Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 918 - What Mortal Pain Was This?

Chapter 918 - What Mortal Pain Was This?

Chapter 918: What Mortal Pain Was This?


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Outside s.p.a.ce, the blood spirit force tide swept towards the girls. Destructive force encompa.s.sed the region.

The girls and Liu Zhiyun tensed up.

Nangong Jing roared, “It’s here!”

Four blood spirit forces instantly came before them.

The leading insectoids wore blood armor with sharp spikes. Their heads were hideous, and their forelimbs were like whips with thorns. Below their bodies were eight sharp legs. They seemed extremely piercing.

High-level insectoids were born for battle. Their body was their weapon.

After the batch of blood insectoids in front, the was a gray one. It looked very strange too. It had three legs on the right and one leg on the left.

The girls were taken aback. ‘Is it missing two legs?’

However, its chi was still shocking.

This was a level-5 cosmic system state insectoid.

The last two insectoids were completely black-scaled and sleek-looking.

One was a level-2 cosmic system state and another was a level-1 cosmic system state.

Nangong Jing and the girls felt immense pressure.

Liu Zhiyun’s face was pale. He could only barely hold off the last level-1 cosmic system state insectoid.

The other three could easily take his life.

At this moment, a black mist suddenly covered the entire region of s.p.a.ce.

Liu Zhiyun immediately felt his senses weaken.


His vision was suppressed even worse. He couldn’t even see his own fingers.

“What… is this? I can’t see!”

Liu Zhiyun was sweating cold.

If someone ambushed him, he could only wait and die.

‘Just what happened?’

‘Is it some insectoid G.o.d art?’

The girls heard him shout and felt surprised. Lu Li patted her head. “I forgot Mr. Liu Zhiyun.”

A black rune formed behind Liu Zhiyun and went into his body.

Immediately, Liu Zhiyun felt a strange power that returned his suppressed senses.

Liu Zhiyun was taken aback.

Lu Li said, “Mr. Liu Zhiyun, this is my divine art. It’s fine now. It will only activate on the enemies.”

Liu Zhiyun: “???”

‘Such a terrifying divine art is used by a little girl who was only a peak star state?’

He nodded with confusion. “Okay.”

‘Since when did human prodigies become this terrifying?’

At this point, the insectoids roared furiously. Clearly, they felt the sensory deprivation.

Nangong Jing grinned. “I’m going up!”

Lu Ze wasn’t here, so she was the only one who fought head-on. If she didn’t go up, they couldn’t stop those insectoids.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “I’ll support you.”

“Mhm!” Nangong Jing nodded. Her pale gloves glowed with light. Golden light exploded from her body. She disappeared from the spot.

Green Shadow Chant!

The next moment, Nangong Jing appeared next to the blood insectoid who tried to leave the region.

She clenched her fists tight as the golden light on the gloves formed into a spirit force fist. The fist turned into a golden beam that shot towards the insectoid’s head.

At that instant, Qiuyue Hesha used her seduction G.o.d art.

They wanted to test whether they could kill the insectoid instantly.

If they could, it wouldn’t be troublesome. They would kill all of them at once.

The dark mist wasn’t as effective to a level-7 cosmic system state insectoid. It noticed Nangong Jing’s attack as soon as she rushed forward.


Its two spike-filled forelegs surged with blood light.

One whipped towards the golden light while the other aimed for Nangong Jing’s waist.

At this juncture, its chi suddenly became chaotic, and its power weakened.

The golden light and blood whip clashed.


The s.p.a.ce shattered like a mirror, revealing the twisted warp dimension.

The clash spread into the distance. Some weaker insectoids were pulverized.

The golden fist crumbled while the blood whip became extremely dim.

The insectoid stopped but didn’t get injured at all.

Nangong Jing gasped. Her full-powered attack wasn’t as strong as the insectoid’s attack.

The insectoid’s combat power was clearly stronger than hers. It wasn’t plausible to kill it.

At this moment, the other blood whip was nearing Nangong Jing. The green wind spun around her as she dodged it.

She was out of breath. Still, the difference wasn’t too huge.

Their clash with the insectoid happened in an instant, but Liu Zhiyun was dazed from watching.

‘Are these two kids really just level-1 cosmic system states?’

Their power was absurd.

How could they fight a level-7 cosmic system state insectoid head-on already?

He thought they had some trump card to hold the monsters off. Yet, their trump card was fighting head-on. It was unbelievable.

This was something he didn’t expect at all.

Right then, he sensed a scorching sensation not far away. He felt his fire G.o.d art was greatly suppressed.

‘What fire G.o.d art is this?!’

He looked in the direction with astonishment.

That girl holding the unlucky senior statue was burning with blue flames. The flames formed human shapes. There were runes, which he didn’t understand at all, forming in that fire.

These runes were glowing blue and black.

The blueish fire clones looked a little evil with the demonic flame runes.

Then, the fire clone’s chi rose to level-3 cosmic system state.

The little girl formed fifteen of those.

Liu Zhiyun: “???”

‘What did he see?’

‘Is it a fire clone?’

‘Why could you add runes inside?!’

This girl was only a level-9 star state.

‘Why could she form fifteen level-3 cosmic system state fire clones?!’

At this time, Alice’s mental force surged, and she controlled her fire clones to interfere with the level-5 cosmic system state insectoid.

This insectoid still had chances of escaping, so she needed to intervene.

As for the level-1 and level-2 cosmic system state insectoids, they were running around like headless flies.

At this moment, all the girls were fighting while Liu Zhiyun was watching. He felt quite embarra.s.sed, but there was nothing he could help with.

During this point, the glow from Lin Ling’s eyes faded. She felt quite tired.

“No, this level-7 cosmic system state insectoid’s cultivation level is too high. I can’t find its weakness.”

Qiuyue Hesha wasn’t surprised. She comforted, “It’s okay, rest for a while, and then help us deal with the other three. We’re going to be fighting a long battle.”

Lin Ling nodded. “I still have some power left. I can deal with the level-1 and level-2 cosmic system state insectoids.”

Alice said, “Sister Ling, I’ll give you a fire clone.”

She shook her head. “No need, I can deal with them.”

At this moment, Liu Zhiyun finally felt he could contribute something. “Lin Ling, I’ll help you.”

Lin Ling smiled. “Okay, thank you.”