Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 869 - Rare Opportunity

Chapter 869 - Rare Opportunity

Chapter 869 Rare Opportunity

At the commanding tower in the base of the Blade Demon Race, Duoduo Nike and the blade demons were observing the human fleet docked at their base. Their faces were rather ugly.

“How dare they!” a blade demon said angrily.

Duoduo Nike waved his hand and asked, “Lulu Xisi, how is the teleportation formation going?”

A blade demon reported, “Almost ready, it wouldn’t create too much s.p.a.ce pressure teleporting blade demons over.”

Duoduo Nike smiled. “Very well! I have reported back Lu Ze’s real combat power. The Demon Palace takes this matter seriously. This time, there will be six senior senators from the senate attacking. Lu Ze and those girls won’t be able to run away!”

“Six senior senators?!” all the blade demons, who were dumbfounded, exclaimed.

‘Senior senators were peak stage star states!’ ‘The Blade Demon Race only had six senior senators in total!’

“Isn’t that… too much??”

The blade demons looked among each other.

Duoduo Nike sneered, “If the Lord Demon King and the elders can pa.s.s through the formation as well, they would also join the senior senators.” His eyes flashed with coldness as he added, “This is to ensure nothing fails. We can’t let Lu Ze and the girls flee from our grasp!”

The blade demons smiled.

“This time, Lu Ze won’t escape his calamity!”

Lu Ze knocked on Lin Kuang’s room. Soon, the door opened, and Lin Kuang’s head peeped out.

After seeing Lu Ze, Lin Kuang’s eyes lit up. “Ze? Why did you come over?”

He looked around. “Where are Lin Ling and the other girls?”

Lu Ze answered, “Lin Ling is with Uncle Lin. Jing Jing and the others are cultivating with Aunty Xunshuang.”

Lin Kuang nodded. “Oh, come in.”

Lu Ze entered Lin Kuang’s room. It was similar to his.

Lin Kuang asked, “By the way, why did you come to find me?”

Lu Ze smiled. “Call the others over first, Brother Lin Kuang.”

Lin Kuang was stunned and looked at Lu Ze with confusion. However, he still nodded. “Wait here for a moment.”

Lin Kuang went out as Lu Ze sat down on a chair to wait for him.

Moments later, the door opened again, and a group of people-Lin Kuang, Luo Bingqing, Derrick, Jack, Xuan Yuji, Daphne, Louisa, Chi Xiaomo, Mo Xie, and Bony-entered. Derrick grinned. “Ze? Lin Kuang says you asked him to bring us here. So you really are here?”

“I heard your team killed many star states in the battle a few days ago. Be honest, what’s your current power?”

Everyone looked over curiously.

Lu Ze smiled. “It’s around level-8 star state.”

Everyone: “…”

Mo Xie smiled bitterly. “I thought reaching level-4 planetary state in just a year is quick enough. But compared to you…” He then shook his head.

The other people were speechless too. They had pretty much the same progress as they reached the planetary state around the same time. They used red orbs to perfect their foundation, including all sorts of precious resources from the secret realm discovered by the Round Race. Only then did they reach their current level.

They felt their own speed was rather terrifying, but Lu Ze immediately shattered the illusion.

Daphne asked, “What sort of species are you? We are progressing faster, and yet, our difference is only growing apart. Did Elder Nangong give you something special?” Lu Ze: “…”

‘What else could he say?’ He was using the newest version of the red orbs to cultivate every day. Right then, he just smiled and changed the subject. “Elder Nangong told me to bring some orbs for you guys.”

Hearing this, everyone gawked at Lu Ze. They were like kids who just learned they were about to receive candy.

Lu Ze took out storage rings and gave them to the group.

They looked inside, and Xuan Yuji exclaimed, “This many?”

This was way more than before. The other people were confused too.

Lu Ze explained, “If you have any questions, go ask the elder.”

Luo Bingqing took a deep look at Lu Ze before smiling. “Don’t be shocked. Utilize the resources well instead.”

The others nodded.

Jack smiled. “With these resources, I’m confident in reaching the star state within five years!”

The other people were also keen and confident. They could reach the star state after reaching the planetary state for less than ten years. They didn’t dare to believe such a speed previously.

‘But now, it was about to become reality!’

Lu Ze smiled. That probably wouldn’t happen. He would donate more resources soon after getting stronger. At his current rate, he should reach the cosmic system state next year. By then, Lin Kuang and the others can reach the star state at least.

Thinking about this, Lu Ze felt great about the future. In that case, even without Ying Ying, the Human Race’s power would be considered the top among cosmic system state civilizations!

They would then be able to obtain more resources. Ordinary people would have better cultivation resources too. The power of the entire race would experience an overwhelming surge! Lu Ze smiled at the group. “I came here for this. The elder said the energy is very precious, so use it well.”

Luo Bingqing and the others nodded seriously.

Xuan Yuji nodded. “Don’t worry, we’re not kids. How can we waste these resources?”

Lu Ze nodded and smiled. “Then, there’s nothing else. I’m going back first.”

Everyone nodded. They couldn’t wait to use the red orbs to cultivate.

As soon as they left Lin Kuang’s room, the door was slammed shut.

Lu Ze: “…”

Then, Jack smiled. “Um, Ze, you already know the way, right?”

Subsequently, he disappeared from the spot. The other guys vanished from the spot one by one.

In the end, only Luo Bingqing remained. He took a deep look at Lu Ze and patted his shoulder. “Thank you, Ze.”

Lu Ze raised a brow. ‘Does he know something?’

Lu Ze shook his head and returned to Lin Yan’s office. He discovered that the two were chatting. The atmosphere seemed more pleasant.

The two looked over as Lu Ze came in.

Lin Ling got up and sat next to Lu Ze. “It’s done?”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded.

Lin Yan sighed. “Ze, please look after Lin Kuang.’

Lu Ze responded, “Don’t worry, Uncle Lin.”

Lin Yan nodded and looked at the two. “Okay, I won’t disturb the two of you. You can go back.”

Lin Ling blushed while Lu Ze chuckled. “We’ll be going then, Uncle Lin.”

Following such, Lu Ze put his arms around Lin Ling’s waist and left using s.p.a.ce transmission.

Lin Yan took out that photo and smiled gently at the woman in it.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze and Lin Ling appeared back on Zuoqiu Xunshuang’s s.h.i.+p. Lin Ling looked around. “Ze, this is your room…”

Lu Ze looked at Lin Ling. “I know.”

All the other girls are cultivating right now.

‘How could he miss this opportunity?’