Rebirth: Ghost Exorciser - Chapter 1600 - 1600 Shower

Chapter 1600 - 1600 Shower

Chapter 1600 - 1600 Shower

1600 Shower

Grandpa Qi was naturally incomparably happy and excited at how quick they were to register their marriage. If it wasnt for the fact that he wasnt in good health, he would have held a grand banquet to let everyone in the capital know. There was no banquet, but because of this good news, he was temporarily discharged, and returned to the Qi family residence.

The old man repeatedly told his attending doctor that he wanted to return to the Qi residence, and said that his grandsons life had been sorted out; it wouldnt be a problem for him to live for another few decades.

In short, the Qi family patriarch was indeed stimulated by the fact that the two of them had registered their marriage, and his elation gave him a rosy complexion.

Because of the marriage certificates and the old mans good health, Qi Zhenbai was in a very good mood the entire day. Although there was no smile on his face, the warmth in his eyes made people feel much closer to him.

After the husband and wife left the suitcase in the living room, they drove to a restaurant for dinner. Qi Zhenbai had already booked a private room for dinner beforehand.

Not long after the two arrived, the dishes were served. Chi Shuyan wasnt surprised to see that almost all the dishes on the table were her favorites. She just took a few more looks at the man in front of her, and her heart warmed. She picked up some food for the man in front of her before she lowered her head to eat.

After a busy afternoon and night, she was indeed a little hungry.

Qi Zhenbai wasnt in a hurry to eat. Although he had a very good appet.i.te as he watched his wife eat, his chopsticks didnt stop as she buried her head in her food. He picked up food for her first, and it wasnt until the food in her bowl was piled up into a small mound that he himself started eating.

The atmosphere during dinner this time was much better than last time. The two chatted every now and then during the meal. At first, Chi Shuyan had to think about something to talk about. Not long after, the two of them got along in an incomparably harmonious way, like when they had been dating. When she spoke, the man in front of her replied, but most of the time, he kept quiet and just listened to her seriously. Chi Shuyan didnt feel like he was acting half-heartedly at all. Instead, she found the man in front of her very attractive.

The two of them spent dinner happily, and time pa.s.sed especially quickly!

After dinner and paying the bill, the two walked around for a while before returning to the villa.

When they returned to the villa, Chef Li and the two little guys had yet to come back.

Chi Shuyan hadnt specifically thought about the two of them living together. After dinner, she saw that Qi Zhenbais suitcase was still in the living room and he had yet to unpack. Only then did she think about the two of them living together and how they would be sleeping together tonight.

As for his suitcase, she naturally had to bring it back to her room. She felt that if she dared give him a guest room, he might misunderstand and be unhappy with her again.

It wasnt like they hadnt lived together before, but now that they had just reconciled, she was still a bit stupefied and nervous at suddenly sleeping together.

Just as she resigned herself to her fate and was about to bring the mans suitcase upstairs, the man beside her had already done so skillfully and nimbly, and brought it to her room.

Chi Shuyan:

Chi Shuyan didnt argue and hurriedly went upstairs. The man had promised to help tidy up, so she definitely had to pitch in. However, the man didnt give her a chance to do so. He already had the suitcase open, and had hung a few suits of similar style and color in her closet.

As for the rest of his things, he didnt plan to unpack them now. He zipped up his suitcase and put it aside. Before he did so, he thought of something, and took out another box from his suitcase.

Chi Shuyan was a little curious at first, but when the other party opened the box, she saw rolls of black cotton underwear. There were at least a dozen of them, and the large size was especially familiar to her. Chi Shuyans face froze, while the mans expression was impa.s.sive. Where should I put these? Where do you put yours?

Chi Shuyan:

In the end, Chi Shuyan could only awkwardly take the mans underwear. She was about to put them in a bottom drawer of her cabinet, but she had stuffed all the bottom drawers with all sorts of things, so she could only put his underwear in the same drawer as hers.

Qi Zhenbai glanced at her and was especially satisfied.

Chi Shuyan still felt a bit embarra.s.sed and awkward. Fortunately, the man in front of her didnt notice. He got up to take a shower.

Chi Shuyan relaxed and was about to tidy up the room while the man was showering. Her room was quite big and clean, but contained a lot of things.

Halfway through tidying up, Chi Shuyan suddenly remembered that she hadnt gotten a new bath towel for the man. She immediately took out a new towel from a drawer, walked to the bathroom door, and knocked. Do you have a towel? I have one for you!

The man quickly replied in a deep and mellow voice, Theres one here. Theres no need for a new one!

Chi Shuyan was stumped for a moment. She thought that the man had brought a towel in with him, so she didnt bother him, and continued tidying up the room.

She hadnt dwelled on it earlier, but when she heard the sound of water splas.h.i.+ng in the bathroom, Chi Shuyan felt a little strange and nervous.

Fine, the two of them had already been intimate before. Chi Shuyan threw the distracting thoughts to the back of her head and continued to tidy up the room. She was almost done by the time the man came out of the shower, mainly because the room was relatively clean to begin with, so she didnt have to spend much time tidying it up.

After tidying up, she also prepared to take a shower. Before she went into the bathroom, she suddenly realized that the towel wrapped around the mans lower body and the towel which he was using to dry his hair looked familiar.

Wait, this man directly used her towels?

Chi Shuyans eyes immediately widened, and she happened to meet the mans deep and calm gaze. Their eyes met, and the mans expression was especially natural. He sat upright on the bed and skillfully dried his hair as he looked at her questioningly, as if to ask her what was wrong.

As for Chi Shuyan, all her words were stuck in her throat. She couldnt say anything. Moreover, she was basically distracted by the mans good figure.

She looked away with difficulty. In the end, she could only hold back her words as she found the hairdryer for the man, then went into the bathroom with two new towels.