Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 75 - Guessed the start but not the entirety of it

Chapter 75 - Guessed the start but not the entirety of it

Chapter 75: Guessed the start but not the entirety of it


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Hearing this, Li Kuang’s lips raised like crazy.

He said, “Lu Ze, if it’s the young duke who’s strongest at fist arts, then it’s definitely from our Federal University! I’m calling her right now, wait a moment!”

When Qiuyue Hesha heard this, her eyes narrowed. She turned to Li Kuang and said, “Federal University? Are you contacting that metal fist female t-rex?”

Li Kuang’s body froze and so did his smile

It was just a casual glance but it was still very seductive.

He knew about the relations.h.i.+p between Qiuyue Hesha and that young duke. Saying that he was contacting that young duke in front of her was testing the borders of death.

Lu Ze looked at the frozen Li Kuang and felt that things didn’t seem very well.

He just wanted to choose a school. Why did it seem like two young dukes were coming?

Did that mean that if he chose one, he would be beaten up by the other?

Erm… He suddenly felt worried.

At this moment, a strange sound came from Li Kuang’s phone, “Dong, dong, dong… burp!”

At the same time, a holographic projection of a black-haired woman appeared.

Her exquisite face had a dominant look on it. Her long, black hair casually laid behind her. She was extremely pretty but looked like a drunken man right now.

Her white face showed some redness from the wine, while drunkenness emanated in her eyes. Her red lips were slightly open and breathed out wine scented breath.

Looking at her, Li Kuang clutched his chest.

This alcoholic was indeed still drinking!

Lu Ze: “…”

This person is really a young duke?!

A woman?!

Why does she seem familiar?!

He seemed to have seen this person before…

It wasn’t just Lu Ze who was shocked, everyone was.

To some degree, her drunken composure attracted everyone’s attention at the start.

“Hmm… what’s going on? Holographic projection?” she said as her confused eyes glanced at the scene.

Everyone: “…”

Didn’t you accept the projection call?

How could you not know?

But when they looked at her, most people already knew who she was.

Nangong Jing. One couldn’t speak about her young duke t.i.tle, though. Those who did were beaten hideously.

She and Qiuyue Hesha were renowned as the two prides of the human race. They were the two strongest female young dukes.

A few days after Qiuyue Hesha’s battle, Nangong Jing also snuck into a city and leveled the city with a single punch.

According to sources, those two battles were caused by a bet between Qiuyue Hesha and Nangong Jing.

No one knew any specifics of the bet though.

The blade demon race was the most confused out of everyone.

Were these two demons?!

If you’re strong then fight us head-on!

Why ambush us?!

Nangong Jing looked around and when she saw Qiuyue Hesha on the other side, her drunkenness instantly disappeared. She raised her pretty brows as her eyes showed a piercing light. “Pink furred fox, what are you doing here?”

Qiuyue Hesha raised her lips and smiled. “Haha, iron fist female t-rex, I should be asking you. I was here first.”

Everyone: “…”

The two instantly started arguing upon seeing each other.

Seeing this tense situation, Harry’s face turned green.

Oh my, placing these two together causes trouble.

Should I buy some insurance?

Li Kuang is an idiot.

He saw that Li Kuang was zoning out and became so angry that his mouth spasmed. While everyone was distracted by Qiuyue Hesha and Nangong Jing, he kicked Li Kuang’s leg.

Li Kuang was instantly woken up and just when he was about to explode, he noticed Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha arguing.

Thus, his smile became sly.

Although other than being extremely beautiful, Nangong Jing didn’t have any feminine charisma, she fought with her fists.

Lu Ze said that he loved this!

He felt very happy and was planning to introduce Nangong Jing to Lu Ze.

However, Li Kuang had predicted the start but not the entirety of it.

“Oh, yea! Iron Fist Young Duke, Nangong Jing!”

Lu Ze finally remembered why this person felt familiar.

Wasn’t this female alcoholic the little girl who beat him up in virtual reality?!

His past life had seen Nangong Jing’s battle on the news report.

After all, the battle was ma.s.sively promoted by the government.

He just didn’t think that the little girl had grown up in the real world!

That’s why he didn’t recognize the little girl version of Nangong Jing.

He was shocked!

That lively little girl turned into an alcoholic. What happened?!

This change was huge.

He was so shocked that he yelled out her t.i.tle.

Just when Li Kuang was about to introduce Nangong Jing to Lu Ze, he heard Lu Ze’s voice and his smile froze.

It wasn’t just him though; everyone looked at Lu Ze like he was a ghost.

Lin Ling retreated a few steps, trying to show that she had nothing to do with this guy.

Qiuyue Hesha and Nangong Jing both became dazed. Then, Qiuyue Hesha looked at Lu Ze and smiled happily. “Hahahahaha… hahaha… haha… Little brother, I like you. If you’re hunted by the iron fist female t-rex, you can come to me. I’m the City Charming Young Duke, Qiuyue Hesha.”

She hadn’t heard someone call Nangong Jing Iron Fist Young Duke for a long time.

Nangong Jing stared speechlessly at the shocked Lu Ze.

She and the pink furred fox got the t.i.tle of young duke at the same time.

The pink furred fox annihilated a city with one glance while she annihilated a city with one punch.

There was no clear difference…

But why?

Why did this pink furred fox get such a good t.i.tle? Why did she get this t.i.tle?!

She was only an 18-year-old girl!

She couldn’t accept this t.i.tle!

Hehe little b.a.s.t.a.r.d, you touched the wrong spot…

It’s time to enact iron fist judgment!