Power and Wealth - Chapter 860: Zhan Rourou was paralyzed

Chapter 860: Zhan Rourou was paralyzed

Chapter 860: Zhan Rourou was paralyzed

City Commission for Discipline Inspection.

Dong Xuebings office.

Zhan Rourou? Luo Haiting thought for a while. I think thats her name.

Thats right. Dong Xuebing smiled to himself. I had forgotten about her.

Luo Haiting blinked and asked. Xuebing, you know Deputy Secretary Zhans daughter?

Dong Xuebing replied. Yes. She was my nurse when Nan Shan District Second Hospital collapsed. We had met a few times.

It was more than meeting a few times.

Zhan Rourou had left a deep impression on Dong Xuebing. She was his nurse when he was warded, and she had a cheerful personality. During his hospital stay, she mentioned her father was working in Fen Zhou City Commission for Discipline Inspection. He thought her father was an ordinary staff until he heard the Deputy Secretarys surname was Zhan. No wonder she was not afraid of him, as her father was a high-ranking officer. When the hospital collapsed, he rushed into the hospital to rescue her. He threw her out of the hospital seconds before the building crashed. After climbing out of the rumbles, he had forgotten about her and had not heard from her. She must have been injured severely as a piece of concrete had fallen onto her back.

Dong Xuebing sighed. How is Secretary Zhans daughter doing now? Is her life in danger?

No. Luo Haiting replied. But I heard she could not walk again.

Dong Xuebings face changed. She is paralyzed?!

Luo Haiting nodded. His daughter is around twenty years old. Sigh. She should be enjoying her youth, but.

Which hospital are they at now?

I dont know. I think they had gone to Beijing.


Yes. The best doctors are there, and she might recover if she undergoes treatment there.

It would be difficult if she had broken her spine and legs.

Thats right, and it will be costly too. Secretary Zhans family is not wealthy, and the City Commission for Discipline Inspection Committee wanted to organize a donation drive to raise funds for her treatment. But Secretary Zhan rejected, and he sold an apartment in Fen Zhou City for her treatment. Luo Haiting has a child, and she felt deeply for Zhan Guiping.

Dong Xuebing hesitated for a second and said. Give me Secretary Zhans phone number.

Luo Haiting nodded. Ok. I will give it to you later.

No need. You can send his number to my phone.

Alright. I will ask around for his number.

Thank you.

Dong Xuebing did not only want to establish a relations.h.i.+p with Zhan Guiping now. Zhan Rourou had taken care of him, and he did not want anything to happen to her. He will try his best to help her. He might not be able to help everyone in the world, but he will do his best for the people around him.

10 am.

Luo Haiting sent Dong Xuebing a message.

Dong Xuebing saved the number and called Zhan Guiping after some hesitation.

Ring ring ring. The phone rang for a while, and no one answered. Dong Xuebing tried calling again, and it was answered on his second try.

h.e.l.lo. A middle-aged man answered with a deep voice. He sounded tired. Who is this?

Dong Xuebing greeted Zhan Guiping politely. h.e.l.lo, Secretary Zhan.

Zhan Ruiping frowned. You are. His background was very noisy.

I am Fen Zhou City Inspection First Offices Dong Xuebing. Dong Xuebing replied.

Zhan Guiping paused for a second. Oh, Director Dong. I wanted to meet you to thank you for saving my daughter at the Second Hospital during the earthquake. Thank you. I heard about what happened. She might have died if you had not risked your life to save her. My family and I are grateful for what you did. We are sorry that you were almost buried alive under the hospital.

Dong Xuebing quickly replied. Dont mention it. Anyone else would do the same thing in that situation.

Zhan Guiping asked. Do you have something for me?

Dong Xuebing replied. No. I just wanted to ask about Rourous condition. After I was discharged from the hospital, I was sent to the Party School for training and did not have the chance to visit her.

Zhan Guiping sighed. Not good.

I heard Zhan Rourou might not be able to walk.

Yes. She had injured her spine, and her leg had suffered a comminuted fracture. During the earthquake, Nan Shan District lacked the medical equipment to treat her, and the hospitals were full. The roads were also blocked, and her treatment was delayed. Although she had surgery, the hospital said she could never walk or even stand again. She. Sigh. She might have to use a wheelchair for the rest of her life.

Dong Xuebing frowned. Is there no hope of recovering?

Zhan Guiping replied. The hospital said it was impossible, but I will not give up.

A middle-aged woman shouted suddenly. Old Zhan, come here. The doctor is calling us.

Zhan Guiping said to Dong Xuebing. Xiao Dong, I had brought Rourou to a hospital in Beijing to see the doctors here. Alright, I got to go.

Secretary Zhan, dont hang up first. I know some people in Beijing hospitals. Just call me if you need any help. I will do my best to help Rourou. This is my phone number, and you can call me anytime. Dong Xuebing knew Beijings hospital system well. Although Zhan Guiping is the No. 3 of the City Commission for Discipline Inspection, it will not help him to meet the specialist in the hospitals. He might not even get an appointment in some hospitals.

Thank you. I will be fine. Zhan Guiping did not take Dong Xuebings words seriously. Maybe he thought Dong Xuebing was not that influential.

Dong Xuebing did not say anything.