Rebirth Of The Best Businesswoman At School - Chapter 1377 - 1377 Zhihuan Is Back

Chapter 1377 - 1377 Zhihuan Is Back

Chapter 1377 - 1377 Zhihuan Is Back

1377 Zhihuan Is Back

Fake address?

Qiu Jiahao was even more confused. Looking at Ji Haoyus calm reaction, Qiu Jiahao couldnt help but s.h.i.+ver.

No Whats going on? Qiu Jiahaos small head was filled with big question marks. He looked at Ji Haoyu and then at the letter in his hand. His mouth moved for a long time, but he didnt know what to say.

Why would she use a fake address to write to the other party?

However, Young Master Ji didnt seem to care at all. He even seemed to enjoy it?

Qiu Jiahao couldnt help but be secretly shocked. What kind of bewitching medicine did Jian Ai give Young Master Ji to make the dignified Young Master Ji listen to her so obediently?

Ji Haoyu finished reading the letter with an immersed expression. Then, he walked to the safe in the office, unlocked it, and opened the door.

Qiu Jiahao leaned forward curiously again. In the huge safe, other than a stack of very important confidential doc.u.ments, there was only a small wooden box.

Ji Haoyu took out the wooden box and opened it. There was a thick stack of envelopes inside. Seeing this, Qiu Jiahaos eyes instantly widened.

He thought Young Master Ji was going to take out something valuable. After a long time, the wooden box was filled with letters.

He saw that Young Master Ji put in the letter he had just finished reading. He was so careful, as if the letter was something fragile.

These These are all the letters Jian Ai wrote to you this year? Qiu Jiahao was convinced. There seemed to be dozens of letters. It was obvious that Jian Ai was still thinking about Young Master Ji and had written quite frequently.

Ji Haoyu raised his eyebrows. He could not hide the joy and even a little smugness between his eyebrows.

The safe door closed again, and the corners of Qiu Jiahaos mouth twitched. No way. You locked Jian Ais letters in the safe with the confidential doc.u.ments?

You dont understand, Ji Haoyu said calmly, but Qiu Jiahao was speechless.

Qiu Jiahao nodded in agreement. Yes, I dont. I dont have a girlfriend.

Qiu Jiahao smiled again. Jian Ai is good. I think there should be at least twenty to thirty letters, right? She should write you at least two letters a month?

Ji Haoyu smiled handsomely and nodded. At least two letters every month. When shes diligent, she sends one every week. The longest wont be more than half a month.

Speaking of Jian Ai writing him letters, Ji Haoyus heart warmed because he knew that this was Jian Ai thinking about him. Sometimes, it might just be a few words, but it was enough for Ji Haoyu.

These letters that were sent to him were Ji Haoyus only hope for Jian Ai in the past year.

Thats good. Qiu Jiahaos horizons had been broadened. He nodded in admiration. I underestimated your relations.h.i.+p.

A letter instantly pulled Ji Haoyus originally depressed mood to the highest point. Qiu Jiahao observed his expression and thought it was time.

He couldnt help but look serious, but he was still careful when he spoke. Young Master Ji, theres something

Ji Haoyu knew Qiu Jiahao very well. Seeing his expression, he knew it was not a small matter.

He frowned and looked at Qiu Jiahao. Huh? Whats wrong?

Qiu Jiahao opened his mouth and stammered.

Seeing this, Ji Haoyu clicked his tongue impatiently. Tsk, if you have something to say, say it. Is there anything you cant say to me?

Qiu Jiahao couldnt help but heave a sigh of relief. Then, he gritted his teeth and said, Zhihuan is back!

As soon as this name was said, Ji Haoyu was stunned for a moment, like a name he had not heard for a long time was suddenly mentioned again.

He was a little stunned. His first reaction was, Who?

Ji Haoyu could not be blamed because the last time he received a call from Yu Zhihuan was more than a year ago. After that, there was no news of this person.

Although Ji Haoyu had blocked her number, she could still contact Ji Haoyu in other ways, but the other party did not.

Almost two years had pa.s.sed, but there was no news of her.

It seemed that Qiu Jiahao had been in contact with Yu Zhihuan.

Speaking of Yu Zhihuan, she was one of the few girls in Ji Haoyus life who had truly existed.

In high school, Yu Zhihuan transferred to Baiyun City from abroad. Then, she became very good friends with Ji Haoyu, Qiu Jiahao, and the rest and became a member of their small group.

Yu Zhihuans family background was rich. She was of mixed Chinese and English descent. Her mother was a n.o.ble, and her family was very powerful.

She was extremely beautiful, had an outstanding figure, and was proficient in six languages. Her ideal was to become a professional model.

If it were just these external conditions, Ji Haoyu and the rest would naturally not look at her in a different light. The reason Yu Zhihuan could play with Ji Haoyu, Qiu Jiahao, and the rest was because of her personality.

Unlike ordinary daughters of n.o.bles, Yu Zhihuans personality was outgoing, straightforward, and even a little boyish. However, sometimes, she was very gentle and elegant, inadvertently revealing the qualities that a daughter of a n.o.ble should have.

The two qualities coexisted, and no one would think that she was deliberately pretending because she gave off a pure and natural feeling.

After Qiu Jiahao finished speaking, he had been observing Ji Haoyus expression. Seeing that he did not seem angry, he secretly heaved a sigh of relief.

When did this happen? Ji Haoyu came back to his senses and asked calmly.

Qiu Jiahao quickly answered, Three days ago.

Ji Haoyu nodded in understanding but said nothing else.

To Ji Haoyu, Yu Zhihuan was indeed a special existence. The two of them almost got together back then.

Back then, Yu Zhihuan was the one who took the initiative to pursue Ji Haoyu. In the eyes of his other friends, the two of them were a golden couple. Be it their family background or looks, they were very compatible.

However, Ji Haoyu had never fallen for a girl or been in a relations.h.i.+p. In the beginning, he was extremely resistant to Yu Zhihuans sudden confession because he had always treated Yu Zhihuan as a friend.

However, Yu Zhihuan did not give up because of Ji Haoyus resistance. Instead, she retreated in advance and let Ji Haoyu see her seriousness bit by bit.

The friends around him were also constantly matchmaking. Ji Haoyu also knew that Yu Zhihuan was serious. She was indeed a good girl.

Gradually, under the efforts of Yu Zhihuan and the others, the defense in his heart gradually opened. He even had the urge to try with Yu Zhihuan.

Ji Haoyu, who had never been in a relations.h.i.+p or liked anyone, wanted to try to be in a relations.h.i.+p.

However, at the last moment, Yu Zhihuan suddenly left. She received the admission notice for a modeling school in San Marino, Carimido Academy. Then, she chose to study abroad and left very suddenly.

The two of them had ended before they even started. This dealt a blow to Ji Haoyu, who had just opened his heart and was preparing to accept a relations.h.i.+p.