Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 834 - Idol!

Chapter 834 - Idol!

Chapter 834 Idol!

Nangong Jing and the girls felt relieved when they saw it was Lu Ze.

With him around, they didn’t need to worry.

Lin Ling asked, “All the other star state insectoids are taken care of?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Yes, these two are the last ones.”

Alice smiled. “Senior is the best.”

Nangong Jing poked at Alice’s waist. “All you have is Ze in your heart now. You have forgotten about me.”

Alice dodged the attack and grabbed Nangong Jing’s arm. “No way! Sister Jing is the best!”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “What about me?”

Lin Ling also attempted to poke Alice’s waist. “And me?”

Lu Li asked, “Alice, are we still even best friends?”

Alice complained, “You are all bullying me!”

Lu Ze grinned. He liked seeing them happy like this.

The other star states looked at this scene in shock.

There were still two powerful star state insectoids near them.

‘Did they think they were at home?’ The two insectoids charged at the group.

Its powerful chi left some distortions in s.p.a.ce.


Lu Ze looked at the whiskers and frowned. Two black-and-white energy b.a.l.l.s with a diameter of one meter were formed on his hand.

Immediately, the nervous star states watched them in disbelief.

They could feel a destructive power coming from it.

‘It was exceptional!’

Lu Ze wasn’t too happy. He was watching his harem play around, but these monsters ruined it.

The energy b.a.l.l.s turned into a beam and shot at the insectoids.



A black-and-white spirit light blocked everyone’s vision. “Hiss!!”

A pitiful howl sounded.

When the spirit light vanished, most of the tentacles were cut off. Their sh.e.l.ls also received some slight cracks.

They were heavily injured straight up!

The star states were shocked witnessing this.

They thought Nangong Jing and the girls were already considered powerful.

They thought Lu Ze’s power would be on par with their combined powers. However, he was actually this terrifying. He fought alone against two beasts and could still easily injure the two insectoids heavily.

Lu Ze formed two more energy b.a.l.l.s. Then, two black-and-white energy b.a.l.l.s shot at them. The insectoids couldn’t dodge it, so they covered their bodies with their remaining tentacles.


When the explosion settled, all their tentacles were completely mutilated. Their bodies were ridden with cracks. Dark green goo gushed out.

At this moment, another two energy b.a.l.l.s shot at them.



The two insectoids disappeared. Only remnants of their bodies floated in s.p.a.ce.

Lu Ze patted his hand. “Done!”

The star states: “…”

This guy was exceedingly strong.

Most importantly, Lu Ze was much younger than they were. Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Since we’re done, let’s go back to the planet.”

Lu Ze nodded.

Then, he looked at the human star states and smiled. “h.e.l.lo, generals. All the star state insectoids have been annihilated. We’ll be going back to the planet to rest first. If there are more powerful insectoids, you can notify us.”

A gray-haired, middle-aged man nodded. “You’re indeed the Monarch of the New Dawn. Thank you! Leave the rest of the insectoids to us. Have a good rest.”

The others nodded too. Their att.i.tude was great.

Lu Ze and the group smiled back and flew towards planet Zhihuo. The closer they got, the weaker the insectoids were. Most of them were mortal evolution states, and some were even aperture opening states.

After all, planetary state insectoids were blocked by the defense line before they could enter the planet.

Lu Ze and the girls flew past and saw a lot of soldiers and adventurers battling. It looked pretty intense.

They killed all the insectoids they saw on the way.

The others all paid them grateful and respectful looks.

They will receive rewards for killing insectoids, but Lu Ze and the rest of the group didn’t need them.

At this moment, Lin Ling saw a team fighting insectoids far away and said, “Ze, look, it’s Senior Margaret.”

Lu Ze looked over and saw a team of more than ten mortal evolution states. He saw Margaret among them.

She appeared and disappeared, attacking extremely fast. Her long sword struck straight for the insectoids’ weaknesses. She could easily kill them. Other than this, Li Qingyun and Eldon were present too. Clearly, they joined this team together.

Alice exclaimed, “Senior’s G.o.d art is so special.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Yes, Senior Margaret’s G.o.d art could conceal one’s existence. If she uses it with a suitable body G.o.d art, she would be a terrifying a.s.sa.s.sin.”

Lu Li narrowed her eyes and smiled. “Lu Ze, are you very close with her?”

Lu Ze quickly explained, “Lin Ling and I have collaborated with her before. We’re just friends.”

Everyone smiled.

Nangong Jing remarked, “Let’s go and say h.e.l.lo. Margaret and Li Qingyun are my students.”

Lu Ze rolled his eyes. Nangong Jing still remembered she was a teacher?!

At this moment, Qiuyue Hesha smiled. Pink light flashed in her eyes, and all the insectoids killed themselves.

Margaret’s group was taken aback when they saw all the insectoids die by their own hands.

‘Did they do this because they were too ugly?’

During this time, Lu Ze and the girls revealed themselves. Lin Ling giggled. “h.e.l.lo, Senior Margaret. Long time no see.”

Lu Ze also nodded to her. “Senior Margaret, Li Qingyun, and Eldon. Long time no see.”

Everyone was stunned when they saw the group.

A tall and skinny man exclaimed, “Monarch of the New Dawn?!”

‘Oh my! They were so close to each other!’ This was his idol!’

He was not only extremely talented but invincible at capturing girls’ hearts as well! ‘Should he ask Lu Ze to teach him how to get girls?’

Margaret was dumbfounded for a moment, and then, she smiled. “Long time no see.”

Li Qingyun and Eldon seemed more nervous. They weren’t as close as Margaret.

Lu Ze and the girls didn’t mind. After some conversation, Lu Ze learned that they just recently arrived at the void border. Due to the need for defense here, they came to stop the insectoids.

No wonder.

Margaret was only a level-2 mortal evolution state. She shouldn’t be on planet Zhihuo.

Lu Ze smiled. “We should be here in the following period of time. If you need anything, you can come and find us.”

They would be staying here until the insectoid lair was located.

Margaret smiled and nodded. “Okay.”

Thereafter, Lu Ze and the girls left.