Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 982 - What Sort Of Bullshit Luck Was This?!

Chapter 982 - What Sort Of Bullshit Luck Was This?!

Chapter 982 What Sort Of Bulls.h.i.+t Luck Was This?!

Xunshuang played with Ying Ying for a while and left.

Lu Ze went to cook himself some more noodles before going back to cultivate.

At night, the group was having dinner. Food was abundant while Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha had broken through a level-2 cosmic system state. This was a festive celebration.

Lu Ze was indeed happy. The only annoyance was that Ying Ying kept stealing his food.

At this moment, the scene outside the window distorted from warp dimension to dark s.p.a.ce.

The group looked outside and saw a huge planet spinning.

s.h.i.+ps flew up and landed from the planet. It was very prosperous. The group felt relieved seeing this. They were finally back to Planet Shenwu. They had been out for a month. There were few battles, but home was always better. The fleet flew towards the Shenwu Army.

The army and the guests on the planet rejoiced. “The Saints and Monarch of the New Dawn’s fleets are back! They are all back!”

“I wonder how the harvest went.”

“It should be good. Although you see several fleets of other civilizations going to the blade demon territory in void s.p.a.ce, we collected from there that much earlier.”

“Yeah, when we went there, there probably wasn’t even anyone to fight over with?”

Everyone was excited.

“The Shenwu Army’s resources would increase a lot.”

The guests were stunned. “Yeah, probably a lot more than us.”

The guests didn’t join the Shenwu Army for freedom. If they were lucky, they would get more resources than the Shenwu Army.

Of course, it would still be more dangerous.

They were prepared for this. Cultivation was about fighting for resources and progressing. The situation was different now, though. The Federation collected large amounts of resources from the blade demons. Based on distribution, it would probably be given to the most powerful prodigies and then the people of the army. The guests would be able to exchange for some using reward points but it would be much less than the Shenwu Army.

Some of them wondered if it was a good choice to join the Shenwu Army.

Meanwhile, at the base of the Shenwu Army, the soldiers watched the fleet with excitement.

“Marshal Shenwu and the soldiers are back! The Monarch of the New Dawn is back!”

“Hehe, I wonder how much resources have we brought back this time?”

“I don’t know, should it be a lot?”

“Greatly keen.”

The fleet soon stopped at the s.p.a.ce station.

Lu Ze and the girls followed the elders off the s.h.i.+p. Then, a large wave of soldiers started to unload the resources.

The distant soldiers watched the cartons of resources being carried out and gasped.

“So much…!”

“This is great!”

The elders grinned and said nothing.

This would only excite and boost their morale.

Then, Elder Nangong said to Zuogiu Xunshuang, “Go, take some people to help.”

Xunshuang nodded.

Then, she left.

Elder Nangong smiled at the cosmic system states of the three races. “Everyone, you did well. Please take a rest, and then we’ll split the resources, yeah?”

Man Yi laughed. “Sure little Nangong. All thanks to your race, we have gotten much greater advantages and benefits.”

The others smiled. They earned a lot this time indeed.

Elder Nangong smiled. “Without you guys, we wouldn’t be able to take back that much.”

If it were just the humans, who can know how much danger they would have suffered.

But now, it was a win-win situation. Everyone smiled and left the s.p.a.ce station to rest.

It would take some time to unload the resources here and more time to distribute them.

Lu Ze and the girls quickly returned to the top floor of the cultivation building. It was still the same since they modified it.

Lu Ze said, “Oh, we forgot to tell the elders that Lu Li and Alice are about to break through the dangerous gear. Lu li rolled her eyes. “A lot of people have come near the Planet Shenwu during this time. Plus, the cosmic system state phenomenon range is big. It’s fine. How can people make it over with such a short period?”

Lu Ze felt she was right.

Everyone went back to the spirit gathering room and began to cultivate.

Half an hour later, Lu Ze felt a magical wave appear. He opened his eyes and saw endless light appear in s.p.a.ce.

A few seconds later, the light intensified and multiplied.

Knowledge about G.o.d art started to appear in Lu Ze’s mind.

He used a purple liquid and a blue crystal to start learning

The girls did the same.

Ying Ying saw this light in the living room and ended up dazed. She closed her eyes and dropped to the couch as starlight wrapped around her.

The other three races opened their eyes, and the light struck their resting area outside the cultivation building. They looked at this vibrant light with shock, especially those peak cosmic system states. Man Yi’s mouth twitched. “This is… phenomenon?!”

The other Barbarian Race cosmic system states were also doubting life.

Was the phenomenon supposed to be this scary?

The Winged Race cosmic system states were also speechless.

Only those who stayed with Lu Ze were rather calm.

Man Da and the group felt happy seeing how shocked their peak cosmic system states were.

At this moment, the three elders flew out.

This was their Human Race prodigy.

Man Yi asked, “Little Nangong, what is going on?!

Elder Nangong waved his hand. “This is probably caused by their breaking through. Elder Man Yi, you know that other than Lu Ze, those few kids are also favored by that master…”

He pointed at the sky and smiled. “What sort of being is that master? How can the people he favors be ordinary?”


They thought that the master might just be a peak cosmic cloud state or just reach the cosmic realm state.

But now, it seems more?

Was he a peak cosmic realm state or even a cosmic monarch state?

Their skin was aghast.

Those types of beings were rare in the entire universe.

Yet, there would be someone to spend so much effort preparing a few human prodigies?

How lucky was the Human Race?!