Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 680 - I Don't Know Where I Died Too

Chapter 680 - I Don't Know Where I Died Too

Chapter 680 I Don’t Know Where I Died Too

Everyone checked and found with disappointment that the rooms had nothing in them.

They spent a considerable amount of time driving away the other three races. If there was only this broken s.h.i.+p, wouldn’t it be a loss?

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Soon, they arrived at the head of the s.h.i.+p. There was one last room there.

Everyone walked in, and when they saw what was inside, their eyes became dazed.

The room wasn’t big. It was about 100 square meters. In the center, there were a few faint white crystal pillars. The pillars had intricate silver runes. Right now, the runes seemed very dim.

Everyone was shocked that on the side of the pillar, there was a unique body.

It was different from the human body. It was a half-transparent crystal humanoid body.

The crystal was very dim. It looked like a lifeless rock, but it was still emitting weak pressure.

Cheng Feng’s eyes widened. “A body of a being from the Crystal Race?” Simultaneously, Carol saw there was a crystal storage ring on the body’s hand. He spoke excitedly, “Storage ring!” Everyone got thrilled. There should be treasures inside.

At this moment, the pillar suddenly lit up with yellow light.

Everyone tensed up, especially Zuoqiu Xunshuang, Cheng Feng, and Carol. They immediately stood in front of Lu Ze and the others.

If any accidents occurred, they had to ensure Lu Ze and the rest were fine.

The pillar flashed for a few seconds before a white light formed a figure.

It was a crystal person about two meters tall.

The body was made of orderly crystals. There were no facial features on the head, but there were two deep blue lights.

Lu Ze looked at the holographic projection and the body. The two looked very similar.

At this moment, the figure spoke. “h.e.l.lo…” He spoke using the common universal language. “By the time you enter here, I believe I’m already dead.”

Lu Ze didn’t know if he sensed wrong, but he seemed to hear some joy from this figure’s tone?

The others were confused too.

“I’ll introduce myself. I’m Yi Lei of the Crystal Race. I’m 353 years old today, a level-9 star state, single, looking for a partner…”

Everyone: “???”

This guy didn’t seem reliable at all. He was dead and still said he was single?!

The being continued, “I died about 100 years ago. It’s because I encountered a level-5 cosmic system state Advanced Insectoid.”

He sighed. “I didn’t expect my luck would be this bad as the top prodigy of the Crystal Race. The insectoid was not only a level-5 cosmic system state but also a prodigy. I used all means possible to run away, but my injuries were still too heavy to change anything.”

Everyone’s expressions changed.

Cheng Feng said in shock, “A level-9 star state can escape from a level-5 cosmic system state prodigy insectoid?”

Carol’s mouth twitched. “… He’s indeed the top prodigy of a great race.”

As a star state themselves, they knew the difference between star states and cosmic system states the most.

Even an ordinary cosmic system state was extremely terrifying, much less a prodigy insectoid. Yet, this Yi Lei still got away. Despite dying in the end, this was still extremely shocking. Even Lu Ze was curious. Would he be able to do this when he was a level-9 star state?

Right at this time, Yi Lei’s projection rejoiced. “But that’s fine, so what if I die? Every time I reincarnate, I can become stronger! By then, I will enter the top 100 of the Prodigy Ranking!”

Everyone: “???”

Ji Cheng gulped some saliva. “So he means that he can be revived after dying?”

Everyone fell silent. The Human Race had never thought about reviving the dead.

Cheng Feng then said, “This is probably the power of a few hundred million years of foundation.”

Carol and Zuoqiu Xunshuang nodded.

If the Human Race had such means, they would definitely prepare it for Lu Ze and the others.

Every race would do everything they could to prepare such means for its most talented members. However, the Human Race didn’t have such means.

Carol continued, “By the looks of it, he couldn’t even reach the top 100 of the Prodigy Ranking…”

This meant that the top 100 were only stronger. They were all a bunch of monsters.

Yi Lei added, “Hehe, I didn’t leave anything good behind. Since you found my s.h.i.+p, then you can have it. Of course, I have a mission. I hope you can send my body back to me.”

“There will be rewards.”

Zuoqiu Xunshuang frowned. “Why doesn’t he come to take it himself?”

As though guessing what they thought, Yi Lei laughed. “I’m at the border of the eastern region, right?… I really came to a barren place… You guys must be confused why I’ve spoken so much with you and why I’m not getting my body by myself, right? My reincarnation means will cause me to lose the memory of the period prior to my death. So once revived, I won’t know where I died too.” His voice was a little awkward.

Yi Lei soon hid his awkwardness and made his tone authoritative. “Of course, if you’re scared of me not honoring my word, you don’t have to bring it here. However, if I find out that you’re using my body to forge artifacts… I will annihilate your entire race!”

They never intended to do anything with the body. After all, it wasn’t too nice to take his belongings and still forge artifacts with his body.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang said, “We were planning to leave the body here, but now, it seems best to take both the s.h.i.+p and the body.”

Cheng Feng nodded. “This Yi Lei might not be trustworthy. We won’t send the body to him. We’ll take the s.h.i.+p and the body back, then erase the evidence.”

They were concerned that Yi Lei was tricking them to bring back his belongings.

Cheng Feng turned to the Shenwu warriors. “We only found the tomb of an ordinary star state today!”


After making up their mind, they didn’t stay here for long.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang took Yi Lei’s storage ring and everyone left the s.h.i.+p. Then, Zuoqiu Xunshuang put the s.h.i.+p and body into her storage ring.

Zuoqiu Xunshuang pointed at the storage ring. “We’ll hand this to old man Shenwu.”

Cheng Feng and Carol nodded.

Subsequently, they cleared all the evidence here before returning to their s.h.i.+ps to leave.