Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 915 - Come To My House After School

Chapter 915 - Come To My House After School

Chapter 915: Come To My House After School


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Elder Nangong and Elder Lin blocked before Saint Shenwu and Lin Dong, taking on the impact of the clash.

The other cosmic system states were also trying their best to withstand the blast.

This time, two blade demons, one dark metal demon, and one pale scale man exploded on the spot.

There were suddenly a lot fewer cosmic system states.

The blade demons had lost three cosmic system states this time. The Blade Demon King’s heart was bleeding, but there was nothing he could do.

If he didn’t try to kill the humans now, then his own race would suffer the harsh consequences.

The half-demon’s expression changed. He took out a scroll inscribed with complex runes.

He tore apart the scroll and roared, “Everyone, insert your spirit force into this formation!”

As the scroll was torn apart, miraculous gray light lit up and drew a complex pattern in s.p.a.ce.

This pattern expanded and covered everyone.

As the other cosmic system states inserted their spirit force, the gray light shot up and formed a ball-shaped spirit force prison, trapping the four elders.

The half-demon roared, “This formation can only trap them! We need reinforcements!”

They couldn’t kill the four elders with their power alone.

In fact, they also had the choice to flee from the whole thing.

However, they already engaged in conflict with the Human Race. If four peak stage cosmic system states really wanted to cause trouble, it would be a major headache.

Their losses were too substantial. They might as well annihilate the Human Race and steal away their resources as compensation.

Thinking about it, all the cosmic system states looked at the Blade Demon King and the two remaining elders of the Blade Demon Race. Even the Dark Metal Demon Race and the Black Smoke Race were unhappy.

The power difference was too great. It was far beyond their expectations.

Heras said, “Daodao Erdun, I hope you will give us an acceptable answer, or else…”

The mouth of the Blade Demon Race twitched.

They were perplexed by the current situation as well. Of course, they recognized the severity of the matter. If they fail to provide satisfactory compensation and to appease the other races, the Blade Demon Race would not be able to bear the pressure.

The Dark Metal Demon Race and Black Smoke Race probably wouldn’t help them either.

Handing out this amount of compensation would set their race back a few thousand or even ten thousand years.

The Blade Demon King smiled stiffly. “The blade demons will make up for all the losses this time.”

Hearing the guarantee, the faces of the other cosmic system states eased up.

Elder Nangong looked back at the two other saints. “Are you guys okay?”

Saint Shenwu and Lin Dong were panting heavily. Their faces looked pale.

They didn’t have much power left after using the divine art rune.

Saint Lin Dong shook his head. “It’s fine. We just don’t have any power left.”

Saint Shenwu said, “All thanks to Ze, our recovery speed is very fast. We just need a few hours to completely recover.”

This recovery rate was quite commendable among cosmic system states. This was all because they have been using the red orbs to cultivate.

Elder Nangong nodded and then looked at Elder Lin. “Old Lin, how is it? Can you find the weakness in the formation?”

Elder Lin’s eyes were flas.h.i.+ng. He was observing the large formation.

Moments later, he shook his head. “Its sole weakness is the area where those beings are standing upon. We can’t breach it with other methods.”

“This is also a cosmic cloud state formation. If we waste two one-time-use runes on it, we can break it… but…”

If they breached the formation and depleted their power, it would be akin to surrender.

Elder Nangong frowned. “I thought they were after Lu Ze, but now, their targets were most likely us.”

Saint Lin Dong said, “It’s probably because of Lu Ze’s talent that they felt pressured. They want to annihilate the Human Race as early as now.”

Their expressions became extremely cold.

Saint Shenwu calmed himself down. “Now isn’t the time to talk about that. The problem is the insectoid lair.”

Elder Nangong said, “That lair is probably the bait they used to lure us out. Its sudden disappearance is probably an accident. Where is it now?”

Elder Lin was worried. “Would it head over to Ze and the girls?”

Lu Ze was breaking through right now. That astounding phenomenon might have attracted the insectoids.

That was quite possible.

Yet, they were still trapped here.

Elder Nangong took a deep breath. “Don’t be too worried, there’s still Ying Ying. She’s stronger than us.”

Elder Nangong looked at Saint Lin Dong. “Old Ao, that little girl isn’t asleep, right?”

The three of them had to guard the borders, so Ying Ying was taken care of by Saint Lin Dong on planet Weite.

Saint Lin Dong smiled. “She’s happily going to school. She isn’t sleeping.”

Everyone felt relieved and looked at the Blade Demon King’s group with a sneer.

Stupid blade demons, they had no idea how strong the Human Race was.

Saint Shenwu said, “After a few more hours until we recover, we’ll give them a good time.”

A few hours later on planet Shenwu, Liu Zhiyun and his Zhihuang Guild replaced the three elders to protect Lu Ze.

Liu Zhiyun said, “It’s pretty much at the top, that guy broke through successfully.”

The black-haired woman exclaimed, “I wonder who is breaking through. This phenomenon is really extraordinary.”

The gray-haired man smiled bitterly. “The three elders won’t tell us.”

Liu Zhiyun coughed it off. “What’s the rush? At most, in a few hours, that person will finish the breakthrough. We’ll be able to see him then.”

At this moment, the s.p.a.ce suddenly rattled.

An extremely powerful chi appeared.

The dark void was painted blood red.

Destructive chi filled the surroundings.

All the people looked in that direction with pale faces.

“This… is the insectoid lair? How is this possible?”

Eliot’s face was filled with terror. “Didn’t the elders go out to find it?”

Liu Zhiyun’s eyes flashed with despair. “There are at least ten cosmic system state insectoids. In addition, there’s a peak cosmic system state…”

‘How could a noob like him who just reached the cosmic system state stop them?’

In the cultivation building, the girls opened their eyes. They could sense the chi of the insectoid lair.

Their eyes went cold.

Lu Ze must not be interrupted now.

The five got up and tore through s.p.a.ce.

Planet Weite, Sunny Kindergarten.

The cla.s.s was about to finish.

Ying Ying was sitting in her seat expressionlessly.

“Ying Ying, you’re so amazing! You know how to do a question this hard!”

“Ying Ying runs so fast too! Even the boys can’t outrun you! You’re too outstanding!”

A group of little girls looked at Ying Ying with admiration.

Lue Xi was unhappy.

Ying Ying was her good friend!

‘Why are these people surrounding her?’

At this juncture, a golden-haired girl gave Ying Ying a lollipop. “Ying Ying, you can have this lollipop! It’s really tasty!”

Ying Ying took the lollipop. “Thank you, you’re a nice person!”

The golden-haired girl smiled.

“Ying Ying, do you want to come to my house to play after school? My house has lots of good food! My mom is going to cook a feast today!”

Ying Ying’s eyes hesitated.

Lue Xi: “???”

‘How dare she steal Ying Ying!’

Suddenly, Ying Ying looked into s.p.a.ce.

She got up. “Xiao Xi, I need to leave for a moment.”


Right then, Ying Ying instantaneously disappeared from the spot.