Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 888 - Three Divine Art

Chapter 888 - Three Divine Art

Chapter 888 Three Divine Art

The atmosphere was quiet in the resting room.

The group sat on the couch with a serious expression.

Lu Ze had given out the divine arts he had gathered to the girls. But now, there was a pressing matter…

Lu Ze let out a cough and tapped the table. “About this wind G.o.d art, how about calling it Wind Speed Buff? After all, it relies on wind G.o.d art to increase the speed of the user. This name is simple and appropriate.”

Everyone shook their heads in unison.

Nangong Jing voiced out, “I object.”

Lu Li remarked with disgust, “Such a bad name.”

Lin Ling looked down at Lu Ze with contempt. However, she didn’t say anything.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled helplessly. “Little brother Lu Ze’s naming talent seems to be non-existent.”

Even Alice couldn’t compliment him in this regard. She looked away awkwardly when he glanced over, seeking her help.

His heart felt the ache as he retorted, “What’s wrong with Wind Speed Buff? It’s very simple. I think this name is very good!”

Nangong Jing sneered, “I don’t want what you think. I want what we think! Let’s vote. Who agrees? Who disagrees?”

Lu Ze raised both of his hands. The five girls scornfully glanced at him. Hence, he silently put down his hands.

It was all Lin Ling’s fault!

She said the name he had chosen was bad. And then, his prided naming system was abandoned just like that.

Right then, Nangong Jing revealed a triumphant smile. “Five to one. Lu Ze’s suggestion won’t do! What other names do we have?”

Alice’s eyes lit up as she raised her hand in excitement. “Me! Me! Wind! I Am The Grand Emperor, Follow My Orders…” Nangong Jing stood her ground. “Okay! I object!”

Qiuyue Hesha also exclaimed, “I object!”

Lin Ling followed suit. “I object!”

Lu Li chimed in, “I object!”

The four girls looked at Alice in disbelief. ‘Is she even speaking the human language?’ Alice: “???”

She pouted. “I didn’t think it was bad.” Lu Ze scratched his head “I don’t find it bad either.”

This name was quite exceptional. It was similar to what Lu Ze liked though. Thinking about it, he looked at Alice in shock. He didn’t expect her to be talented in naming things as well.


Alice heard his approval and looked over at him joyfully. ‘Sure enough, senior is the only one who could appreciate real art!’

Even so, his naming capabilities were a bit pathetic… The four girls glared at Lu Ze with murderous intent.

If other people had come to learn the name of the divine art, could they still save their faces?

“…” Lu Ze faked a cough and defended, “It is not bad. However, it is not suitable for the divine art!”

Lu Li flipped her hair. “How about Wind Acceleration then? It is a wind divine art, and its effect is acceleration.”

Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, Lin Ling, and Alice: “…”

They glanced strangely at Lu Li.

Indeed, she and Lu Ze grew up together…

Their naming skills were very similar.

Lu Ze praised, “This is a good name Li! Simple and direct.”

It was almost as good as his. As expected, she was his sister.

This time, Lu Ze gave a look of approval to her.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Let us just add that to the backup options. What are the other names possible?”

Lin Ling smiled. “Wind Body?”

Lu Ze was confused. ‘What sort of name is this?’

Qiuyue Hesha’s and Nangong Jing’s eyes lit up. There was finally a decent name.

Nangong Jing said, “I’ll suggest one too. Green Shadow Chant?”

The eyes of the four girls seemed to contain some interest. On the other hand, Lu Ze was bewildered.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “I think T-Rex provided a better name. I won’t say my suggestion anymore.”

Nangong Jing smiled. “Then, let’s pick one.” “Green Shadow Chant.” X4

“Wind Acceleration.”

In the end, everyone else chose Green Shadow Chant except for Lu Ze.

Four of the girls glared at him. Lu Ze: “…”

“Green Shadow Chant.”

The second divine art was the bone-armored elephant’s stomp.

Lu Ze immediately offered, “Foot Stomp!”

“Objection!” x5.

Nangong Jing suggested, “Earth Shocking Blow.”

“Agree!” x4.

Lu Ze: “???”

‘Are the names he proposed really that bad?’

He was beginning to doubt life.

“There’s one more, Demonic Flame Divine


“Agree!” x5

Lu Ze: “???”

He felt dumbfounded. They vehemently denied his suggestions before. Now that all of them were in unison, Lu Ze couldn’t react. However, he grinned after a while.

Seeing the smile on his face, Nangong Jing and the girls laughed.

Lu Li transmitted telepathically to the other four, “Next time… how about letting him choose the names?”


Lu Ze said, “We have only acquired these three divine arts for now. Cultivate it to perfect mastery as quickly as possible.”

The group nodded.

Perfect mastery of divine art and non-perfect mastery were two completely different notions.

The primary reason they could fight against opponents way beyond their cultivation level could be attributed to their perfect mastery of divine arts.

“Okay, go cultivate.”

The team returned to their own dao enlightenment rooms to cultivate.

Lu Ze sat down and chose the wind divine art. ‘Mhm… Green Shadow Chant.’

The divine art rune flew into his mind, transforming into profound knowledge.

Ethereal green runes flowed around his body as the wind went around him, making his hair strands flutter.

Green Shadow Chant buffed one’s speed through wind G.o.d art.

This was similar to Darkness Buff and Fire Buff. However, Green Shadow Chant solely focused in enhancing speed.

Lu Ze used a purple orb and blue crystal before learning the divine art.

Half a day later, Green Shadow Chant reached beginner mastery. Lu Ze didn’t rush to learn it deeply.

He drew in a pale white divine art rune.

‘Earth Shocking Blow.’

This was a body divine art dropped by the elephant. It could activate powerful spirit force attacks. Actually, it wasn’t restricted to stomping. The elephant could only resort to such an attack because it only had legs.

Overall, this divine art was similar to the Golden Fist Art but much stronger. After all, Golden Fist Art was only a mortal evolution state divine art. It couldn’t keep up with Lu Ze.

If he didn’t refine every aspect at an extremely rapid state, he wouldn’t be able to possess a cosmic system state combat power.

Half a day later, his Earth Shocking Blow achieved beginner mastery.

Lu Ze then proceeded to learn Demonic Flame Divine Art.

He had used it before once. It was extraordinary.

Demonic Flame Divine Art was an attack-type divine art. While Earth Shocking Blow focused more on targeting a single opponent, the main point of Demonic Flame Divine Art was releasing an attack capable of affecting a large crowd.

Lu Ze felt it was a pity they couldn’t gather star state defense-type or other special divine arts. But then again, he didn’t have the discretion to decide what sort of divine arts would appear in the dimension.

Another half a day later, Demonic Flame Divine Art attained beginner mastery. Thereafter, Lu Ze started to focus on Green Shadow Chant.

Having the means to escape danger was the most important key in surviving.

Two days later, Green Shadow Chant reached familiar mastery. A week later, it achieved experienced mastery.

Another two days later, the green runes around Lu Ze burrowed into his body.

He opened his eyes. After nearly a month, the Green Shadow Chant was finally at perfect mastery.

This wasn’t an easy feat.

With his current speed, if he went all out, he should be able to fight peak level-1 ordinary cosmic system states.