Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 714 - Scared Into a Ball

Chapter 714 - Scared Into a Ball

Chapter 714 Scared Into a Ball

Although Lu Ze restrained his power, it was still very painful for Nangong Jing. Her smooth white forehead instantly turned red.

Before she could retreat, Lu Ze flicked her forehead once again.


Once again, her forehead turned even redder than before.

Nangong Jing endured the pain and disappeared in a flash. She left the stage and looked at Lu Ze in vigilance.

Afterward, she could not help but reach out her hands to rub her forehead and gave Lu Ze a death glare. So painful!

Why did this guy become this strong?!

Lu Ze didn’t chase her. He just smiled at Nangong Jing and reminisced the satisfaction of flicking her forehead.

He had finally gotten revenge. He felt great now!

Lu Ze’s speed made everyone’s eyes widen.

Even Qiuyue Hesha couldn’t react in time. Meanwhile, Lin Ling could only see a blur. Alice praised, “Senior is so amazing! You’re strong than sister Jing.”

She had always been watching sister Jing and Hesha beat up senior. Now, it was the other way around.

Qiuyue Hesha shrunk her neck. She felt the world was cold. The T-Rex appeared very hurt. Little brother Lu Ze wouldn’t do that to her too, right?

At this moment, Lu Ze asked, “How is it? Do you admit defeat? If you do, then it’s teacher Qiuyue’s turn.”

Lu Ze felt it was best to bully the fox demon now since the chance was rare. As for the video, he still had another opportunity in the future.

Qiuyue Hesha immediately puffed up her cheeks. That b.a.s.t.a.r.d! She used that video in exchange, but he still wanted to bully her? This was crossing the line!

Did she not dance well enough?

Nangong Jing felt stunned and looked at Qiuyue Hesha. This pair immediately understood what they thought.

Qiuyue Hesha showed a pitiful appearance. “Now that little brother Lu Ze is so strong, I can’t handle you alone. I want to fight you with the T-Rex.”

Nangong Jing called out, “We’ll go together.”

Lu Ze smiled. “Sure.”

He wanted to see how strong he was now.

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha grinned. Their teamwork was flawless. The two of them could fight with an advanced level-5 planetary state.

They felt they would be able to fight a good battle with Lu Ze.

Qiuyue Hesha got on the stage. Since it was a battle, she was going to give it her all.

Qiuyue Hesha attacked first. Her eyes flashed with pink light. Lu Ze immediately felt his blood boil. His eyes roamed on Qiuyue Hesha’s figure invasively, and his chi instantly weakened.

Although she had always used seduction G.o.d art and Lu Ze looked at her with such eyes many times before, Qiuyue Hesha still blushed.

Meanwhile, Nangong Jing appeared on Lu Ze’s left side and punched.

The Earth s.h.i.+eld appeared accordingly. Nangong Jing wanted to stop the attack and move. However, Lu Ze flared with fire runes. His hand caught Nangong Jing’s fist and dragged her to his side. Subsequently, he flicked her red forehead once again.

Lu Ze, this b.a.s.t.a.r.d!

While Nangong Jing was covering her forehead, Lu Ze disappeared from the spot.

Qiuyue Hesha’s heart skipped. She wanted to retreat, but how could her speed compare with Lu Ze?

Lu Ze’s smile entered Qiuyue Hesha’s eyes. Following such, he flicked her white forehead, which immediately turned red too.

At this time, Lu Ze felt some kind of force behind him.

Lu Ze smiled and formed the Earth s.h.i.+eld once more, blocking Nangong Jing’s leg.

He let go of Qiuyue Hesha and appeared before Nangong Jing Dong!

Another time!

Nangong Jing retreated next to Qiuyue Hesha. Their foreheads were both very red.

Lu Ze felt great watching the entire thing. “How is it? Do you admit defeat?”

Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha looked at each other. Nangong Jing raised a brow. “Again!”




After five minutes, the battle ceased. Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha were squatting on the ground, covering their foreheads with their hands.

They shrunk into a ball.

They felt their foreheads were swollen.

On the other hand, Lu Ze felt life was great. He finally exacted revenge!

The three girls below the stage had a strange expression. The flicking sound made their forehead feel some pain too.

Nangong Jing glared at Lu Ze furiously. When her divine art improved, she was going to beat him up.

Qiuyue Hesha also bit her lips and glared at Lu Ze.

Seeing that they were a bit angry, Lu Ze felt things were awkward. He squatted down next to them and smiled. “Are you guys okay? Does it hurt?”

Nangong Jing put down her head, revealing the slightly swollen forehead. “What do you think?!”

He wanted to remind them to use regeneration G.o.d art, but he felt that he would get beaten up if he said that.

He gently reached over and rubbed Nangong Jing’s red forehead. A green light flowed in his hand, and the wood G.o.d art easily healed her forehead.

The three girls below the stage saw this scene and felt annoyed.

Alice looked at her finger. ‘Should she flick herself and let the senior rub her? Or, senior can flick her too…’

After the two recovered, Lu Ze smiled. “Let’s go out. I’ll give you something.”

The two immediately understood what Lu Ze meant and quickly nodded. Once outside, they came to Lu Ze’s room. After ensuring there was no one, Lu Ze took out a black rune.

Everyone looked at this curiously.

Lu Li was the most sensitive to dark elements. She asked with a desperate tone, “Brother, is this darkness divine art?”

Lu Ze nodded.

He looked at them and explained, “The divine art heritage I created is different. It’s a rune, and you can only use it yourself, but the process is much better than relying on the heritage crystal.”

He pa.s.sed the black rune to Lu Li. “This is for


The others waited for Lu Ze to take out more.

He had an extra golden ape divine art rune, fire buff rune, Earth s.h.i.+eld rune, and three golden needle rune.

Lu Ze gave the golden ape rune and golden needle rune to Nangong Jing. “These two are for teacher Nangong. She is one of our strongest combat power. The golden ape divine art rune can enable her to utilize her greatest advantage. The golden needle divine art is a supplementary offensive means.”

Thereafter, he took out an Earth s.h.i.+eld rune and golden needle divine art to Qiuyue Hesha. “These two are for teacher Qiuyue. Her seduction G.o.d art is very powerful, but her defenses aren’t as strong as teacher Nangong’s. She would be focused on her G.o.d art during an intense battle. The Earth s.h.i.+eld divine art can allow her to handle things better. The golden needle divine art can also make up for her lack of damage.”

He then took out the fire buff rune for Alice. “Alice’s source flame is the strongest. The fire divine art rune is for Alice.”

Subsequently, he gave the last golden needle rune to Lin Ling. “Lin Ling has spirit eye G.o.d art. She can pinpoint weaknesses. This sort of piercing-attack divine art can help her unleash her power the best.”

Lu Ze smiled. “I can only form this much so far. Teacher Qiuyue and Nangong are stronger, so they would be facing stronger opponents. Are you guys fine with me giving them two divine art runes first?”

Lu Li and the others shook their heads.

Everyone couldn’t wait to go and cultivate immediately.

At this juncture, Lu Ze recalled something, so he grinned. Then, he said, “By the way, there are other things other than divine art runes.”