Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 933 - Great Start

Chapter 933 - Great Start

Chapter 933: Great Start

On the third map, Lu Ze and the girls appeared at the familiar barren lands.

The girls looked around curiously.

Alice asked, “Senior, is this the map prior to the fourth map?”

They hadn’t been to the previous maps before.

Lu Ze looked around and saw some yellow rabbits eating the gra.s.s. He recalled his first jungling encounter. Back then, he couldn’t even beat rabbits.

Now, they looked adorable grazing the land.

Lin Ling raised a brow. “These rabbits are very cute. They are just mortal evolution states. They look weak though.”

The others nodded in agreement.

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. If they ventured into this region while they were mortal evolution states, such a thought wouldn’t cross their minds.

He smiled. “Okay, let’s get the stone buckets.”

They hadn’t collected the spirit liquid from the stone cow overlord yet.

Lu Ze planned to use the stone buckets from the golden apes to transport the liquid.

Lu Ze teleported everyone next to the lake of wine.

An intense wine aroma overwhelmed their senses.

Nangong Jing’s eyes lit up immediately.

She gulped down her saliva.

“There is so much wine!”

She excitedly rushed over and grabbed a bucket larger than herself.

Without restraint, she gobbled down the alcohol.

Witnessing such a scene, the golden apes grew furious.

Someone shameless dared to intrude again and steal their wine?!


The golden apes charged at Lu Ze and the girls.

Lu Ze raised a brow and let a portion of his cosmic system state chi slip out.

The entire golden mountain started quaking.

Instantly, the apes stopped in their tracks and knelt on the ground in terror.

They went from furious apes to whimpering, pitiful baby monkeys.

Lu Ze felt great.

This was so much better than the last time he visited.

He used wind G.o.d art to carry out more than ten empty stone buckets. He looked at the enraptured Nangong Jing and rolled his eyes.

“Time to leave. We got what we wanted.”

Nangong Jing looked up at Lu Ze and pretended to be pitiful.

Lu Ze: “…”

As such, he was forced to s.n.a.t.c.h ten more stone buckets filled with golden fruit wine and put them into his mental force dimension.

“Okay, I’ll give some to you once we leave the dimension.”

“Hahaha, Ze is the best!”

Nangong Jing jumped on Lu Ze and gave him a kiss.

The other girls looked at her speechlessly.

Her addiction was beyond help…

Following such, Lu Ze brought everyone to the fourth map and found the cow overlord lair.

They gathered all the spirit liquid and filled up ten buckets smoothly.

Lu Ze smiled. “Alice can use these to prepare some delectable dishes.”

He drooled.

Alice nodded and smiled.

She felt very satisfied. Her senior liked her food.

Lu Ze said, “Okay, time to step on the fifth map.”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “I wonder how long we can live this time…”

Everyone: “…”

Lu Li reprimanded, “Don’t jinx us, Sister Hesha. Perhaps we can live until the end.”

Lu Li didn’t even believe it herself.

The group disappeared from the spot.

They appeared at the border of the fourth and fifth maps.

Standing at the top, they looked at the boundless desert.

Sandstorms hid the skies.

They also observed terrifying thunderstorms that caused the s.p.a.ce to crack.

The lightning flashed with gold light.

They hadn’t even entered the fifth map yet, but they already sensed many domineering auras.

Lu Ze urged, “Let’s go.”

He went ahead of the girls.

Immediately, his expression changed.

His body suddenly dropped to the ground.

The same thing happened to the girls.

Lin Ling exclaimed, “The pressure here is way beyond our capabilities.”

With their power, even black holes wouldn’t be able to affect them much, but here, it was hard to even fly.

One could see how terrifying the suppression was.

Lu Ze raised a brow. “Let’s go down.”

The group landed on the sand. The desert was boundless and empty.

Lu Ze reminded, “Be careful, conceal our chi and find the beasts.”

Right then, the group began their journey.

Half an hour later, they didn’t encounter any beast.

Nangong Jing asked, “Why are there no beasts around? It doesn’t feel that dangerous as well. How is this possible?”

Lin Ling looked around vigilantly but sensed nothing too.

At this juncture, the sandstorm around them suddenly moved.

They were like waves that kept spurring terrifying chi.

There were eight of them.

Simultaneously, the sand formed sand blades and shot at the group.


Lu Ze boiled ignited with spirit flames as the pale gloves appeared on his hands, forming two spirit flame fists.

The fist punched towards the blades.


The sand nearby flew up and painted the clear sky yellow.

At this moment, eight figures charged out.

It was a two-meter-tall beetle with hideous claws and mouthpieces.

The creatures had yellow sh.e.l.ls.

Strands of sand circulated around each beetle.

Their formidable chi immediately bore down on the group.

One was a level-4 cosmic system state, two were level-3, and the remaining five were level-1 and level-2.

However, their chis weren’t similar to those of ordinary cosmic system states outside.

This level-4 cosmic system state chi was even a little stronger than Lu Ze’s.

This was just a level-4 cosmic system state.


At once, the beetles formed sand blades again and directed them at Lu Ze.

During this moment, Qiuyue Hesha’s eyes flashed with pink light.

The beetle’s chi was suppressed.

Then, Lin Ling, Lu Li, and Alice used stone transformation divine art to slow the opponents down.

Lu Ze charged up with darkness buff, fire buff, and Earth Shocking Blow…

As he used all these G.o.d arts and divine arts, terrifying power was unleashed.

The spirit force fist struck the sand blades and shattered them.

In the next second, the remaining power landed on the level-4 cosmic system state beetles heavily.

Nangong Jing also used her golden fist force to help Lu Ze stop the attacks of the other beetles.


The range of the shockwave affected a hundred kilometers.


Lu Ze’s fist force broke the level-4 cosmic system state beetle’s sh.e.l.l.

Crystal yellow blood gushed out.

Getting injured, the beetle became more furious. The sand floating around it formed a yellow armor as more sand blades shot at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze rushed over again and kept landing punches on its armor.

The rumbling sound didn’t stop.

After a few minutes, a deep crack could be heard as Lu Ze shattered the armor.

The spirit force fist struck the back of the beetle heavily.


Blood spilled out even more as the beetle became weak.

Ten more fists rained down. Soon, Lu Ze’s punch penetrated the sh.e.l.l. It went inside its body, wiping its life force away.

Lu Ze was out of breath. He looked at the other beasts stalled by the girls.

He charged up again.

Ten seconds later, the darkness mist dissipated.

Lu Ze looked at the bodies with a pale face and panted.

It wasn’t as hard as he expected.

They gathered the loot on the first try.

This was a great start!