Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 886 - Pass On Like This EaChapter Generation

Chapter 886 - Pass On Like This EaChapter Generation

Chapter 886 Pa.s.s On Like This Each Generation

The atmosphere fell silent for a moment.

Elder Nangong suppressed his urge to spit out blood. He said, “… Mhm, not too slow. You have been working hard indeed.”

He felt his heart was bleeding out. His consciousness was being sucked away.

Elder Lin’s and Saint Shenwu’s mouths twitched too. They didn’t want to talk at all.

Lu Ze felt relieved and smiled. “Yes? This is balancing work and play.”

Elder Lin’s mouth twitched. “Yes, yes, yes…”

Saint Shenwu grinned. “But don’t be too proud. The Blade Demon Race hasn’t done anything yet during this period, but they probably have plans under the surface. You guys need to quickly reach the cosmic system state.”

Lu Ze nodded. “I understand.”

Lu Ze thought of something and said, “By the way, elders, my cultivation level improved. I can gather better energy orbs. Could you check if they are useful?”

He still had over a thousand of those level-8 star state red orbs. As for low-leveled ones, he gathered even more of them.

Being a level-5 star state, his power barely reached the cosmic system state. By now, he could consider killing level-9 star state beasts.

He should give the orbs to the elders first.

Elder Nangong and his companions were dazed. They looked eagerly at Lu Ze. Elder Nangong smiled. “Really? Give us some. We will test it.”

Lu Ze took out three level-8 star state orbs and handed them to the elders.

The three sat down to absorb their own piece.

Their designated resting room was a spirit gathering room. Hence, vast amounts of spirit force were pulled in from the void into their bodies.

Their faces trembled. The spirit force around them was unstoppable, which caused the elders to appear thrilled. However, they didn’t open their eyes and simply devoured the vast spirit force voraciously.

Lu Ze and the girls were quite excited. It seemed to be working.

Twenty minutes later, the three old men opened their eyes again. Their faces revealed excited smiles.

They looked at Lu Ze with fervent eyes.

Lu Ze asked, “How was it, elders?”

Elder Nangong looked at him. “How many of these energy orbs do you have?”

Lu Ze scratched his head. “Over a thousand?”

The three let out a desperate breath.

Shenwu was shaking with excitement. He said, “That is enough, that should be enough… haha… hahaha! After all these years, there is finally hope!” Elder Lin and Elder Nangong clenched their hands nervously. Their faces were flushed.

“We can recover? We can cultivate?”

Elder Nangong was still in disbelief. He was trying to confirm something. He kept questioning it. He later took a deep breath and said, “Don’t get so excited yet!”

He looked at Lu Ze.

“Ze, if you take out all the energy orbs, would it affect your cultivation? Don’t lie to us.”

Elder Nangong and Saint Shenwu regained their senses. They looked at Lu Ze intently.

The progress of his group was far more important than theirs.

If Lu Ze and the girls could become cosmic system states, it doesn’t matter if they wouldn’t be able to recover.

The Human Race would have new supporting pillars. Even if they died, they would have no regrets.

This was the heritage of the Human Race. It had been like this for every generation.

Lu Ze knew what they were thinking and responded, “Don’t worry, I’ll leave some for myself. I can produce more. It is enough.”

Finally, they felt relieved.

Saint Shenwu laughed. “Okay! It seems it is not yet time for us to enter our coffins!”

Elder Lin chimed in, “With this energy, we can be healed completely in about a month!”

Elder Nangong added, “It seems us old guys can still protect you for a while.”

Lu Ze and the girls smiled. Thereafter, Lu Ze took out the level-8 star state red orbs. He feared it won’t be enough, so he even took out some level-7 star state orbs for them.

The elders left in excitement.

They hadn’t been able to progress for two thousand years. But now, the opportunity to flourish even more was right before their eyes.

They wanted to quickly enter solitary cultivation.

Lu Ze and the girls smiled after seeing how desperate the elders departed.

Nangong Jing grinned. “This is my first time seeing grandpa this eager.”

Lin Ling nodded. “Me too.”

Alice said, “It is a pity my ancestor hasn’t returned yet…”

Seeing her disappointment, Lu Ze patted her head. “After this period of time and when the three elders have finally recovered, we will find your ancestor.”

Alice’s eyes lit up and she looked hopefully at him. “Really, senior?”

She was very worried about her ancestor.

Lu Ze smiled. “Of course. But don’t you need to do something first?”

Alice blushed. She kissed Lu Ze and ran away quickly.

She checked her heart. It was beating so fast.

Lu Ze: “???”

He was confused. He thought she would understand he wanted more food. However, she kissed him instead… ‘What a misunderstanding…’

‘But if she is going to kiss him, why couldn’t she make it last longer at least?’ Nangong Jing and the other girls thought the scene was entertaining. Even so, they couldn’t control the trace of jealousy within.

Lin Ling smiled. She also hugged Lu Ze and kissed him.

She looked up. “Ze, thank you. Otherwise, my grandpa wouldn’t be able to recover.” Nangong Jing copied the action of the other girls.

Lu Ze: “???”

‘Did they have a talk about kissing him today?’

He was overjoyed. Moments later, Nangong Jing looked up. “Thank you for helping my grandpa too.” Lu Ze patted their heads upon seeing their tender glances directed at him. He hugged them and said, “We are a family. A thank you isn’t actually needed, is it?”.

Lin Ling and Nangong Jing looked at each other and saw the embarra.s.sment on their faces.

Nevertheless, they did nothing and allowed Lu Ze to hug them without difficulty.

Alice had a frown in her face.

‘Don’t they feel shame?’

She shouldn’t have fled earlier…

Lu Li and Qiuyue Hesha smiled.

They were spending time with Lu Ze inside the Pocket Hunting Dimension every night. The time moved differently within. It was much slower.

They could remain in the dimension until they were satisfied.

A few minutes later, Lu Li’s and Qiuyue Hesha’s eyes carried a dangerous glint.

The hug was taking too long!

Sensing the threat, Lu Ze, Nangong Jing, and Lin Ling stiffened.

Lu Ze released the two girls.

He laughed it off. “Um, let’s cultivate.”