Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 697 - Hmm? What Did You Say, Brother?

Chapter 697 - Hmm? What Did You Say, Brother?

Chapter 697 Hmm? What Did You Say, Brother?

“We should save our points, and if I can’t get my divine art heritage out, then we’ll buy divine art. If I do get it out, then we can use the points to buy other things.”

Nangong Jing and the group nodded.

Soon, the s.h.i.+p entered planet Shenwu. The two Shenwu Army s.h.i.+ps split off from them.

The New Dawn and Yan Gu’s s.h.i.+p proceeded to the s.p.a.ce station.

Lu Ze put away the New Dawn while Yan Gu and the others walked over.

Yan Gu smiled. “Junior Lu Ze, what are you guys planning to do now?”.

Lu Ze answered, “We’ll rest for a day and go into solitary cultivation.”

Yan Gu then said, “We’re going to exchange our points with cultivation resources and then go into solitary cultivation for a while too. We have our own house in Shenwu City. If there’s anything, just contact us.”

Lu Ze nodded. “For sure.”

Yan Gu looked at Lu Ze and his girls, and he smirked. “We won’t disturb you then. Rest well.”

The others smirked too and left the s.p.a.ce station.

Alice asked, “Why do I feel their smiles were strange?”

Everyone: “…” Lu Ze said, “Okay, let’s find a place to rest too.”

While walking on the streets, Lu Ze and the group noticed quite some people glancing at them. The group didn’t care. Their names had pretty much spread through the entire controlled region. All those who went on forums would recognize them.

After they left, the adventurers started discussing

“That’s Monarch of the New Dawn Lu Ze’s group, right? Weren’t they at Shang Yang System? Why did they come back?”

“I heard there was a large scale beast tide there. They didn’t even rest and fought until the beast tide ended.”

“I heard this too, but Lu Ze only seems to be a mortal evolution state, right? This is too terrifying.”

“Otherwise, how can he be the number one prodigy of the Federation. They all say that if Lu Ze doesn’t die, he will definitely become a cosmic system state. That’s the same level as the four saints.”

“Young duke Nangong and Qiuyue seem very strong too.”

“Not just them, all the girls around Lu Ze are prodigies. At other eras, they would be considered the best.”

“This coming Four-Race Social will bring the Human Race honor.”

“That’s true.”

Lu Ze and the girls went to a hotel. The hotel owner seems to know Lu Ze and the rest and was very nice but didn’t let them stay for free.

They booked a suite and went up. Inside the suite, the group finally completely relaxed. The girls stretched out and took Ying Ying to bath while Lu Ze sat alone on the couch. He was speechless upon hearing the giggling in the bathroom.

Why wasn’t he allowed to go as well?

Only after they finished was Lu Ze allowed to go in. Then, Alice and the others took out the precious ingredients from the Blades of Dawn and prepared a good meal.

After finis.h.i.+ng the food, no one went to cultivate. They played games together.

At night, Lu Ze didn’t go into the pocket hunting dimension nor cultivate. He had a good night’s sleep.

The next morning, Lu Ze woke up feeling refreshed. He looked at the time and realized it was the morning of the third day.

Did he sleep for an entire day and night?

Was he the laziest?

He got out of his room.

In the living room, Lin Ling was drinking water on the couch in loose pajamas. As for Ying Ying, she was playing on the couch. No one else was there.

Lu Ze came and sat next to Lin Ling.

Lin Ling leaned on him and giggled. “You just woke up?”

Lu Ze felt Lin Ling’s body heat and felt dazed. He didn’t expect her to learn over like this. He smiled and rubbed his face against her head.

He could smell the scent of her shampoo. “Yes, what about you?”

Lin Ling also used her head to rub against Lu Ze. “Me too. I thought I was the laziest, but I asked Ying Ying and realized none of you had gotten up.”

“I’m the earliest.”

Lu Ze said, “The earliest worm gets eaten.”

Ying Ying interrupted, “Lu Ze you’re a bird. Are you going to eat sister Lin Ling?”

Lu Ze: “???”

Lin Ling blushed. Suddenly, she realized that now was a good opportunity. The others were sleeping. Perhaps they could go a step further. At this moment, the sound of the door opening could be heard. Lu Ze sat up quickly. The two looked at each other, and Lin Ling smiled cheekily.

That was quite thrilling!

Lu Li’s confused voice sounded, “Lu Ze, sister Lin Ling, why is it just you two?” Lu Li was looking between the two as if trying to catch something. Lin Ling said, “They haven’t gotten up. I and Ze just woke up.”

“Oh.” Lu Li couldn’t tell anything and just sat next to Lu Ze.

She took out a brush and handed it to Lu Ze. “Brother, brush my hair.”

Lu Ze replied, “Your hair looks so smooth, do you still need to brush it?”

Lu Li smiled, and her voice turned softer. “Hmm? What did you say, brother? I didn’t hear it.”

Lu Ze: “….”

He took the brush and said seriously, “I said it’s my honor to brush Li’s hair.”

Lin Ling: “???”

Lu Li turned around. “Thank you, brother. You’re the best.”

Lu Ze brushed her hair softly. He had to admit her hair felt great.

Seeing this, Lin Ling was furious. She touched her short hair and wondered whether she should have long hair.

Li definitely did this on purpose.

At this moment, another door opened. Alice came out. Lu Li smiled. “Morning, Alice.”

Her tone was very prideful.

Lu Ze also smiled. “Morning, Alice.” Alice: “…”

After some silence, she giggled. “Morning, senior, Li, and sister Lin Ling. Are you hungry? I’ll go and cook. Li, come help.” Lin Ling’s eyes immediately lit up. “Indeed, it’s time to cook. Li, come help us.” Thereafter, she and Alice grabbed Lu Li from the side.

Lu Li: “???”

“Wait! I’m not done yet!”

Lu Ze’s eyes lit up. “Don’t worry Li, your hair is very soft! It’s definitely fine!”

Lu Li: “…”

She wanted to beat him up. “Okay, stop pulling me I can walk. Brother, I’ll leave the brush with you. Brush my hair next time.”

Lu Ze nodded.

Alice also said, “Senior, I want it too next time!”