Power and Wealth - Chapter 984: Yes, I will investigate your son

Chapter 984: Yes, I will investigate your son

Chapter 984: Yes, I will investigate your son


County Tourism Bureau.

The Inspection Team went downstairs without the County leaders. Although Dong Xuebing did not say anything or voice any issues, Deputy County Mayor Zhang felt uneasy. Dong Xuebing had told him which areas needed improvement this morning when they inspected another government department. But he did not say anything today. The Inspection Team might report the Tourism Bureau to the City Party Committee without any warnings.

Deputy County Mayor sighed after Dong Xuebing left. Master Liu, you.

Liu Haibing thought nothing about it. Just let them do whatever they want, Uncle Zhang.

Deputy County Mayor Zhang asked. That is Director Dong. You should know who he is.

I had heard of him, but today is our first meeting. Liu Haibin smiled. He looks ordinary to me.

Deputy County Mayor Zhang said. Just try to clean up the unit.

Liu Haibin replied. I understand. Dont worry, Uncle Zhang. Nothing will happen.

I hope so. Sigh. I am going off now. You should be careful and watch out. Do you understand?

I know, Uncle Zhang. Thanks for reminding me. Liu Haibin did not show any remorse.

Deputy County Mayor Zhang did not say much and went downstairs to Dong Xuebing.


Dong Xuebing looked at Liao Huaxiong. Director Liao, do you know the background of this Tourism Bureau Deputy Chief?

Liao Huaxiong thought for a while and answered. I am not sure, but I heard our Fen Zhou Citys military Commander has a son called Liu Haibin.

Luo Haiting paused for a second. Commander Lius son?!

Liao Huaxiong continued. But I dont know where Commander Lius son is working.

Dong Xuebing could guess it. Liu Guowei held the same rank as Xie Huilan. Although the military did not interfere with the government, he was still a party committee member. He was more senior than Xie Huilan and was one of the top committee members. The Fen Zhou City military base is located near Ma Yang County. Its no surprise to see Liu Haibin acting arrogantly as a City leaders son.

Director, we. Luo Haiting asked.

Deputy County Mayor Zhang appeared from upstairs.

Dong Xuebing did not hide anything from him. Record everything we saw at the Tourism Bureau and report to the Inspection Bureau. Liu Haibin was a Deputy Section Chief, and his rank was too low for the First Inspection Office to investigate. Dong Xuebing cant be bothered by him as someone will investigate after he reports it.

Deputy County Mayor Zhang panicked. Director Dong Xiao Liu is good at his work. He played a major role in our countys tourism development success. He tried to speak up for Liu Haibin because they were close, and it will affect Ma Yang County. All their efforts in the past few days will be wasted.

But Dong Xuebing did not say anything.

Luo Haiting took out a notebook and started recording.

Deputy County Mayor Zhang knew Liu Haibin had p.i.s.sed the inspection team and sighed. He knew nothing he said would affect the Inspection Teams decision. After all, Dong Xuebing was the team leader. Sigh. Master Liu, why did you offend Dong Xuebing for no reason? Dont you know about his temper? He felt Liu Haibin was too arrogant. Although his father is a military commander and a City Party Committee member, Dong Xuebing and his family are not pushovers. He is the inspection team leader, and he can report Liu Haibin with his authority. Why cant you pretend for one day? You can do whatever you want after the Inspection Team leaves.

4 pm.

Hotel, Dong Xuebings room.

Luo Haiting reported to Dong Xuebing. Director, we have investigated and prepared the report. Are we going to report directly to the higher-ups?

Dong Xuebing was smoking. Tell me about it first.

Xiao Zhu was the one who investigated him. Let her tell you. Luo Haiting looked at Zhuzhu.

Zhuzhu organized the words in her mind and said. Director, do you remember the staff we met upstairs? I asked around and found out the woman who left Liu Haibins office is his wife.

Dong Xuebing frowned. Really?

Zhuzhu nodded. Yes. I had confirmed it.

Liao Huaxiong shook his head. Although nothing was said, everyone knew that the staff had offered his wife to Liu Haibin. He was also keeping watch outside for him. WTF is going on here? This is a government agency. How can they do such things?!

Dong Xuebing cant be bothered with these details. Just report to the higher-ups. Rest early today, and we will not meet up tomorrow. We shall split into groups to visit other departments. Director Liao, and Director Luo, pick a few men and check the other departments with your teams. You dont need to inform the local authorities.

Everyone left to do their work.

About an hour later, Dong Xuebing received a call.

h.e.l.lo, Director Dong? I am Commander Liu Guowei. A man said.

Dong Xuebing blinked. Nice to meet you, Commander Liu. How can I help you?

Nothing. I heard my son had caused trouble for you. Dont worry about me. Just do what you are supposed to do. Alright. Thats all I wanted to say.

Du du du.

Commander Liu hung up.

Dong Xuebing was mad. Dont worry about you and do what I am supposed to do? Why did you call then?

Commander Liu tried to pressure me and warned me not to touch his son.

You want to interfere and protect your son?! You are spoiling him.

Dong Xuebing is righteous, and Liu Haibin is a disgrace to the party. He will not bow down to Liu Guoweis threat.

Yes! I will investigate your son!