Re: Evolution Online - Chapter 872 Another One

Chapter 872 Another One

Chapter 872 Another One

Liam was not surprised to run into another vampire so quickly because they seemed to be everywhere and spreading very fast. However, he was shocked to see one actually walk into a magic shop.

What was he doing here?

Coincidentally, the other party also noticed Liam and appeared to be equally taken aback at his presence. He sneered at Liam with a loathful gaze and then grumbled something before continuing to walk into the shop.

"Did he just call me pretty boy?" Watching the guy's back disappear inside, Liam looked at Luna in puzzlement. He saw the vampire walk directly to Aron, and then the fairy and the vampire discussed something as they headed further into the shop.

For some reason, the vampire seemed to be getting much better treatment than what he received. Shouldn't it be the other way around?

Liam was sure that Aron was also able to see his current level, but the fairy did not show any inclination to b.u.t.ter him up or offer him anything for sale. The whole thing seemed off.

"Well, I guess we will find out soon enough." The duo disappeared into the wilderness.

A few minutes later, the same vampire walked out of the magic shop. He cut through the wilderness using his sharpened fingernails, which might as well be claws and hummed as he dashed out of the dense brambles.

However, all of a sudden, the guy's expression froze, and before he could blink, something changed in his mundane daily life.

"That was quick. Now tell me everything you know." Liam grinned and asked the vampire which was now one of his soul minions. The fairy obviously wanted to hide this from him, but now everything would be revealed.

The vampire snorted in arrogance, ready to slash at the smiling face of the human being. Instead, to his dismay, he found himself opening his mouth and spilling out every single thing that he knew.

A couple of minutes later, Liam and Luna found themselves once again in a hospital complex, but this time, they were witnessing something even more horrifying.

Inside the building, several women were enslaved and chained to the hospital beds, their numbers probably around hundreds. It did not matter how they looked or what size they were, everyone below a certain age was chained.

? More importantly, each of them was pregnant, with their stomachs visibly bulging.

Not just this, but in a corner of this same hospital, several newborn children, about twenty to thirty, were lying on a ba.s.sinet and blood was being drained from their little hands.

Liam's face turned cold as he saw this inhumane sight.

The vampire grunt had told him everything about this operation from top to bottom. This group of vampires had set up a whole baby-making factory and were peddling newborn children's blood to the fairies in exchange for mana cores.

Apparently, this was also a transaction that was accepted in the magic shop.

Perhaps it was not even an underhanded deal. Perhaps this was just the norm in this new world. The weak only had two paths in front of them, either being killed or enslaved.

Liam sighed, shaking his head as he did not expect things to devolve to this level so quickly. At least in his last life, they were fighting for life and death and fighting wild beasts that wanted to consume them for their hunger.

However, this time, they were facing something even crueller and unremorseful. Why was this happening? Who was responsible for this change??e?????ol.??

He clenched his fists tightly. It did not matter. He would have his answer soon enough because this was not the only information that he had received from the vampire grunt.

Liam silently hopped back onto Luna, and the two of them left the area without doing anything. Although a couple of seconds later, the white fox came to a halt in front of a bungalow not too far away from the hospital.

Liam did not even step into the place, but he could already hear the screaming of the women. The vampire grunt had also told him about this place, the place where the insemination happened.

"Come out." Liam indifferently muttered, and his soul minions appeared the next instant.

The number of vampires in this small bungalow was surprisingly much more than the vampires in the hospital guarding the pregnant women and the newborn.

And Liam wanted to take care of this without any sound because he did not want the main target to be disturbed.

A couple dozen barbarian soul minions silently infiltrated the huge bungalow and started taking down one vampire after another, finis.h.i.+ng every single one of them with one hit. It was quick and silent, and not even a groan slipped out.

Soon the whole place was evacuated, save for the women who were being tortured and one other vampire. This vampire was also the one doing all the inseminations personally.

Unaware that his whole kingdom had crumbled, the guy was enjoying bliss as he raped a young woman roughly. Violent grunts and moans slipped out of the room in between the blood-curdling screams of the young woman as Liam silently appeared at the doorstep.

His cold gaze locked onto the back of the big, st.u.r.dy, muscular creature who was once a human being but now was something different. Red bulging veins snaked around the man's body, and there was an aura about him that made him clearly different from the rest of the vampires.

Liam knew exactly why this was.

In fact, the man in front of him was just the person he had been looking for!

A vampire lord!

He had finally run into another one after that sleaze bag uncle, another vampire who also called himself a vampire lord!

However, this time Liam immediately took action. Having already experienced the strange and mysterious skills that Jonathan Hofstader could wield, Liam did not hesitate or waste any time in launching his attack.

Irrespective of the level difference or the power gap between the both of them, he needed to kill the big guy as fast as he could and get this over with first. The rest can wait.

He unsheathed his sword and aimed directly for the guy's neck as a strong aura of mana enveloped his body. The next instant, his figure blurred, and he dashed forward at full speed.

He swung the black dragon sword down at the muscular neck with his full power. However, just as he was about to slice the neck of the deviant, a sphere of blood once again blocked his path!