Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 9

Chapter 9

Chapter 9: This Is the Right Way to Open, Right?


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

After cla.s.s, Lu Ze went straight to the building of the second year.

“Li, I really like you. Can we give each other a chance to know each other?”

As soon as he came to Lu Li’s cla.s.sroom, Lu Ze heard a familiar soft voice.

A golden-haired handsome youth was standing at the cla.s.sroom door with a smile. He spoke gently. Clearly, he was educated.

This person was called Shen Feiyang. He was the son of the mayor of Chang Yang city. He was in the same year level as Lu Li. If Lu Li was the female idol of the school, then Shen Feiyang was the male idol of the school.

His family was exceptional. He was handsome and gentle. His cultivation talent was not much weaker than Lu Li. He was a level seven martial artist too. In the eyes of students at the school, he and Lu Li were a perfect match.

Shen Feiyang fell in love with Lu Li the first day he went to school. He had been chasing her for two years since. He never even looked at other girls who liked him.

Even Lu Ze approved of him. He was such a good man. Lu Ze was just a little bit better than him.

Lu Li smiled softly as usual “Sorry, Shen Feiyang. I don’t plan to have a relations.h.i.+p in middle school. You don’t need to waste time on me.”

Shen Feiyang was clearly used to Lu Li’s rejection and smiled helplessly. He looked at her softly and said, “I won’t give up. If you don’t want a relations.h.i.+p during middle school, I’ll wait till we are in university for you. If you don’t want a relations.h.i.+p while we are in university, I will wait for you for the rest of my life.”

“Oh my G.o.d!!!”

Shen Feiyang’s expression made the nearby girls scream. Their faces were red. Who knew what they were thinking inside their brains.

Lu Li smiled and said nothing. She turned around and saw Lu Ze. Her mouth spasmed. This guy was enjoying the show? He didn’t even help her get out of this situation!

Her smile grew softer as she walked to Lu Ze. “Brother, let’s go.”

At this moment, Shen Feiyang looked at Lu Ze and smiled helplessly “Brother Ze, help me persuade Li. I promise to give her happiness.”

Lu Ze was dazed, why was this brought to him?

Looking at Shen Feiyang’s hopeful eyes, Lu Ze smiled. “Li can decide for herself. She’s a grown-up now. If you really want to chase her, then do it yourself.”

By the way. They didn’t seem to be real brothers and sisters. Should he try chasing her too?

Cough. As a transmigrator, if he still needed to chase girls then he would lose the face of all those qian beis. He must not think like this!

It should be saints and demons girls coming to him. G.o.ddess and immortal G.o.ddesses wanting to sleep with him!

He should look coldly at Lu Li and say, “Sit down, move.”

That’s the right way?

Shen Feiyang smiled awkwardly and patted his head. “Brother Ze you’re right. Look at me, I’m too desperate. I will keep trying! I won’t disturb you guys.”

Then, he left elegantly.

Seeing Lu Ze look at Shen Feiyang leave, Lu Li smiled, “He’s long gone. If you like him then go chase him! I believe there is true love for h.o.m.os.e.xuals. Shen Feiyang might be a good choice.”

Lu Ze’s face went green. He looked strangely at Lu Li and said, “You dirty-minded girl! I just feel it’s not natural.”

After all, once you transmigrate, you should encounter the antagonist. Why did he encounter such an excellent man? Shen Feiyang was almost as excellent as him.

“What’s not natural?” Lu Li asked in confusion.

“Nothing. I’m wondering why someone can like an evil-minded person such as you for this long. This isn’t natural!”

Lu Li smiled and stared at Lu Ze. “How about we spar every morning from now on? Otherwise, I’ll tell dad that you wanted to put me in 18 positions.”


Lu Ze looked at the gently smiling Lu Li and his heart went cold. He said drily, “… You’re so evil!”

Lu Li’s smile was unwavering. “Brother you misunderstood Li. Li is trying to help brother improve. This is for your benefit.”

Then she turned to leave. “Let’s go home. Today is brother’s birthday. Don’t put on a bitter face.”

Seeing her tall figure and waving long, black hair leave, Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. He followed on lifelessly.

He was no match for Lu Li now. Living every day like this would be unbearable.

She’s really a little torturous monster.

When they got home, Lu Wen and Fu Shuya had prepared the birthday cake. The birthday was simple; the family of four celebrated it together. However, Lu Ze still felt it was very warm.

After making the wish and blowing out the candle, Fu Shuya gave an exquisitely wrapped gift box to Lu Ze and said, “Good son! This is your present from your dad and me.”

Lu Ze smiled and took it. He opened the box. Inside was a dark black ring. The ring had some strange patterns on it that looked beautiful.

“This is… storage ring?” Lu Ze’s eyes narrowed.

Pocket dimension equipment was very expensive. Even his family would need to spend a lot of money to buy such a ring.

Lu Ze smiled and said, “Thank you, honorable Mother, I will use it well. Oh yea, and Dad too.”

Lu Wen’s face went dark. “Punk, am I only secondary??”

Fu Shuya smiled gently and touched Lu Ze’s head. Her eyes were a bit complicated. “This is your adulthood birthday. Good boy, you’ve grown up…”

As a mother, Fu Shuya was prideful and complicated seeing her son finally mature. Soon, Lu Ze would have his own family. She would miss him.

Indeed, it’s better to let Ze and Li marry. Fu Shuya thought.

Li was admiring the scene on the side. She didn’t have a storage ring, but because it was Lu Ze’s adulthood birthday, Lu Li felt this gift was right.

“Lu Ze, this is my present.” Lu Li saw Lu Ze carefully put the ring on and threw over a USB disk.

“What is this?” Lu Ze asked in confusion.

Nan Fang planet ferocious beast guide. I heard your graduation will be at Nan Feng planet. I’m worried you might be eaten so I found friends to get you some information.” Lu Li smiled.

“Shen Feiyang?” Lu Ze raised a brow.

“A girl.” Lu Li glanced at Lu Ze.

“Oh.” Lu Ze nodded and couldn’t resist roaring, “Don’t use the pretense that I would be eaten!!”

“Then use the pretense that you will die? After all, your power is that weak.” Lu Li smiled.

“…” Lu Ze took the USB and didn’t plan to talk to Lu Li. Otherwise, he would die from anger.

At the same time, he thought that when his power surpa.s.sed Lu Li, he would show her what’s good.