’ve invested into G.o.d’s Domain will worth it!”

In the next moment, over a dozen players atop various kinds of warhorses entered Heaven’s Burial’s Residence, arousing the crowd’s envy. Particularly, the sight of the valiant, heroic beauty leading the group etched itself into everyone’s minds.

Not only was this beauty fully geared with top-tier equipment, but her white warhorse also wore a set of silver armor. She looked like a war G.o.ddess as she rode into the Residence.

All throughout Star-Moon City knew this G.o.ddess’s name.

The Ice Witch, Daybreak Fog!

Daybreak Fog had earned this t.i.tle by defeating one of the Star Alliance’s 100-man elite teams in front of a Dungeon by herself. The Star Alliance had sent many experts to deal with her, including Red Feather, a player on the G.o.d’s Domain’s Experts List.

In the end, however, Daybreak Fog had defeated all of these experts single-handedly, even Red Feather.

While she killed the Star Alliance’s members, she had displayed her exceptional technique with ice-type Spells. She had transformed the Dungeon’s entrance into a winter wonderland with an ice-type, large-scale destruction Spell. After she used the Spell, not one player, aside from herself, had lived to see that snowy world. As a result, some players had started calling her the Ice Witch.

Over time, as the tale of that battle had been retold, all of Star-Moon City’s players had begun to refer to her as the Ice Witch.

“She’s too beautiful! If I get into Heaven’s Burial, I want to work under my G.o.ddess!”

“Keep dreaming. Lady Fog is the commander of Heaven’s Burial’s Ice Fog Legion! Only the elites among elites are allowed to join that legion! It’s not even certain that you’ll be accepted into the Guild with your standards, much less joining the legion!”

Among the many independent players crowded before the Residence, many only sought to join Heaven’s Burial because they had been captivated by Daybreak Fog’s charm. Otherwise, they would’ve joined Blackwater instead. After all, Blackwater’s Guild was backed by the famous Blackwater Corporation.


Upon entering Heaven’s Burial’s meeting room, Daybreak Fog directed her gaze towards Singular Burial, who sat in the Guild Leader’s seat, and asked curiously, “Guild Leader, why have you recalled us so suddenly?”

Many of the Guild’s upper echelons were also present in the meeting room. Aside from the several Lifestyle cla.s.s masters, these members were mostly Level 40. If an ordinary player were here, they would tremble with fear. Among the Level 40 experts present, every one was considered a top-tier in Star-Moon Kingdom. Even the Guild Leaders of other large Guilds had to treat them with respect.

“Take a seat. I’ll explain soon,” Singular Burial said as he pointed towards the Vice Guild Leader’s seat.

Hearing Singular Burial’s words, Daybreak Fog’s confusion grew.

Practically every upper echelon was here; only a few preoccupied members were missing. Yet, Singular Burial’s comment seemed to suggest that they were waiting for someone.

What’s going on?

When Daybreak Fog reached her seat, she noticed an additional, empty seat beside Singular Burial. This seat had been placed parallel to the Guild Leader’s seat…

Daybreak Fog wasn’t the only person who wondered. The rest of the upper echelons were also curious.

In Heaven’s Burial, Singular Burial was their one and only leader. He had single-handedly supported the entire Guild. No one sat as his equal. That hadn’t even changed when Blackwater’s Guild Leader, Abandoned Wave, had visited.

After waiting for a little over ten minutes, the meeting room’s heavy doors swung open.

“Who is she?”

Everyone turned towards the doors, discovering a peerless beauty. The dazzling young woman wore a set of luxurious purple robes that reached the ground, vividly highlighting her graceful curves. The girl had silky black hair that reached her willowy waist. Every step she took felt as if she were stepping on their aspirations, inadvertently driving their gazes to the floor.

How does such a person exist in this world?

Daybreak Fog’s eyes widened in shock. She had never dreamed of this world having such a beautiful girl. Even Daybreak Fog acknowledged that she was no match for the girl’s beauty, and she could not help herself from being captivated.

The instant this young woman appeared, she had become the center of attention…

“Is she wearing the Moon G.o.d’s Robes?” the Cleric Flame Blood commented, shocked, when he saw the young woman’s luxurious, purple robes.

When everyone else heard the comment, they were also shocked.

Ordinary players might not know what the Moon G.o.d’s Robes were, but the equipment was relatively famous in Blackwing City’s High-cla.s.s Auction House. As Epic ranked mage robes, the starting bid was already a whopping 4,000 Gold. Its price could already rival that of an Epic Weapon. In the end, however, a mysterious player had purchased it for 7,600 Gold.

Many players had ridiculed this mysterious player. After all, this player had spent so much money to compete with the NPC n.o.bles over a single piece of Epic Equipment. Had that person spent a little more money, they could have afforded a major city’s Golden Land. It would have been easy to earn back the cost then.

They had never dreamed that such a peerless beauty had been the mysterious player who purchased the Moon G.o.d’s Robes.

These Guild members instantly activated their Identification Skills, hoping to discover this beauty’s ident.i.ty.

However, even after using advanced Identification Skills, they had failed to learn anything.

“Sorry for the delay. I had some matters to deal with,” the young woman apologized after taking her seat.

“Alright, since everyone is here, let me introduce you. This is the Blackwater Corporation’s representative, Miss Ling Jingxuan. She has come here to discuss the raid on Stone Forest Town,” Singular Burial said, respect filling his voice as he introduced Ling Jingxuan.

Although the introduction had been simple, everyone was shocked.

Singular Burial’s respect for Ling Jingxuan was one thing, but they had not expected that their discussion would involve raiding Stone Forest Town…