Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 891 - I Came To Ask Him A Question

Chapter 891 - I Came To Ask Him A Question

Chapter 891 I Came To Ask Him A Question

Two days later, the group killed a level-9 star state beast on the gray plains. Just when they were about to leave, they heard an ear-deafening roar.

Nangong Jing gasped. “What is that?”

She sensed an extremely powerful chi.

Lu Ze opened his mouth, but suddenly, a gray rock cow appeared before them. Gray ripples swept past, and the darkness claimed them. When he regained his consciousness, he was already back in the dao enlightenment room. He was prepared for death this time.

The gray stone plains were vast. The overlord was strong as well. It was no surprise it found them. Luckily, they have already gathered quite a lot of things.

In two days’ time, they found three level-5 star state super-beasts and acquired three divine art rune shards. If they found one more, they would be able to form a complete divine art rune. With those, Lu Ze was ecstatic.

The door to Lin Ling’s room suddenly opened. She snuck out. Seeing the empty corridor, she closed her door and proceeded outside Lu Ze’s dao enlightenment room. At this moment, her face was red, and her heart was beating fast. She kept taking deep breaths.

Sister Jing and the other girls were already ahead of her. She could have been the second one. Hence, she shouldn’t hesitate now!

She took another deep breath. Just when she planned to knock on the door, a surprised voice interrupted her. “Sister Ling?”

Lin Ling stiffened. She slowly turned around and saw Alice looking at her dazedly.

Both of them had the same plans. Lin Ling forced a smile. “Ahahaha… I have a divine art question that I don’t really understand. I want to ask Ze.”

She then looked at Alice. “By the way Alice, why did you come here?”

Alice returned an awkward smile. “Same… as you. I want to ask senior a question.”

Lin Ling faked a smile. “I thought about it. Ze must be cultivating right now. How about asking him tomorrow so we don’t disturb his cultivation?”

Alice nodded quickly. “That is what I thought too.”

Thereafter, the two girls walked back to their rooms. As soon as they closed the doors, they touched their red faces and shrunk into a ball. They both knew what the other person was thinking. The embarra.s.sment made them want to crawl into a hole.


A week later, the sixth star ring was slowly forming in his cells. Soon, an invisible wave spread out, and all aspects of his power rose rapidly, and after a long while, the sixth ring in his body formed, and the progression stopped. Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes.

Sensing the terrifying power within him, he grinned. His combat power soared after reaching level six of the star state. Now, his speed could reach level-2 cosmic system state. This speed was on par with level-9 star state super-beasts!

He didn’t need to worry about being caught by bosses with that level. Nevertheless, his Earth Shocking Blow and Demonic Flame Divine Art hadn’t achieved perfect mastery yet, so his attacks were a little weaker. Right now, it could only reach the peak of level-1 cosmic system state.

With his current combat power and the help of the fox demon, Li, and alcoholic, perhaps they could try killing level-9 star state super-beasts? Even if they couldn’t win, he could still run away though. This was the plan Lu Ze decided for the night. As for divine art, his Earth Shocking Blow just reached experienced mastery. He would probably need around 20 days to reach perfection mastery. This was the fastest speed possible already. Lu Ze went to the resting room. Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha were sitting on the couch watching their devices. He inserted himself in between them. They rolled their eyes, but they still leaned on Lu Ze while continuing with their own business.

As for Alice and the other girls, they were cooking food in the room they had converted. For some reason, Lin Ling and Alice were acting weirdly lately. Lu Ze a.s.sumed they were jealous or something. He decided to confront them, but he only got beaten up. He felt bewildered.

Soon, the girls who cooked the food entered the room and set up the table. Alice smiled. “Time to eat.”

The three lazy people immediately sat down at the dining table.

At night in the Pocket Hunting Dimension, Lu Ze and the three girls did their usual ritual before entering the portal. During the past week, they had spent all their time at the gray stone plain. It was really exciting to eradicate super-beasts right under the eyes of the stone cow overlord.

Lu Ze had collected three complete stone transformation divine arts. But, he still had other divine arts he hadn’t learned yet. He was in no rush to learn the stone transformation divine art. He had decided to divide them after he collected enough of the runes.

He then said, “I broke through to level six of the star state today. We can try fighting level-9 star state super-beasts. How about it?”

Nangong Jing and the three girls were taken aback. Nangong Jing sourly complained, “We just broke through for a few days. But… you broke through as well.”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled helplessly. “As soon as we caught up to him, we fell behind right away again.” When the two reached level-6 star state, Lu Ze was still a level-5 star state. Their combat power was weaker than Lu Ze, but the difference was rather minor. Now that Lu Ze reached level-6, the difference was major again.

Lu Li almost cried. “You two are doing very well already, okay? I can’t even catch up to this guy.” Lin Ling was probably hitting level-6 star state soon too. Only she and Alice just broke through to level-5 star state… It was too hard. Lu Ze was entertained. “I have to stand in front of all of you after all, how can I not be strong?”

A day later, the four people found a level-9 star state super-beast. It was a gray horse with one horn. It was over 100 meters tall and appeared very majestic. It was gracefully walking around while eating a rock from time to time.

Lu Ze said, “I’ll go up first. Hesha and Li, support from the back. Jing Jing, judge the situation and attack when you can.” The three followed his order.

Lu Ze shot out as he used Green Shadow Chant, darkness buff, and fire buff. His speed instantly soared to level-2 cosmic system state as he disappeared from the spot. Every place he pa.s.sed by, thunderous sounds occurred. The typhoon left deep marks on the solid ground.

The horse looked over as gray spirit light surged. “Whine!”

It lifted up its front hooves as a gray light shot at Lu Ze. In return, he could feel his body gradually stiffening.

Stone transformation divine art!

Lu Ze used all his power to resist it. He didn’t completely turn into a stone, only that he couldn’t move properly. This experience was terrifying. For the first time, he tasted this divine art’s power at an equal ground. It was truly powerful.

The horse shot out gray energy b.a.l.l.s at Lu Ze. If he was struck, he would either die or end up heavily injured.

During this time, the horse’s spirit force suddenly had fluctuations. It became weaker. Simultaneously, dark mist surrounded the area.

Lu Ze dodged the attack and released a punch, but the horse evaded it.

At this juncture, a golden fist force struck the horse.


Nangong Jing’s attack was just at level-1 cosmic system state. It couldn’t injure the horse, but it helped in making it stumble. Lu Ze took advantage of the situation and continued punching. He landed a heavy blow on the horse’s stomach, causing it to get flung as cracks appeared on its belly.

Suddenly, the gray wave spread out, and the stone transformation divine art was used again. There was no specific target for this attack. As a result, both Nangong Jing and Lu Ze were affected, making their attacks slower and giving more time for the horse to dodge.

The battle lasted a few minutes. Nangong Jing’s chi became weak. Lu Li and Qiuyue Hesha were panting already. Nevertheless, Lu Ze only felt a bit exhausted.

Seeing how the horse only received minor cracks, he gritted his teeth. “Let’s go, we’ll come back next time!”

He overestimated himself. The level-9 star state super-beast reached level-2 cosmic system state in all aspects. It possessed a terrifying stone transformation divine art.

His level-1 peak cosmic system state attacks fell short. Even with the help of the other three girls, it was too hard to kill the beast. While the senses of their enemy were dulled, Lu Ze hugged the three girls and jumped away using s.p.a.ce transmission.