Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 967 - How Are These Guys Running So Fast?

Chapter 967 - How Are These Guys Running So Fast?

Chapter 967 How Are These Guys Running So Fast?

A few seconds later, the venom had spread across Lu Ze’s entire body. He felt that his consciousness was turning blurry. All that was left was pain.

This was definitely the most painful way of dying. When the body finally turned to dust, he spoke in an almost indistinguishable tone. “Pick the drops up.”

Alice immediately ran over to pick the drops up. Lu Ze weakly glanced at them. There were five vibrant drops of red and purple liquid and a dark green G.o.d art orb.

Lu Ze felt relieved and relaxed.

Lu Ze woke up back in the room and fell back down.

Qiuyue Hesha quickly hugged him and rubbed his face gently. “Little brother Lu Ze, are you okay?”

Lu Ze was sweating cold but he still smiled. “I’m fine.”

It was painful, but he wasn’t going to die.

The other girls came over.

They were just exhausted back from the Pocket Hunting Dimension and came out after Lu Ze died. Therefore, they didn’t feel the pain.

They all desperately tried to ease Lu Ze’s pain.

The pain was on his soul, and ma.s.sages didn’t help that much, but they still pleased Lu Ze.

He felt great. This was painful, but it was worth it.

After a while, Lu Ze finally sat up.

Qiuyue Hesha’s pajamas were drenched by Lu Ze’s sweat. She smiled. “Go have a shower.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. “I want us and the girls to shower together”

The girls wanted to say no, but Lu Ze already took them away.

After the shower, they went back to the room.

Lu Ze looked at the drop, and his mouth twitched.

“It doesn’t seem to be very worth killing this scorpion.”

It only gave five liquid drops and a G.o.d art orb.

It was probably a poison G.o.d art orb. It was useful, but Lu Ze couldn’t use the level-5 liquids. It was too powerful.

Lu Ze killed himself trying to kill this scorpion. If he didn’t die, they could hunt for more sand beetles.

Lu Ze could kill a level-4 sand beetle with one punch. Everyone fell silent.

Lu Ze rubbed his head. “The next time we see the scorpion, let’s run.”

The girls’ heads bobbed.

Lu Ze then distributed the spirit liquids and unlocked the crystal.

It was a breastplate. Nangong Jing had one, so Qiuyue Hesha took it.

After that, everyone went into cultivation.

In the next few days, the fleet just ran between the bases Lu Ze pointed out.

At the same time, they kept hearing about other fleets encountering Evil-Eyed Race. However, the Evil-Eyed Race knew that the alliance had way more powerful beings than them, so they chose to retreat at every encounter. The human fleets planned to chase, but the evil-eyed s.h.i.+ps were faster.

Elder Nangong who went to Blade Demon Ancestral Planet also sent back news.

The ancestral planet was empty. Some resources were taken and the rest were burnt. Only some hard to destroy resources were left.

However, they were resources collected by the blade demons for thousands of years. There was an abundance of resources. Even Elder Shenwu came to take the resources.

It took two entire fleets to take them all. Elder Nangong and Elder Shenwu took these back to Planet Shenwu first.

Six days later, Lu Ze came to a resource solar system.

His mental force swept the place, and he frowned.

He fused into s.p.a.ce and disappeared again. Lu Ze appeared at a planet base.

There were tens of burning green s.h.i.+ps flying above there. They were collecting the resources.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed cold. They were from the Evil-Eyed Race again.

They were very vigilant. A level-4 cosmic system state spotted Lu Ze.

When he saw who it was, he gasped.

He roared. “Run! Abandon this base and resources! That human prodigy is here!”

Immediately, everyone flew back into their s.h.i.+ps and didn’t even take the resources.

A level-5 cosmic system state charged out from the s.h.i.+p and stood with the level-4 cosmic system state staring at Lu Ze in horror.

Lu Ze: “???”

Why did they react like this?

His eyes flashed with orange flames as the air twisted.

The two cosmic system states immediately felt their bodies petrified.

Brother Milo was right!

This human prodigy with s.p.a.ce G.o.d art was a monster!

They felt death from this chi.

The level-5 cosmic system state said, “We can’t wait anymore!”

The level-4 nodded.

The level-5 took out a dark green flame rune. They both pressed the rune.

Immediately, the green flames expanded around the surrounding s.h.i.+ps and took them away.

The remaining soldiers of the Evil-Eyed Race came out from the base and saw that disappearing green flame. “???”

They were abandoned just like that?

As soon as they had such thought, their bodies were wrapped in red flames, and they died.

Lu Ze stared at the resources on the ground. Not much was taken away. It was difficult to chase the speed of that peak cosmic system state.

He didn’t chase them.

Lu Ze covered the base in a barrier before taking out the star map to search for more resource points.

When the two cosmic system states saw that Lu Ze didn’t chase up, they felt relieved.

The level 5 cosmic system state grinned. “Good thing we dropped the resources there, or that monster would come after us.”

The other one agreed. “Yeah, brother Milo said that he has a very strong s.p.a.ce transmission G.o.d art. We might be fast, but we might not be able to get away.”

The two rejoiced again.

Ever since Milo brought the news back, every fleet received an acceleration rune. It was for them to run away.

It could speed them up to peak cosmic system state’s speed. They didn’t need to be this nervous facing peak cosmic system states, but Lu Ze had s.p.a.ce transmission and that was a different story.

At this moment, a blood battles.h.i.+p flew out. The three Blood Claw Race saw this and were stunned.

One said, “It’s an Evil-Eyed Race. Their intel is faster than ours. They came over already.”

One of them grinned. “Why are they running so fast? Did they find something nice ?” The middle one said, “There are quite some resources at the blade demon base. We don’t need to have a conflict with them. Let’s search in another direction.”

The other two nodded and flew towards the base Lu Ze found.