Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 832 - How Did You Become So Strong?!

Chapter 832 - How Did You Become So Strong?!

Chapter 832 How Did You Become So Strong?!

Ying Ying sensed the situation. “Grandpa is still fighting.” Lu Ze frowned. “Is it serious?”

Ying Ying shook her head. “They’re pretty much even.”

Lu Ze inquired, “Which side is at a disadvantage?”

“Granpa’s location has the most numerous insectoids.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Then, send us to the void border.”

“You can keep playing with Xiao Xi here for a few days, right?”

Ying Ying nodded. “Okay.”

It was rare to meet a young friend. She did want to stay here and play as well.

Alice went to where Ying Ying was and rubbed her face. “If you don’t have enough spirit food, tell me.”

Alice prepared quite a lot of dishes for Ying Ying. The latter already stored those away. That was her private collection. Lu Ze couldn’t eat it at all.

Lu Ze had tried all sorts of ways to get Ying Ying to share those with him. Unfortunately, he wasn’t successful.

Lu Ze was rather disappointed.

Ying Ying quickly nodded.

Nangong Jing carried Ying Ying and hugged her into her chest. “If Ying Ying misses us, then come find us.”

Qiuyue Hesha pulled Ying Ying out of Nangong Jing’s arms. “Are you trying to choke her to death?!”

Nangong Jing argued, “Ha? Do you want to fight again?!”

Lu Ze and the other three girls felt speechless.

Lu Ze then cracked a smile. “Alright, we still have things to do.”

Thereafter, Ying Ying made a motion, and a wormhole appeared.

Lu Ze and his team entered it and exited to outer s.p.a.ce. Far away, there was a red planet. Countless insectoids were surrounding it with the desire to enter it.

The human side was fighting the insectoids.

Lu Ze raised a brow. “Didn’t think we would come to planet Zhihuo?”

This was the planet they had stayed the longest back at the void border.

They could still remember the Zhihuo Shooting Star here.

Nangong Jing frowned upon sensing the power fluctuations. “The insectoids here aren’t weak.”

The insectoids usually searched for prey based on their energy. In accordance with this principle, the stronger insectoids would be attracted by stronger prey. Most of the strongest humans were at the void border. Hence, the bulk of the insectoids swarmed here.

Lu Ze nodded. “Hold on to me. Let’s go over.”

Nangong Jing and the girls grabbed onto Lu Ze, and he teleported using s.p.a.ce transmission.

There were countless adventurers outside the planet who were engaged in combat.

Destructive power surged, and s.p.a.ce storms surrounded the entire planet.

A mixture of green and red blood poured out in s.p.a.ce.

At the outer region of the planet, Yan Gu, Shadora, Xia Zhi, and Ji Cheng were surrounded by a group of planetary state insectoids.

The powerful attacks came in waves. The four of them could only barely hold on.

Yan Gu’s armor was broken, and his body was ridden with deep wounds. Behind him, Shadora was unconscious. There was a gaping hole in her stomach.

Xia Zhi’s left arm was broken, and his chi was extremely weak, but he still defended the place.

Ji Cheng had also suffered severe injuries all over his body.

Yan Gu exclaimed, “I’ll lead the way to break through! We’ll go back inside the planetary defense line first!”

Ji Cheng and Xia Zhi nodded. Shadora’s wounds were quite serious. If she didn’t go back, she would be in grave danger.

Xia Zhi lamented, “It’s all my fault. I went too far.”

If it weren’t for him, they wouldn’t be surrounded by the sea of insectoids.

Ji Cheng admonished, “What’s the point of saying this now?! Hold on! If something happens to Shadora, I’ll kill you!”

Yan Gu didn’t speak, but he still suppressed his potential. He planned to use his strongest attack soon.

He only had one chance. Moreover, they had no choice.

Suddenly, a golden light flashed. The sharp chi from the light made them narrow their eyes. They couldn’t even stare at the golden light directly. However, they could hear the shrieks of the insectoids.

The group rejoiced. Backup had arrived.

Right away, when the light had faded, they realized that the insectoids surrounding them had become corpses.

Their bodies were filled with holes.

The group could finally relax. Based on the outcome, the person who arrived should at least reached the peak of the planetary state Maybe, their savior was already a star state too.

Only a being with such power could kill this number of planetary state insectoids at once.

They were safe!

At this moment, the figure finally revealed himself. Yan Gu and his companions couldn’t quite believe it.

Lu Ze scratched his head. “Senior Yan Gu, I didn’t expect you guys were here too.”

Lu Ze sensed Yan Gu’s chi as soon as he went to the battlefield. He allowed the girls to let off some steam and kill insectoids while he checked the situation here. He had quite a good impression of these guys. They were good people. Lu Ze even planned to give them orbs in the future too.

The group looked at him like he was a ghost. Ji Cheng exclaimed, “Oh s.h.i.+t?! Ze? How did you become so strong?!”

They thought it was some star state boss who arrived. Yet, it was only him, their junior?!

Although Lu Ze was already stronger than them, this level of power was a bit absurd!

Lu Ze looked at them and smiled awkwardly.

The last time they were together was at the void border. The extent of Yan Gu’s knowledge about his power was limited to the compet.i.tion at the Four-Race Social.

Almost a year had pa.s.sed since. He looked at Shadora and asked, “What happened to her? She received a serious injury. Let me treat her.”

Yan Gu nodded and looked at Lu Ze gratefully. “Thank you, Ze. Her situation isn’t too good.”

Lu Ze smiled. “No problem.”

With a wave of his hand, a green and white light entered Shadora’s body. Immediately, the gaping hole began to mend itself.

Shadora was only a level-6 planetary state. It was too easy for Lu Ze to heal her.

In a few seconds, she had recovered completely. Nevertheless, her combat power had not returned yet.

She smiled at Lu Ze. “Thank you, Ze. Otherwise, I might not make it back to the base.”

Lu Ze was just about to say something when Yan Gu suddenly went up and hugged her tightly.

Shadora was stunned by the action, but then, she smiled gently. She hugged the man back.

Lu Ze: “???”