Reincarnation Of The Businesswoman At School - Chapter 3066 - 3066 Because I'm Not Familiar with You

Chapter 3066 - 3066 Because I'm Not Familiar with You

Chapter 3066 - 3066 Because I'm Not Familiar with You

3066 Because Im Not Familiar with You

Pei Heran and Feng Rui were relieved too. They knew their abilities. If they joined in the race, they would only be a drag on Ling Tianqi.

Therefore, they didnt feel displeased at all when Leng Xiaoyao and Mu Yiyang replaced them. Instead, they felt very lucky that Leng Xiaoyao and Mu Yiyang were here today.

Qin Wentao didnt know Si Yiqi, so he had no idea how good Si Yiqi was at car racing. Anyway, he bet they were better than Pei Heran and Feng Rui.

As a result, he became alert.

Do you agree? Even if you disagree, its useless. After all, it was you who said that we can make a team randomly, Leng Xiaoyao said, challenging them.

Since I said that, of course I agree, Qin Wentao said in annoyance.

Whats the bet? Ling Tianqi asked.

We can bet money this time. Each person bets ten million yuan. If you win, you can get thirty million yuan from us. If you lose, well get thirty million yuan from you. What do you think? Qin Wentao said.

No problem. If we lose, Ill pay thirty million yuan. If we win, we can share the money, Ling Tianqi said. Although he didnt think he would lose now that Leng Xiaoyao and Mu Yiyang joined him, they stood out because of him, so he had to show his att.i.tude.

He couldnt let them pay the money if they lost after they helped him. It was impossible for him to do something like that!

Sure, but I dont think you have the chance to get the money. I think I can just wait for a fortune, Mu Yiyang said. He didnt think they would lose.

Stop bragging! Itll be humiliating if you lose, said one of Qin Wentaos friends.

Dont you want to win? Would you have a race if you knew youre going to lose? Mu Yiyang said frankly.

The man was struck dumb for a moment.

Oh, car racing is very dangerous. If any accidents happen, one should take the responsibility on his own. I think we better sign an agreement before having the race. I dont want anyone to deny it, Qin Wentao suggested, as a touch of malice flashed in his eyes. Obviously, Qin Wentao decided to hurt Ling Tianqi during the game.

We wont deny it, but you should obey the rules, said Pei Heran, looking at Qin Wentao with mockery. He was making it difficult for Qin Wentao, because Qin Wentao had done that last year.

Hearing that, Qin Wentao was displeased. He had indeed refused to do what they had agreed on last year, but he wouldnt allow them to do that if he won. In fact, this time, he believed that he would win.

Do you agree or not? Qin Wentao got mad after being humiliated.

Of course I agree. Ling Tianqi answered. He didnt think he would lose, so he didnt want Qin Wentao to deny it.

If Qin Wentao refused to do what they had agreed on again, they wouldnt lose with Leng Xiaoyaos help. He was only afraid that it might cause trouble if they injured Qin Wentao.

Normally, people needed to sign an agreement when they wanted to have a race in the circuit. Therefore, they went to the office and printed the agreement.

During the time, Mu Yiyang called Li Mochen and said, Hey, Leng Xiaoyao and I are going to have a race at the second track. Come and watch. Its about to begin!

Li Mochen and Si Yiqi were still in racing cars, but they immediately came over when they received Mu Yiyangs call.

Li Mochen was surprised to see Leng Xiaoyao being with Mu Yiyang. Why were they together?

Did Mu Yiyang run into Leng Xiaoyao at the circuit, then decide to have a race?

Before long, the agreement was printed out. After reading it and making sure that there were no problems, they signed their names.

Alright, the agreement is signed. Lets go to pick our cars now, Leng Xiaoyao said, then they went to pick cars.

Qin Wentao and his friends had arrived earlier, but they hadnt picked cars yet, so they needed to continue to do that.

At the same time, they talked about what to do in the race later.

I think they might try to hurt Brother Tianqi during the game. We must be careful. The rules say racers cant deliberately knock against each other. If they do that first, we dont need to care about their safety, Leng Xiaoyao said.

Sure, Mu Yiyang agreed.

Brother Tianqi, you can focus on getting to the end. You must be careful, but Ill deal with the danger, Leng Xiaoyao said.

Thanks. Ling Tianqi trusted Leng Xiaoyao, so he agreed.

After they finished, Li Mochen and Si Yiqi arrived.

Leng Xiaoyao heard Mu Yiyang call Li Mochen, so she wasnt surprised when Li Mochen and Si Yiqi showed up. Hi, Brother Mochen, Mr. Si. She went to say hi to them.

Hearing the way Leng Xiaoyao called Li Mochen, Si Yiqi and Mu Yiyang were surprised. They subconsciously turned to look at Li Mochen and wondered when they became so familiar.

Why did you call him Brother Mochen, while Im Mr. Si? asked Si Yiqi.

Cant I? asked Leng Xiaoyao.

Of course you can, but why didnt you call me Brother Siqi? asked Si Yiqi. He didnt take it seriously, and was simply joking.

Because Im not familiar with you, Leng Xiaoyao said.

But youre not familiar with him either! Si Yiqi retorted.

Ive met him more times than Ive met you, Leng Xiaoyao said.

Suddenly, Si Yiqi didnt know what to say.

The race was about to begin, so Leng Xiaoyao stopped arguing with them and went to have the race.

Leng Xiaoyao and Mu Yiyang needed to protect Ling Tianqi, so they didnt overtake him. In addition, they needed to stop their enemies from hurting Ling Tianqi so that he could have an open road to drive ahead.

After a few minutes, Ling Tianqi reached the front, followed by Leng Xiaoyao who blocked Qin Wentao who wanted to overtake Ling Tianqi.

Every time Qin Wentao wanted to overtake them, Leng Xiaoyao blocked his way. In his fury, Qin Wentao wanted to knock into her, but it would break the rules, so he had to calm down.

After all, it wasnt difficult to find out whether a crash was an accident or a scheme.