Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 830 - Do You Want a Lollipop?

Chapter 830 - Do You Want a Lollipop?

Chapter 830 Do You Want a Lollipop?

After breakfast, Lu Ze and Qiuyue Hesha glanced at each other. They tacitly walked towards their room.


It was the first time for both of them, and they quite liked it. Hence, they decided to exercise some more after dinner.

Just as they entered the room, a wormhole suddenly appeared. Nangong Jing and the rest of the girls brought Ying Ying over.

When he saw the group, Lu Ze’s skin crawled.

Meanwhile, Qiuyue Hesha smiled proudly. ‘She was his first!

Nevertheless, she still felt a little embarra.s.sed too.

Nangong Jing looked around curiously and then glanced at Qiuyue Hesha with contempt. “Fox Demon likes to play with dolls. Hmm, interesting.”

However, Nangong Jing exploded when Qiuyue Hesha looked at her smugly. “Fox Demon! Why are you looking at me like that? Do you want to fight?!”

Lin Ling, Lu Li, and Alice felt something was suspicious. There was definitely something amiss.

At this moment, Lu Ze quickly asked, “Why did you guys come over?”.

Nangong Jing lay down on the bed and answered, “Quite some star states have gone to the border. The defenses are taken care of, so we don’t need to stay there.”

During this time, Nangong Jing touched the bed. “Huh? Why are there no bed sheets on this bed?”

Lu Ze immediately began sweating.

Something immediately dawned on Lin Ling, Alice, and Lu Li. They looked up in unison and saw the languidly seductive Qiuyue Hesha and the s.h.i.+vering Lu Ze. ‘How could they not know what happened now?’ ‘Hesha, this fox demon!’ ‘How could she do it without them around?!’

The three didn’t feel too good.

It was like they just bought a toy they had wanted for a long time, and before they even got to touch it, someone else played with it. ‘Who could handle this?’

Although they had been together for this long and were prepared mentally, each one of them thought they would be his first.

Lin Ling glared at Lu Ze. She bit her lips and looked away. There was no way she didn’t feel angry and disheartened.

Lu Li’s dark eyes lost their light. Even so, she still carried a smile on her face. Alice pouted her lips and acted pitiful in front of Lu Ze. She appeared like an abandoned kitten.

Lu Ze’s skin crawled. ‘Would Lu Li pull out a knife from somewhere?’

Qiuyue Hesha knew that they realized it too. She felt even better and looked away in embarra.s.sment.

Right then, Nangong Jing finally realized the atmosphere wasn’t right. She looked at the three girls. “What’s wrong with you guys?”

Sister Jing is too thick-headed. They almost laughed out of anger.

‘How could she not realize?’

Currently, Lu Ze felt as though Jing Jing was the cutest.

‘If the other three were so easy to trick… If they were naïve, that would be great!

Qiuyue Hesha wasn’t surprised at all. She didn’t have any hope for T-Rex’s brain.

She felt bored. She had hoped to see the other girl lash out in anger.

As for Lu Li and the rest, she cared about their feelings. They had been through a lot together. If it was just Nangong Jing, she would have started trouble already.

At this moment, Lu Li asked, “Lu Ze, do you not want to explain something?”

Lu Ze stiffened. ‘Is she trying to scare him to death?’

At this moment, Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. He had a great idea.

‘Isn’t it just jealousy?’


They probably felt it was unfair, so he was going to share it with them as well!

Lu Ze smiled and said, “Don’t worry! We can be together tonight!” If everyone did it together, they wouldn’t be jealous, right?

Lu Ze felt this was the best resolution. Fortunately, he asked for a bed from Qiu Lin.

Lu Li, Lin Ling, and Alice were dumbfounded.

‘Together?’ ‘Tonight?’

“Together what?’

Nangong Jing was confused.

‘Why did everyone except her understood what was going on?’

She asked aloud, “Ze, together what?”

Lu Ze smirked. “Sleep together.”

Nangong Jing: “???”


She looked at the angry three girls and then at Qiuyue Hesha.

After some serious thought and a.n.a.lysis, her eyes widened. She looked furiously at Qiuyue Hesha. “Fox Demon, how dare you?!”

Everyone: “…”

They looked speechlessly at Nangong Jing.

Qiuyue Hesha glowed with pride since she wanted to anger Nangong Jing earlier.

Thereafter, Nangong Jing’s face went red. She finally understood what Lu Ze meant by sleeping together.

The black mist around Lu Li grew denser.

Lin Ling also glared at Lu Ze.

Alice pouted her lips again.

Even Qiuyue Hesha narrowed her eyes.

‘Did Lu Ze feel life was too good?!’ Seeing the tense atmosphere, Lu Ze felt a little terrified.

He thought they would stay silent in embarra.s.sment. However, they didn’t seem shy at all.

At this moment, Nangong Jing already charged at him. Following such, the rest of the girls did the same.

Lu Ze’s howls echoed throughout the room. This was the worst a.s.sault of his life, much terrible than before.

As for Ying Ying, she looked speechlessly at the ground and shook her head.

Lu Ze was beaten up longer this time.

Ying Ying felt it was boring to watch it. She had seen it many times already. Right then, she looked around the room. She flashed with starlight and disappeared.

Outside, Lue Xi heard the commotion inside and wanted to ask what was going on. At this moment, starlight flashed, and a silver-haired, blue-eyed little girl suddenly appeared out of nowhere, scaring away Lue Xi.

Lue Xi took a few steps back and looked at Ying Ying with vigilance. “You… What sort of bad person are you?”

This girl looked very cute and didn’t seem like a bad person, but she just suddenly appeared without a warning.

Ying Ying looked curiously at Lue Xi. The two girls stared at each other. After a while, Ying Ying said, “I’m not a bad person.”

Lue Xi felt relieved. “Okay, I thought you were some bad person.”


‘Why did she believe it so easily?!’

She became vigilant once again and asked Ying Ying, “Why are there strange noises in the room?”

Ying Ying explained, “They’re playing adult games with Lu Ze.”

Lue Xi’s face blushed when she thought about the strange things she saw online, and the things those big sisters told her.

The two girls kept staring at each other.

Moments later, Lue Xi took out a lollipop. “Do you want one?”