Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 880 - The Standards Are A Bit Different

Chapter 880 - The Standards Are A Bit Different

Chapter 880 The Standards Are A Bit Different

Lu Ze and the two girls moved from mountain range to mountain range, seeking all sorts of prey.

An hour or so later, the group suddenly halted in their tracks and looked at a distant mountain peak.

Lu Ze sensed a chi of a level-5 star state beast from there. He smiled. “We found an opponent. Let’s go and check it.”

Lu Li nodded with excitement.

This was her first time entering the Pocket Hunting Dimension. She was as excited as Qiuyue Hesha when the latter first witnessed the beasts turn into orbs.

After all, it had always been Lu Ze who gave them orbs. Now, she could help too.

The beasts along the way weren’t too strong. She wasn’t that useful. Now that there was a stronger one, of course, she was looking forward to it.

Qiuyue Hesha simply nodded.

The three rapidly climbed the peak. Soon, they were faced with a level-5 star state bone-armored elephant, who was resting in the rink at the peak. As it breathed, the wind ended up turbulent like thunder.

Lu Ze rejoiced.

This elephant’s G.o.d art was a good find.

If it were yesterday, he and the fox demon would have a difficult time fighting it.

But today was different.

He had grown stronger, and he had Lu Li on the side.

Lu Ze said, “I’ll go beat it up. Hesha and Li, back me up. The two girls nodded.

White spirit flames rose up from Lu Ze. Darkness buff and fire buff formed inside his body.

Lu Ze felt his power explode. He was bursting with it.

He stomped on the ground, and the entire peak quaked. Cracks spread along the land as the pebbles dispersed. He disappeared from the spot.

The elephant sensed his rising chi and immediately stood up in vigilance.

It roared as a pale light flashed.

Lu Ze appeared before the elephant and punched it. He used Golden Fist Art and rammed his fist toward the beast’s head.

That’s right. He was going to fight head-on.

He wanted to test how strong he was now at full power.

“Roar!!” The elephant swung its nose towards Lu Ze. It was larger than Lu Ze’s body as it clashed with his tiny fists. Suddenly, everything went quiet. In that instant, the s.p.a.ce seemed to swell until it was finally torn apart.

A striking, vibrant spirit light formed a raging storm.


The surrounding tall peaks were trembling due to the clash. Deep crevices were formed on the ground, along the mountains.

Stones rolled down the mountains.

All the beasts nearby stiffened.

They looked in the direction of the battle and s.h.i.+vered. They scurried away in terror.

Following another clash, Lu Ze retreated a few hundred meters. The elephant also retracted its nose.

The beast roared in fury upon seeing the futility of its attack.

Lu Ze grinned.

There was still some difference in power, but luckily, it was negligible. As for the shock force, Lu Ze learned the G.o.d art and incorporated it in his attack. Hence, it wasn’t as obvious as it was for him yesterday.

Even if he was alone, he would be evenly matched with the elephant.

But well, he wasn’t alone right now.

Darkness covered the battlefield. This was Lu Li’s Eternal Darkness Mist.

The elephant felt its senses were weakened, making it growl nervously.

Lu Ze charged at the elephant. As he was nearing it, Qiuyue Hesha used her G.o.d art, causing the beast to pause.

In that moment, Lu Ze appeared before the beast’s stomach and released his long-awaited Golden Fist Art.

A translucent white flame rose up and struck the belly heavily. ‘Rumble!!’

The elephant was flung into the sky.

The elephant’s defenses were affected by Qiuyue Hesha’s seduction G.o.d art. Hence, it only lasted an instant, and the barrier soon cracked.

The fist force reached its coa.r.s.e skin, creating a b.l.o.o.d.y gaping hole.

The blood traveled along its damaged organs and dripped out.

The elephant’s chi was instantly weakened.

It made a pitiful howl.

Lu Ze’s left hand flowed with light as he punched again, penetrating the wound.


A thudding sound could be heard from the insides of the elephant.

Blood gushed out even more.

The beast’s life force was wiped away this time. It merely turned into a giant carca.s.s leaving a hole in the ground. Lu Ze was proud of himself.

‘He is very strong!’

His combat power was so much better than yesterday.

Of course, this was with the contribution of Li as well. Otherwise, he and the fox demon could still easily kill the elephant but not instantly.

This was an efficient form of jungling.

Lu Li and Qiuyue Hesha flew over.

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Today was so much easier.”

Yesterday, they put so much effort into killing this elephant.

Lu Ze agreed. “We can kill more level-5 star state beasts today.”

The G.o.d art orbs from the elephant could be used by others.

After using it, the alcoholic and fox demon would be able to use level-5 star state orbs to cultivate.

Lu Ze felt if he improved the body G.o.d art, he could even use level-6 star state red orbs.

However, he couldn’t beat such beasts.

Lu Ze scratched his head. He had to think of a way to quickly drag the other three girls inside as well.

The six of them together should be able to try. Lu Ze shook his head and smiled. “Let’s continue.”

An hour later, the trio looked in the direction of a brown bear at the top of a mountain. He had seen this bear before. In fact, he had been eaten by it.

That was his first time being eaten alive…

Lu Ze snarled.

‘He is back for revenge!’

Lu Li and Qiuyue Hesha watched his actions.

Qiuyue Hesha teased, “Lu Ze, is there any ulterior secret between you and this bear?” Lu Ze: “…”

He glared at Lu Li and Qiuyue Hesha who were both making fun of him.

“You guys are finished tomorrow.” Hearing this, the two blushed and rolled their eyes at him. However, they didn’t dare to tease him anymore. Lu Ze smirked. “Li, Hesha, I’m going up.”

The two nodded.

Lu Ze charged at the gravity bear in the distance.

The bear turned around and roared. Lu Ze invaded its territory.

At this moment, the sky suddenly turned dark.

The bear looked around in confusion, wondering whether he went blind.

Thereafter, he felt a painful sensation on his head and lost consciousness in the next second.

Lu Ze grinned. He killed this bear with a single punch.

He collected the orbs dropped by the bear, and the group proceeded to another area.

In the following ten hours, the three of them killed all sorts of beasts they encountered with ease.

They had already annihilated six elephants and ten bears.

It was a huge loot!

In a mountain range, the group saw another level-5 star state elephant.

Lu Ze charged up. Their cooperation was flawless. Out of nowhere, the elephant turned around.

The three were taken aback.

They were discovered.

But they didn’t care.

However, at this juncture, the elephant roared. Its right foot stomped on the ground, and then, the trio felt a ma.s.sive spirit force from its leg dropped from the sky.

Their minds went black, just from sensing the terrifying power.

Lu Ze woke up back in his room.

‘… That elephant leg possessed a divine art, right?’

He didn’t expect that creature to be a super-beast!

‘Shouldn’t they look different from ordinary beasts?’

Meanwhile, Qiuyue Hesha and Lu Li woke up simultaneously.

Qiuyue Hesha gritted her teeth and trembled in pain.

Meanwhile, Lu Li was stunned by immense pain. She cried out and s.h.i.+vered on the bed.