Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 908

Chapter 908

Chapter 908 Stupefied Zhihuang Guild

A day later, several fluctuations occurred throughout the s.p.a.ce where planet Shenwu was.

Endless glamour appeared and covered the entire planet, expanding further each second.

When all the people on the planet saw the light, they were astounded.

“This is…”

“A phenomenon!”

“A breakthrough phenomenon!! It must be the Monarch of the New Dawn or some young duke breaking through to the cosmic system state!”

Everyone was thrilled. The news blew up like a nuclear bomb in the heads of people.

Cosmic system state!

The Human Race didn’t have another cosmic system state since the twelve original saints!

Even those saints only became a cosmic system state with the help of the Elf Race!

Now, the Human Race finally had its own cosmic system state!

This news was too thrilling.

Everyone rejoiced, “Glory to the Human Race forever!”

“The Human Race will rise!”

Cheers echoed throughout planet Shenwu, which traversed to the s.p.a.ce through spirit force.

The star state responsible for guarding planet Shenwu saw the light and felt delighted. He roared, “Quick! Contacts the saints! Our Human Race has a new cosmic system state!!”

He charged out of his office and headed towards the cultivation building where Lu Ze was.

The two guards stationed in the area also stood with palpable excitement. They were about to witness the birth of a new cosmic system state! The star state landed soon. “Qiao Shuyao, Old Tai, I’ll help in guarding too!” In the following second, a few more figures arrived. They were all the star states of planet Shenwu.

Everyone went over, whether they were adventurers or members of the Shenwu Army.

It was too important. This was an opportunity for the progression of their race.

Qiao Shuya took a deep breath. “If anyone tries to interfere with their breakthrough, they have to trample on our dead body first!” Although the endless light was mesmerizing, no one began cultivating.

From aperture opening states to planetary states, soldiers who didn’t hold significant positions came forth. A peak planetary state youth saluted, “Generals, please allow us to protect Monarch of the New Dawn and the young dukes!”

Those behind him repeated those words. Their firm resolve reverberated across the surrounding.

The star states grinned. Right after, the director of the Shenwu Army roared, “Heed my command! All soldiers without important duties, guard Monarch of the New Dawn and the young dukes!”

The soldiers were happy to do so. They saluted. “Understood!”

The powerful adventurers also rushed over.

“Let’s go and guard them!” “Yes! I don’t want to miss this opportunity. We must let them break through to the cosmic system state!”

The cultivation building was heavily guarded by the powerful beings of the planet.

The light stretched across.

In s.p.a.ce, a huge s.p.a.ces.h.i.+p was heading towards planet Shenwu. It was completely red, akin to a burning flame.

At the front, a handsome man with red hair looked ahead. His red eyes flashed. “Planet Shenwu, I haven’t been back for so long…”

“Eliot, how many prodigies did you say the Federation had when you last returned?”

There were tens of powerful beings behind the red-haired man, and Eliot was one of them. He thought back to Lu Ze’s monarch celebration and Nangong Jing’s att.i.tude.

His mouth twitched. “Yes, there is a prodigy named Lu Ze. He is very talented. He was only a first-year student, but he was already appointed as a young duke. Moreover… the elders seemed to favor him a lot. They bestowed the t.i.tle ‘Monarch’ to him.”

“Monarch? New t.i.tle?” The others were also shocked. The name was unfamiliar.

Eliot’s mouth twitched. It was embarra.s.sing.

‘Why would he say this?’

He tried to set Lu Ze up at the end, but he didn’t know if it worked.

He felt great.

The red-haired man laughed. “Interesting. Receiving a new t.i.tle after two thousand years. It seems like this kid must be very talented. Otherwise, the elders wouldn’t make those plans.”

At this moment, a black-haired female smiled. “He can’t compare with you. When the elders find out you have reached the cosmic system state, they would be delighted.”

Liu Zhiyun smiled confidently. “I’m just walking ahead. I hope more powerful humans would appear.” It was rare for them to return.

“Let’s go and see that Lu Ze. Let’s check how talented he is. If he’s genuinely talented, then he gets a share of the resources we have brought back.”

Eliot’s heart ached. The resources he risked his life for had to be given to that b.a.s.t.a.r.d. However, these resources were supposed to be distributed to budding prodigies. With how their guild leader was, if Lu Ze was really talented, he would help the latter indeed.

Even Eliot was taken care of by the guild leader because of his talent.

During this point, an endless light surged into the s.h.i.+p.

Liu Zhiyun and the others were taken aback.

An infinite knowledge was transmitted to them from the light.

Looking at the light alone helped them learn a few things.

‘How terrifying is this??’

Eliot asked, “What is this?”

“How did this light appear?”

“Did you feel that knowledge and wisdom? I feel my G.o.d art is improving?!” “I felt it too!”

Liu Zhiyun looked at the light. In the next second, it seemed as though he recalled something. His face changed into disbelief.

“… Isn’t this a breakthrough phenomenon?”

The two people on Liu Zhiyun’s side thought of the legends too.

The woman gasped, “This is the phenomena created by those top prodigies?!”

“It is this terrifying?!”

Liu Zhiyun shook his head. “Ordinary phenomena can’t be this spine-chilling…”

A trace of subtle yet powerful chi spread from planet Shenwu.

Liu Zhiyun looked in that direction with skepticism.

“This… is a breakthrough to the cosmic system state?!”

“Such a powerful chi!” Liu Zhiyun was bewildered.

‘Which b.a.s.t.a.r.d would break through to the cosmic system state like this?!’

He just broke through too, but a situation similar to the one before them didn’t happen.


Eliot’s mouth twitched. “… A breakthrough to the cosmic system state?”

Everyone looked at planet Shenwu with doubts.

Liu Zhiyun asked, “Is it those guys?”

He wasn’t the only prodigy who left the Milky Way to venture in the universe. Those most talented prodigies at the time all departed.

‘Did one of those guys return to break through?’

Liu Zhiyun’s face went stern. “Hurry! Return to planet Shenwu!”

One man asked, “Guild Leader, aren’t we going to cultivate? This is a very rare opportunity.”

Liu Zhiyun looked back seriously. “It’s very rare that a human gets to break through to the cosmic system state. We have to guard him! There will always be more opportunities in the future.”

People looked down in embarra.s.sment.

“Make haste to reach planet Shenwu!”

Liu Zhiyun’s eyes carried complicated emotions.

He thought he was the only one who broke through and returned home in glory.

Yet, there was an even tougher b.a.s.t.a.r.d. He was this talented but unknown in the nearby cosmic realms.