Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 855 - Hope MonarChapter Of The New Dawn Is Unparalleled In The World!

Chapter 855 - Hope MonarChapter Of The New Dawn Is Unparalleled In The World!

Chapter 855 Hope Monarch Of The New Dawn Is Unparalleled In The World!

All the people who made their way over were waiting, whether they were in the base, hotel rooms, or even the streets.

They were waiting for Lu Ze’s phenomenon to manifest itself.

“Is it about to begin?”

“Should be soon, right?” “I’m so excited! This is my first time. I wonder how it feels.”

“It’s my second time. The first time felt really great! I learned fire G.o.d art on the spot!”

At this moment, a young man smiled. “Haha, it’s my third time.”

Everyone: “???”

They all gawked at the young man.

The young man’s mouth twitched as he retreated. “What do you guys want? The Shenwu Army is still here you know…”

But then, he discovered even the Shenwu Army was staring right at him. He began to sweat out.

‘Things started off on the wrong foot, aren’t they?’

At this moment, endless light emerged from s.p.a.ce and covered the entire base.

The profound knowledge in the light dazzled everyone. They were immersed in the endless secrets of the universe. Following such, they instinctively sat down and entered a meditative state.

As the phenomenon expanded, it soon covered planet Zhihuo and kept extending outwards.

s.h.i.+ps were filling up the s.p.a.ce outside planet Zhihuo.

These were all the humans who specifically went here for the phenomenon. When the glorious phenomenon began, all the people couldn’t be extracted from the endless lights. They proceeded to cultivate.

Soon, the light poured out across the entire Zhihuo System. However, it didn’t stop there. It covered over three times the range of the Zhihuo System eventually. Within this scope, everyone fell silent

Humans were cultivating while cosmic beasts closed their eyes and fell asleep.

All living things learned something from the light.

A major region of s.p.a.ce had achieved a tranquil state.

The three saints looked at the light in shock.

Saint Lin Dong sighed. “Ze is amazing. Looking at it alone, I feel like I’ve learned something new about my ice G.o.d art.”

Elder Nangong glared. “Old Ao, don’t fail us at this crucial moment. Ze’s breakthrough is the most crucial thing right now.”

Saint Lin Dong rolled his eyes. “Am I that sort of person? I just feel this phenomenon is too formidable. I wonder how many prodigies in the Elf Cosmic Realm can do this…”

Saint Shenwu touched his short hair and grinned. “The phenomenon spans about three Zhihuo Systems. This is near a light-year, isn’t it? Not a lot of beings can do this in the entire Elf Cosmic Realm.”

Elder Nangong smiled. “Otherwise, why would he be considered the hope of humanity?”

Saint Shenwu rolled his eyes. “Nangong, you’re quite lucky to have a descendant like Jing Jing. My kid hasn’t conceived a child yet. Otherwise…”

Saint Lin Dong smiled bitterly. “That’s enough. Do you really have to pour salt on my wound too?”

Elder Nangong and Shenwu glanced at each other and patted Saint Lin Dong’s shoulder. “Brother, you’ve been single for two thousand years. If you live another 8000 years, you’ll really be a single dog for ten thousand years. Are you going to have us witness that?”

Saint Lin Dong’s mouth twitched. “Go away! Don’t touch me!”

In Lu Ze’s room, as the starlight merged with the spirit mist, the mist began to simmer. It turned into a liquid glimmering with starlight.

The cell cores seemed to have broken free after the planetary rune cracked.

They shone brighter.


When the starlight and spirit mist had united completely, there was another booming sound.

The second planetary rune broke and fused with the spirit mist. At the same time, the cell cores became even brighter.




As time went on, more cracks could be observed in Lu Ze’s body. An invisible wave had spread from him.

Lu Ze’s chi grew stronger and stronger. The power he emanated alone caused some distortions to the s.p.a.ce around him.

Ten hours later.


With this, Lu Ze’s body was aching all over. The color on his face was completely drained out. However, his consciousness remained resilient in watching over his physical form.

The dense spirit mist had turned into milky-white stardust.

The stardust glowed, seemingly containing endless secrets.

The cell cores appeared to be burning vibrantly.

Energy flowed from those cores like a shooting star.

Given such, all the stardust moved and slowly gathered together, forming a vibrant ring around the star.

This was the star ring of a true star state.

When the star ring had just formed, an invisible wave, which was tens of times stronger than when the planetary runes cracked, had spread across.


Lu Ze felt his body, spirit force cultivation, and even mental force skyrocket.

A power far stronger than a peak planetary state rose from him. Around his body, there were orange flames, blood lightning, green vines, light, darkness, and all sorts of anomalies.


s.p.a.ce around Lu Ze began to crack. His power was likely the culprit.

This power only appeared for an instant. Soon, s.p.a.ce had smoothened out the fissures.

It was as though nothing happened, but the three saints looked at Lu Ze right away.

They were dumbfounded.

Saint Shenwu gasped. “He has a chi like that when he just broke through. This kid… really… is a monster.”

Saint Lin Dong agreed. “I even want to test what his combat power currently is.”

Saint Shenwu’s eyes lit up. “Good idea! When the kid stabilizes his state we can try.”

Lu Ze used a red orb, and the spirit force was dragged into his body from the void. That ethereal star ring began to solidify.

A few hours later, the chi around Lu Ze finally stabilized.

Right then, the light that spanned a light-year finally disappeared.

Lu Ze opened his eyes as a red glow appeared within.

He breathed out.

Feeling the power in his body, he quickly grinned.


‘Why is he so strong?!’

He felt embarra.s.sed.

He should show off to the alcoholic and fox demon after coming out. They wouldn’t dare to act proud anymore.

The people who came for the phenomenon slowly opened their eyes.

They felt excited.

“Hahaha! I’m going to break through to the star state!! Hahahaha!!!”

“G.o.d art! I actually learned a G.o.d art!”

“I learned a G.o.d art too! Hahaha, I’m a prodigy!!”

“So I need to learn that divine art like this! I finally comprehended it! Hahaha!”

Everyone was roaring with excitement.

This phenomenon allowed everyone to benefit substantially.

Everyone seemed to be madmen right now.

At this juncture, someone yelled, “Thank you, Monarch of the New Dawn, hope you become unparalleled in this world!”

With this, everyone repeated the chant.

The noises were enough to shock the entire planet.

The words naturally reached Lu Ze. He was taken aback.

He scratched his head and suppressed the urge to feel c.o.c.ky.