Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 840 - Let the Old Man Start Streaming?

Chapter 840 - Let the Old Man Start Streaming?

Chapter 840 Let the Old Man Start Streaming?

Liu Lang remarked, “The number of insectoids at the Jiya System suddenly increased by a wide margin. Because you guys went to our site, we have some extra power. Hence, the others moved to help the rest. According to several commanders, the lair might be in that direction of void s.p.a.ce. Lord Jinyao has notified the other races to go over and investigate together.”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. The insectoid lair, he wanted to see it!

The last time he saw one was on planet Nanfeng. The insectoid queen appeared to be the most ordinary one. The one at the void s.p.a.ce should at least be a cosmic system state lair.

Lu Ze was very curious about what it would look like.

Liu Lang said, “Monarch of the New Dawn, when Lord Jinyao heard about your arrival, he specifically relayed that you guys should remain at planet Zhihuo and don’t follow.” Lu Ze: “???!”

He looked at Liu Lang in disbelief. “Why is he preventing us to go?”

Liu Lang’s mouth twitched. Only these guys would doubt Saint Jinyao’s arrangements. ‘What was wrong with them?’

The other people abided by the saint’s arrangements unconditionally.

Liu Lang laughed it off. “He said that all the races existing in this region of void s.p.a.ce would partic.i.p.ate. Blade Demons, Dark Metal Demons, and Black Smoke Race would go too. It might be chaotic. It would surely be dangerous if you guys went… After all, you’re the major target of the enemy races.”

Although the Blade Demon Race might be unaware of his current power, they would still know he placed first during the Four-Race Social Gathering.

Lu Ze could already imagine that if things went haywire at the insectoid lair, those three races would try to ambush them. Although they had Ying Ying and didn’t need to worry about safety, they didn’t have to go.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed.

When he reached the star state, he would take out more orbs and distribute them to Lin Kuang and the rest. By then, the Human Race would have more prodigies. Given enough time, humans will be able to fight against three opponents at once soon.

Lu Ze understood it. “Okay, in that case, we won’t go.”

Currently, he was wondering whether he should ask the old man to stream the events for them. But then, the battle would be pretty intense. It was a question of whether the Human Race even had streaming equipment that could handle cosmic system state confrontations.

Never mind…

Lu Ze smiled at the group. “Then, I’ll go help in other regions.”

Liu Lang felt relieved. He was worried Lu Ze would be difficult to persuade. Fortunately, the latter’s att.i.tude was great. This made him feel even better about the young prodigy. Lu Ze was pretty much one of the most important figures in the Human Race, but he didn’t act c.o.c.ky at all.

He smiled. “Okay, Monarch of the New Dawn go and help. We’ll give support too!” Lu Ze left.

There weren’t a lot of star state insectoids this time. They were soon all killed with the help of Lu Ze’s group.

All the star states were freed. They helped clear out planetary state insectoids.

The sea of insectoids was endless. Several soldiers and adventurers didn’t get enough time to rest properly. Hence, Lu Ze and the girls had to remain.

In a region near s.p.a.ce, Boss Zhu and an extremely beautiful woman from the Shenwu Army were fighting against a large pack of planetary state insectoids. Purple flames ignited and left some fluctuations in s.p.a.ce.

Planetary state insectoids shrieked.

The two sides were engaged in an intense battle.

At this moment, six black lights arrived at the battlefield. Then, an endless golden light flashed. Countless golden needles appeared in the air and pierced the insectoids.

Boss Zhu and the woman were shocked. They looked at the floating corpses in disbelief.

Right then, the six figures revealed themselves.

Lu Ze smiled. “Boss Zhu, long time no see. I didn’t know you were fighting here.”

He knew Boss Zhu was considerably strong before, but he didn’t expect the latter to be a peak planetary state. He would be able to reach the star state soon. His combat power was approaching the star state too.

His talent was on par with Luo Bingqing and his respective team.

Lin Ling and the girls waved at Boss Zhu and then looked at the woman on his side with curiosity.

Boss Zhu was stunned. “Lu Ze? And you… girls? Your power…”

They killed a lot of planetary state insectoids and a few peak planetary state ones as soon as they arrived.

Lu Ze grinned. “We came yesterday, but I didn’t get to see you guys.” Boss Zhu looked at the woman and then grinned. “I was recovering with my wife yesterday. We only got healed today.”

They encountered that star state beast last time. He thought they were going to die, but luckily, Saint Lin Dong came just at the right time and killed all the insectoids. Otherwise, they would literally die together.

He pointed at the woman and smiled. “Let me introduce her. She’s my wife and also the Commander of planet Zhihuo’s Shenwu Army, Ana.”

Ana had a similar personality to Boss Zhu. She smiled and nodded at Lu Ze and the girls. “I watched the Four-Race compet.i.tion. You guys are really great. You brought honor to the Human Race, especially Lu Ze!”

Lu Ze and his tram smiled.

Lu Ze asked, “Healed? You were injured before?”

Ana smiled helplessly. “When the insectoids had just arrived, a star state insectoid went here. We were the strongest, so we had no choice but to fight it. Otherwise, planet Zhihuo would be destroyed. If Saint Lin Dong didn’t come over at the last minute, we would have died. Old Zhu said we haven’t even had kids


“Cough! Cough!” Boss Zhu blushed and quickly interrupted her. He said, “Um, we’ll be going to help elsewhere. Do your thing, Lu Ze.”

Lu Ze smiled. “All the other insectoids have been killed.”

Boss Zhu: “…”

His smile froze on his face. “I have used up quite some energy. I’m going to rest first.”

Thereafter, he dragged Ana away.

“Come to my restaurant these few days! My treat, it’s free!”

Lu Ze and the girls found the scene endearing.