Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 774 - Sure Enough, Good People Have Good Karma

Chapter 774 - Sure Enough, Good People Have Good Karma

Chapter 774 Sure Enough, Good People Have Good Karma

Three days later, Lu Ze was flying in the air as he searched for treasures.

The secret realm was vast. According to the observations of the Round Race, it was a few hundred billion kilometers in terms of diameter… about one-twentieth of the solar system’s width.

There was a great distance between Lu Ze’s position and the location of the ruins. Despite being a planetary state already, the journey to reach his destination would require at least tens of days.

As they set off, Lu Ze and the others discussed moving towards the ruins while looking for resources.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha split off from Lu Ze with a proximity that was sufficient to still help each other out in case an emergency arose.

One had to admit the resources in the ruins were rather abundant. During these three days, everyone acquired planetary state spirit fruits and materials. There were even more mortal evolution state spirit fruits.

Naturally, everyone was delighted and satisfied. They could use the planetary state spirit fruits themselves and give the mortal evolution state spirit fruits to the younger prodigies of the Federation while exchanging for points.

Lu Ze acquired more than the others. This was only given since he was stronger than the rest and generally had better senses.

Likewise, Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, Lin Ling, Lu Li, and Alice were able to gather more resources than the rest of the prodigies as well.

Nevertheless, they had no need for the spirit fruits. When it came to cultivation, they were far less effective than the red orbs. It would be a waste of time to use them.

Lu Ze then made up his mind to hand out everything to the old man when they finished the mission.

At this moment, a rescue signal was activated. Lu Ze looked at the device to confirm the details. Rather than a human, it was actually a different being asking for help.

Upon looking at the direction of the signal, Lu Ze saw four yellow dots, which seemed to be light bronze in terms of intensity.

Lu Ze raised a brow. “Barbarian Race?”

Without hesitation, he used s.p.a.ce transmission. He couldn’t let an ally die!

Ten kilometers away, in a huge valley, the surroundings that were previously adorned with flowers were completely destroyed. They were replaced by a deep crater instead.

At the end of the valley, there was a ten-meter-tall tree. Eight crystal-like fruits were growing on the tree. With every sway of the branches, a fragrant aroma would drift by.

There was a huge bronze barrier not far from the tree. Within its confines, four barbarians were inside. Three of them had damaged armors and pale faces as their blood kept pouring out. Most alarmingly, one barbarian had received a severe large wound on the chest, rendering him unconscious. He was one breath away from death.

Few more prodigies from the Barbarian Race were lying on the ground. However, they had already lost their life.

The three barbarians were panting and looked at the bodies on the ground with grief.

Thereafter, they stared outside the barrier furiously.

The barrier was surrounded by more than ten beings from the Kaka Race. Their lava-like eyes were trained at the four barbarians scornfully.

The leading level-3 planetary state of the Kaka Race mocked, “Man Feng, is it comfortable staying in your turtle sh.e.l.l? When did you become a turtle?”

He glanced at the barbarian body next to him and kicked it away. The body immediately collided with the barrier.


Upon contact, the remains exploded, painting the barrier red before slowly dispersing.

Man Feng and the rest were furious.

One level-1 planetary state bald barbarian bled from biting his teeth too hard. He growled, “Brother Man Feng, let’s go and kill them!”

Man Feng fell silent for a moment before roaring, “Don’t be impulsive! The barrier can’t last long! Prepare to leave!”

The other level-2 planetary state prodigy exclaimed, “Brother Man Feng, are we going to let Wei and the others die in vain??”

The individuals from the Kaka Race were relentlessly attacking the barrier as they sneered. These infuriating expressions struck deep in Man Feng’s heart.

The leading level-3 planetary state of the Kaka Race punched the barrier heavily, and the barrier flickered.

He opened his lava-filled mouth and laughed. “Man Feng, since when did the Barbarian Race become cowards?”

Following the question, he hit the barrier again.

Man Feng wanted to go fight with his life, but they were outnumbered. In addition, all of them were heavily injured. He could only hope someone received their distress signal. Otherwise, he could only let the other three go out. Even though that would set his death in stone, he would still take down a few b.a.s.t.a.r.ds with him!

At this moment, a surprised voice could be heard. “Man Feng? I didn’t expect it would be


Man Feng and his companions were too familiar with this voice. This voice was their nightmare during the compet.i.tion.

They lifted their heads and looked at Lu Ze in disbelief.

“Lu Ze?” Man Feng’s voice rejoiced. “It’s really you!”

Lu Ze frowned upon seeing the bodies and blood on the ground

He had seen these dead prodigies at the social gathering. Some of them even greeted him.

Lu Ze felt bad.

He glanced coldly at the beings from the Kaka Race and said, “I saw your distress signal, so I came. I didn’t expect your losses to be this big.”

Man Feng provided, “These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds ambushed us here. It was my fault for not being alert and lured by the crystal fruit.”

The other barbarian prodigy attempted to comfort him. “Brother Man Feng, it’s not your fault. We were all the same. These b.a.s.t.a.r.ds had found us already and used this fruit to set up a trap.”

By then, Lu Ze understood the situation. He looked at the spirit fruit on the tree, which was the crystal fruit.

The leading planetary state of the Kaka Race was annoyed. There were so many of them there, but Lu Ze just ignored their presence. As such, he asked, “Human, who do you think you are?”

Lu Ze glanced around. Blood lightning covered his body, and he instantly disappeared from the spot.

In that instant, Lu Ze appeared before the level-3 planetary state of the Kaka Race and punched.

This particular opponent from the Kaka Race didn’t expect Lu Ze to fight without saying anything


Black-red spirit force surged as he crossed his arms, forming a s.h.i.+eld.



The s.h.i.+eld shattered in an instant, and Lu Ze’s power rammed into his arms. As a result, they were immediately broken, turning into pieces of rocks that flew away.

Thereafter, Lu Ze’s golden fists landed on his body, breaking it at the same time. Lava spilled out from the cracks.

His body fell back from such ma.s.sive force, slamming helplessly against a nearby cliff. In return, the surface of the cliff sunk, forming a crater that was a few hundred meters wide. The chi of the prodigy from the Kaka Race became extremely weak.

Everyone: “???”

Man Feng and his group felt bewildered.

‘Lu Ze had reached this level after staying cooped up for two months in the s.h.i.+p?’

This time, Man Feng and the others began to doubt themselves.

He barely reached the level-3 planetary state due to Man Dali’s resources.

On the other hand, the beings from the Kaka Race were even more stunned. They were about to kill their lifelong enemies, but suddenly a level-3 planetary state from the Human Race appeared and killed their strongest member with a single punch.

The entire group of Kaka Race stared at Lu Ze in terror, wanting to run.

Lu Ze said, “Man Feng, I’ll leave that guy to you.”

Following that, he disappeared again. A series of rumbles sounded, and all the beings from the Kaka Race exploded into dust.

Lu Ze returned to the barrier and looked at the unconscious prodigy. He lightly tapped the barrier and said, “Put this away, I’ll treat this guy.”

Man Feng quickly put the barrier away, and the three of them looked at Lu Ze with hope.

Man Feng sobbed. “Brother Lu Ze, can you heal him?”

He really didn’t want to see any more deaths.

Lu Ze nodded, and a beam of green light entered the body of the unconscious barbarian. Immediately, all of the wounds began healing.

The barbarian was only a level-2 planetary state. It was too easy for Lu Ze to heal him.

In less than a minute, Lu Ze restored his vitality.

Right then, the three prodigies from the Barbarian Race were very touched.

Man Feng knelt down on one knee and pounded his chest. “Brother Lu Ze, the Barbarian Race is very grateful! You saved us and my brothers. If there’s anything you need in the future, we’ll do everything we can!”



Lu Ze smiled. “In that case, if something really comes up, I won’t hesitate.”

Lu Ze felt it was unlikely that he would need their help though…

Meanwhile, the three breathed easy. They were scared Lu Ze would reject their offer.

During this time, Man Feng’s eyes lit up. “By the way brother Lu Ze, take the crystal fruit. It’s a very precious treasure!”

Lu Ze asked, “What does it do?”

Man Feng smiled. “It can greatly improve mental force. If you have mental force G.o.d art, there’s a chance for the G.o.d art to become stronger. However, only the first one is the most effective. If you eat more than that, the effectivity will diminish.”

Lu Ze immediately thought of the fox demon. Thus, he smiled. “Okay, I’ll take it.”

Sure enough, good people got good karma!

There were eight in total.