Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 689 - Level-9 Mortal Evolution State

Chapter 689 - Level-9 Mortal Evolution State

Chapter 689 Level-9 Mortal Evolution State

In the endless cosmos, a s.p.a.ce fortress floated.

Inside a s.p.a.cious meeting room, the high-levels of the three races, including Lala Nisi, Ying Xian, and Avit, were gathered.

All the blade demons had a bad expression on their faces. They looked at the Dark Metal Demons and Black Smoke Race with strong dissatisfaction.

Lala Nisi’s face was cold. “Why didn’t you think of a way to kill Lu Ze first before retreating?! If he matures, it won’t benefit any of our races!”

Ying Xian replied, “The loss would be too great. Three of our level-6 planetary states died, and more of those who were below that state did too. Who would compensate for such a huge loss? If the stalemate continued, the losses would increase further.”

The dark metal demon Avit, who was a star state, also reasoned, “Lu Ze has s.p.a.ce transmission G.o.d art, and Cheng Feng and the rest are watching, so how do we kill him? The Dark Metal Demons also lost two level-6 planetary states. We can’t afford it.”

Lala Nisi’s face looked worse. Who didn’t suffer losses?

They lost five level-6 planetary states and one level-7 planetary state almost died. Most importantly, they lost Guguyate and Momoerde, two seeds who had cosmic system state potential!

This loss made their hearts ache.

“Pfft, short-sightedness! If Lu Ze matures and reaches the cosmic cloud state, will it be good for your two races?!” Lala Nisi sneered.

Ying Xian smiled. “Lu Ze’s talent is indeed shocking, but if he were to become a cosmic cloud state, the Human Race wouldn’t have enough resources to support him. If he goes out to search for resources, there are endless dangers in the universe. Who would know about the future? Even if he could really become a cosmic cloud state, the fastest it would take would be a few thousand years or even ten thousand years. It’s not like we won’t have many opportunities in the future as well. Why the rush?”

Avit sneered, “Even if Lu Ze truly matures, it would be the Blade Demon Race’s loss. Our territories are far away. Even if Lu Ze reaches the cosmic cloud state, he’s not going to bring the Human Race across endless s.p.a.ce to come and take over us. At most, he would protect the Human Race. If the people below him aren’t good enough, it would be a dream to come conquer us. Our territories are vast. Even if the Human Race comes over, what would they take if they don’t split up? If they split off, we can avoid Lu Ze and use guerrilla warfare. They might lose more. Perhaps the loot they would get won’t even be enough to pay for the cost of the travel.”

These words were harsh, but they were right. By then, the Blade Demon Race would be in the worst position.

Ying Xian spoke again, “Alright, we weren’t prepared this time. Lu Ze is only a mortal evolution state now. He’s not even a planetary state. He will definitely leave the Human Race to seek more fortunes. We would have plenty of opportunities. I’ll report this back to the race. We won’t let him go.”

Avit nodded. “I agree. The Dark Metal Demons will act too.”

Lala Nisi nodded. Her face looked slightly better.

Avit continued, “Would our reinforcements be able to stop the Shenwu Army?”

The Shenwu Army s.h.i.+ps had entered warp dimension. They couldn’t monitor them at all.

Lala Nisi shook her head. “Too late. They won’t stay outside. They would’ve asked for reinforcements too, and they would only arrive earlier than us.”

Hearing this, Ying Xian and Avit were annoyed, but there was nothing they could do.

They couldn’t just send a ma.s.s army to the human-controlled region. The humans had their allies in this region of void s.p.a.ce too.

The meeting ended, and the three races split


Lala Nisi looked at Luoluoxisi. “Momoerde and Guguyate are dead. You’re the most talented prodigy of our race. I’ll report this to the race and ask them to give all the resources to you. Don’t disappoint me.”

Luoluoxisi’s eyes flashed with immense joy.

The Advanced Demon Race gave them bountiful resources. He only carried a portion he needed now. The rest were kept inside the race.

Now, these resources would all belong to him.

He quickly said, “Thank you, Master Lala Nisi. Lu Ze is just a stepping stone. Soon, I will kill him personally!”

Lala Nisi nodded.

New Dawn.

Everyone began their usual cultivation routine.

After lunch, everyone rested for a moment and went into their own rooms.

Lu Ze sat on the bed and looked at the mental dimension.

He drew in the white strand of energy. His body, cultivation, and mental force rapidly grew stronger.

The white energy was better than the overlord-level red and purple orbs.

After he finished digesting this, it would be a huge progress for him.

It would take 15 days to return to the controlled region.

He spent five days learning the Lightning Travel divine art. As such, there were 10 days left.

He was confident he would be able to reach level-9 mortal evolution state in the following 10 days.

10 days later, Lu Ze’s room.

Lu Ze was glowing with white light.

His entire body was flas.h.i.+ng with starlight.

All the parts were filled with planetary seeds perfectly.

This was extremely rare in the entire history of the Human Race.

Among this generation of young dukes, only Nangong Jing reached this level-even Qiuyue Hesha failed. However, after she used the red orbs, she managed to make up for this aspect.

A few hours later, Lu Ze clutched his fists and smiled. Level-9 mortal evolution state!

Now, the only part of his body without planetary seeds fully formed was his skin. If he finished that area, his entire body would be perfected.