Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 959 - Good Thing They Ran Fast!

Chapter 959 - Good Thing They Ran Fast!

Chapter 959 Good Thing They Ran Fast!

Lu Ze looked around and saw that Nangong Jing and the other three races were here, so he asked, “Where are they?”

The commander looked away from Edka, and his cold face soon turned warm. He smiled. “They had nothing to do here, so they went back to cultivate first.”

Lu Ze nodded and asked, “How are the resources here going?”

The commander replied with a sliver of excitement. “They have taken a lot of resources, but the location is fine. There are several Graflan crystals. It is an excellent material for making the motion system of s.h.i.+ps. The soldiers even found numerous spirit materials. There is even a star state level!

Lu Ze smiled.

He didn’t know much about s.h.i.+p-building, but star state materials were very precious. Star states were the supporting pillars of a cosmic system state civilization.

With these resources, the star states would progress much faster.

At this moment, the girls came out. Just when they ran over in order to talk, Lu Ze sniffed and frowned. He looked at them in disbelief. “You guys have eaten! You didn’t even tell


How could they not invite him?!

At this moment, the doors opened again, and the three races came over. When they heard Lu Ze’s words, they looked at Lu Ze in skepticism.

It was just a meal. What was the big deal? The commander’s mouth twitched.

Was this the right time to talk about that?

The girls looked away in embarra.s.sment. Nangong Jing mumbled, “We didn’t know that you would come back this early.” Lin Ling nodded. “Yeah…” Alice came up and hugged Lu Ze’s arm. “I’ll cook for you some more later, senior.”

Lu Ze smiled. “You said it, Alice.”

Alice nodded.

Seeing how excited Lu Ze was, the girls rolled their eyes.

The rest of them felt more awkward.

At this moment, Alice blinked. “I seemed to have stepped on something?”.

She looked down and saw that she stepped on some kind of badly-injured alien.

Alice quickly moved away. “Sorry, I didn’t see you lying here.”

Edka: …

He spat blood once again.

Man Da spoke in surprise, “Evil-eyed Race??” Man Yang frowned. “Level-7 cosmic system state. Why would he be here?”

Everyone looked at Lu Ze.

A Winged Race cosmic system state asked, “Lu Ze, what is going on here?”

The girls frowned. They didn’t know the situation, but this alien didn’t seem to be good.

Lu Ze answered, “I found him at a blade demon base. There was a fleet there. Other than this guy, there was another level-5 cosmic system state from the Evil-Eyed Race. They were taking blade demon resources too, so I took him back for interrogation.”

The three races looked at each other.

Lu Ze so easily captured a level-7 cosmic system state and a level-5 from the Evil-Eyed Race?

That level-5 one was probably dead.

Did they not know how to run?

No way. Since when were cosmic system states easily caught?

Nangong Jing and the group didn’t feel surprised at all. It was something typical. Qiuyue Hesha flicked her hair and smiled. “Little brother Lu Ze, you want me to interrogate him?”

Lu Ze smiled. “That’s right Hesha, you’re smart as always!”

Qiuyue Hesha rolled her eyes.

The three races were stunned.

‘Interrogation?’ The mental force of a cosmic system state was very stable. It was very hard to acquire any information from them at this point.

Did this girl have a powerful mental force G.o.d art?

Qiuyue Hesha uttered, “Let’s begin.” She looked at Edka as her eyes flashed with pink light.

Then, she asked, “Speak, how many people from the Evil-Eyed Race came?”

The three races: “???”

“Just like that?’

‘This was an interrogation?’

At this moment, Edka answered weakly, “Thirty-four cosmic system states arrived. Two cosmic system states led a fleet. Seventeen fleets came to the blade demon territory.”

The three races looked at Qiuyue Hesha in perplexity. This female human manipulated a level-7 cosmic system state from the Evil-Eyed Race so easily? Their skin was aghast. This was too outrageous. She was only a level-1 cosmic system state!

If Edka was in his prime, Qiuyue Hesha could only interfere with him, but now that he was heavily injured, his mental force became vulnerable. Her influence became much greater.

Lu Ze and the girls frowned.

Lu Ze asked, “Why would the Evil-Eyed Race know that the blade demon cosmic system states are dead?”

He was very curious why the Evil-Eyed Race thought there was a cosmic cloud state battle.

Edka answered, “We received Daodao Erdun’s invite to hunt human cosmic system states. On the way here, I fainted due to an accident. When I woke up, Daodao Erdun and the soldiers were gone. I saw a Demonic Rune Race on the battlefield. She said there was a cosmic cloud state battle.”

“Demonic Rune Race?” The three races gasped again.

Man Da hurriedly asked, “Cosmic cloud state Demonic Rune Race??”

Edka nodded. “Yes.”

Lu Ze and the girls felt a tremble. Good thing they ran quickly. A cosmic cloud state boss came afterward!

This was too dangerous.

If he killed that person with the summoning crystal, he would fully offend the Demonic Rune Race.

The Human Race only had one Ying Ying.

Ying Ying could easily annihilate that race, but she would catch the attention of a cosmic realm state. That would be very bad.

The humans would probably become a wandering race too.

Lu Ze looked at Edka again. “How strong are the Evil-Eyed Race cosmic system states?”