Refining the Mountains and Rivers - Chapter 1486 – Devour

Chapter 1486 – Devour

The world was shrouded in darkness. In the moment that the Taotie Projection appeared, a violent and murderous intent suddenly poured out from the bottom of his heart, raging like a wave. 

At this moment, it was as if Qin Yu had met his lifelong enemy. A strong animosity surged within him that was so strong, he could not hide it. It came from the Abyssal Titan. 

It was the bloodline from the ancient peak hunter that he had obtained back in the Abyss!

This murderous intent and intense animosity persisted through endless time and space. It was as if even after all these years, both parties could not settle their grudges.

The bloodline belonging to the Abyssal Titan was currently extremely agitated and the emotions rushed through Qin Yu, trying to gain control of his body. 

But at this moment, Qin Yu got a reminder from Furnace. The Taotie Projection swallowed everything in this world and was a good opportunity. 

No matter how strong one’s fort was, breaking it down from the inside was always easier than attacking from the outside. This strategy was appropriate. 

Should he let go of everything and fight, or listen to Furnace’s reminder? Qin Yu hesitated. He then took a deep breath and suppressed the movements from the Abyssal Titan’s bloodline. 

Boom –

The next moment, the air around Qin Yu’s body shook violently and turned into an invisible torrent, quickly surrounding him. In a flash, he entered the mouth of the Taotie Projection. 

He was thrown into darkness!

Ning Xiao frowned slightly and he looked slightly stunned. Although he had never doubted that he would be able to kill the Darkness Ruler, the ease at which he had been devoured by the Taotie Projection without resisting was unexpected.

After all, he could sense a strong threat from the Darkness Ruler, If not for this, he would not have used his most powerful skill and immediately summoned the Taotie Projection. 

There must be something wrong!

Perhaps, the Darkness Ruler was still hiding some kind of hidden skill…as he thought of this, Ning Xiao stopped frowning and the corners of his mouth turned up in a mocking look. 

As a cultivator who was able to use the Taotie Projection, Ning Xiao knew extremely well how powerful it was. Even a strong Ruler would be controlled by Taotie’s will and be completely digested after getting eaten. 

It meant that no matter what the Darkness Ruler was planning…it was a stupid decision to willingly get swallowed by the Taotie Projection. 

He was dead!


The stomach of the Taotie Projection was a world by itself. In this world, darkness and death were an eternal melody.

Under the black robe, Qin Yu’s face paled. He could clearly sense the control from Taotie’s will. It felt as if a mountain had fallen and crushed his chest. Every time he breathed, it was extremely painful and difficult. 

In addition, his internal cultivation was affected. He felt like a ‘frozen’ statue. 

Meanwhile, the frightening power from the darkness continued to attack him and enter his body. 

They were like endless needles tearing through his flesh. Once the flesh was split, it would then open its mouth wide and devour recklessly. 

Of course, it did not only eat flesh but also a cultivator’s power, soul, and life. 

Qin Yu could very clearly sense all of this happening within him. At the same time, he was also bearing the anger and struggle from the Abyssal Titan’s bloodline. 

Being devoured by the Taotie Projection seemed to be the bottom line for the Abyssal Titan. The Abyssal Titan’s bloodline was precious and was not willing to remain silent. 

Getting pushed from in and out…and right at this time, Furnace was not doing anything!

After getting swallowed into the Taotie Projection, it fell silent and cut off all connection with Qin Yu. 

Qin Yu frowned as his face turned solemn. If not for the fact that he knew Furnace would not hurt him, he might have believed that this was a plot targetted against him. 

But if Furnace was not betraying him, then how long was it going to remain silent for? Qin Yu could still bear with it now, but he knew that he would not be able to for long. 

And Furnace…what was it doing?

Time slowly passed and Qin Yu felt as if he was turning into a stone and almost could not hold on any longer. 

Buzz –

A vibration could be felt from within him. The silent Furnace seemed to be waking up from its sleep. In the next moment, Furnace appeared and its body seemed to be transparent, clearly showing its insides. Jet-black and red colors swirled around each other, rapidly rotating and forming a black and red vortex. 

Furnace had swallowed both the Fire of Eternal Night and the Inextinguishable Flame!

Buzz –

Buzz –

Furnace vibrated consecutively and the black and red colors swirled around faster. A formless aura was released. 


In Boiling Mountain Fantasy, Ning Xiao was standing under the Taotie Projection and waiting for the Darkness Ruler to die. His expression suddenly changed. He felt movements from the Ice Flame, which he had gained control of. It felt as if it was being summoned by something!

What was going on?

Without waiting for Ning Xiao to think further, or do a check, he suddenly groaned and looked both stunned and horrified!

The white-colored flame came out of his body from his mouth, nose, eyes and ears. It gathered together, forming the shape of a white snake and flew towards the Taotie Projection. 

Ning Xiao’s first thought was – backlash!

No matter what cultivation method, there were none that was completely safe. Especially the Taotie Projection that Ning Xiao trained in. It was extremely dangerous. 

If he was not careful, he would get affected by the gluttonous spirit and lose control of his mind and will. He would turn into a gluttonous killing monster. 

His face paled and horror filled his eyes. Ning Xiao was so scared that his soul seemed to leave his body. He knew that if the Taotie Projection really had a backlash, he would not be spared. 

But thankfully, Ning Xiao soon found out that things were not as he imagined. Instead, there was something within the Taotie Projection that had summoned the Ice Flame!

Ning Xiao’s eyes lit up as he paled. He recalled how the Darkness Ruler willingly allowed himself to be devoured. He must have caused this!

He did not have time to wonder how the Darkness Ruler found out about the Ice Flame within him and how he managed to summon it. Ning Xiao frowned and stretched out both hands to grab the white snake. It was the appearance of the Ice Flame. Back then, it was this white flame snake that he had obtained. 

The reason why Ning Xiao was able to remain safe when he learned the Taotie Projection was firstly because he was cautious and had a strong will. Secondly, he was smart and would never touch someone he would not be able to handle. 

But actually, the existence of the Ice Flame was a crucial factor. Because of this flame, Ning Xiao was able to maintain clarity of his mind and remain calm, reducing the influence from the Art of Taotie. 

So even Qin Yu would not have known that his summoning of the Ice Flame was a deathly move to Ning Xiao that was like removing the root of the issue!

If he succeeded, Ning Xiao would lose the Ice Flame and be unable to resist Taotie’s influence, eventually self-destructing. 

“Come back!”

As he growled, Ning Xiao grabbed onto the white snake. However, after being controlled for so many years, the obedient snake suddenly seemed to go crazy. A piercing chill was emitted from its body and a layer of frost appeared on the surface of Ning Xiao’s hands. ‘Crack crack’, soft cracking sounds could be heard and his whole body was covered. 

At the same time, numerous white flames came out from his body and flew into the Taotie Projection. 


Ning Xiao let go and shouted. The layer of ice over his body broke. He stared at the Taotie Projection with a murderous intent. 

He could sense that the reason why the Darkness Ruler was able to forcefully steal the Ice Flame was because he was in the Taotie Projection. 

This projection was summoned from Taotie’s essence. Taotie’s essence existed within him and was connected to Ning Xiao. 

Now, as he did not know what was going on, if he wanted to keep the Ice Flame, Ning Xiao would have to disperse the Taotie Projection. Then, the summoning of the Ice Flame would get cut off. 

But…Ning Xiao did not dare!

It was mentioned earlier that there were still huge flaws in the Art of Taotie. It seemed like he was in control of summoning the Taotie Projection, but if Ning Xiao were to destroy it, he might face a huge backlash. 

At that time, he would be sure to die!

He was uncertain and gritted his teeth as his eyes filled with violence. You want the Ice Flame? Then I will let you have it. It is not easy to control. 

Ning Xiao had spent many years trying to control it and finally managed to. He had plenty of knowledge in this area. 

I will use your life to pay!

As long as the Darkness Ruler was affected by the Ice Falme, Ning Xiao would do his best to spur the Taotie Projection and the Darkness Ruler would be sure to die. 

Ning Xiao lifted his head and stared at the Taotie Projection, “Darkness Ruler, since you want the Ice Flame, I will give it to you!”

He opened his mouth and gave up on resisting. The Ice Flame poured out of him like a river. 

A complete snake formed in a flash and flew into the Taotie Projection, disappearing in the darkness. 

Hoo –

Ning Xiao was breathing heavily and his chest was heaving violently. His whole body was like a steamer. His skin turned red and beads of sweat rolled off him. 

In the moment that he lost the Ice Flame, he could sense the greed from the…Art of Taotie!

He seemed to be able to hear the greedy breaths of Taotie. 

It was at this moment that Ning Xiao realized he had already gone astray, as well as the importance of the Ice Flame. Once he lost the Ice Flame, he did not need long before getting affected by Taotie’s greedy will and completely losing himself!

Thinking of this, the killing intent in Ning Xiao's eyes became stronger as he stared at the Taotie Projection. He spat out mouthfuls of blood. 

As he vomited blood, the blood vibrated and turned into large swathes of blood mist, flying straight into the Taotie Projection. 

Boom –

The Taotie Projection growled as it obtained the blood mist. The aura of violence and destruction rose into the sky in an instant.

“Die! Die! I want you to die!” Ning Xiao cried out miserably. He looked fierce as black scales appeared on his flesh.


The white snake flew in and entered straight into Furnace. It merged with the black and red vortex, causing it to become a black, red and white vortex. 

Buzz –

Furnace vibrated violently as it continued to expand and contract. Qin Yu could sense that it was transforming. 

A low, repeated knocking sound could be heard coming out of Furnace. It was as if there were countless invisible hammers that were constantly beating and molding. 

At the same time, there seemed to be a change in Qin Yu’s Great Dao…before he could feel what was different, a wave of destruction was set off in the pitch black stomach of the Taotie Projection. 

A horrifying energy surrounded Qin Yu. It was like a high-speed rotating blade cutting him into countless pieces. 

Furnace had succeeded. Qin Yu had no reason to suppress himself anymore. He struggled to lift his head and a ‘crack’ could be heard from his bones. 

In the next moment, with a loud roar, the frightening Abyssal Titan appeared!

It was over ten thousand feet tall with eyes like a scorching sun. Divine light surged within it like countless thunderous explosions.

The Abyssal Titan looked like it had in the past, but its aura seemed to have undergone an astounding transformation. 

It was more ancient, more threatening…like a Ruler high up above that could pluck the stars just by raising his hand!