Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 675 - How Can You Be So Timid?

Chapter 675 - How Can You Be So Timid?

Chapter 675 How Can You Be So Timid?

At the other battlefield, Zuoqiu Xunshuang was holding a silver long spear. Her entire body was glowing with silver light. With the flick of her wrists, each strike had a terrifying power that was enough to penetrate stars.

In front of her was Lala Nisi, who was burning with red flames. The temperature had even distorted s.p.a.ce itself.

Every time they moved, it spanned a few thousand kilometers. Each clash was like the explosion of planets. Fire and silver light flashed. This entire region was quivering.

A star state’s combat power was extremely terrifying. Given enough time, they can destroy an entire solar system.

After another clash, Zuoqiu Xunshuang glanced in Lu Ze’s direction and said, “Lala Nisi, your blade demon’s Blades of Dawn aren’t good enough. You can switch a few more.” Lala Nisi’s flames flared even more. She glanced at Lu Ze with killing intent “Your human prodigy is strong, but… only ones that are alive could be powerful. Don’t let us find the chance.”

She sneered, “How much longer can those old peeps protect you? A thousand years? Two thousand years? Hopefully, you can get a few more cosmic system states with the resources of your race in two thousand years.”

Lala Nisi didn’t believe this at all.

The Blade Demon Race had a much greater foundation than the Human Race.

Even if Lu Ze became a cosmic system state, those old saints would be dead by then. Could he support the entire human race by himself?

That was just wishful thinking!

Zuoqiu Xunshuang smiled. “I don’t know about the future, but I know that right now, don’t even think about getting the star state tomb.”

Lala Nisi’s smile froze. Her flames turned into a terrifying infernal beast.

“Then, try me!”

In the cosmic fortress, Luoluoxisi contacted the Blade Demon Race as soon as he returned. Thereafter, he saw Lu Ze turn Guguyate into dust with one punch. His purple eyes were extremely shocked. “No way! How can Lu Ze be this strong?!”

They received cultivation resources from the Advanced Demon Race. Their spirit force quality and cultivation speed should be far stronger than other prodigies.

With their powerful G.o.d art and divine art, the human prodigy should have been obliterated.

However, why was Lu Ze this strong?

“Did he receive things from the Elf Race?”

The Elf Race and Advanced Demon Race opposed each other.

Then, he saw Lu Ze kill Momoerde as well while taking attacks from two level-5 planetary states.

Luoluoxisi: “…”

His skin crawled. He was no match for Lu Ze. He didn’t want to join the battlefield at all now.

Lu Ze was too strong-strong in all aspects. At least in the short term, he would be no match for Lu Ze.


If he digested the treasures given to him, he had the chance to suppress Lu Ze! Thinking about this, he regained his confidence.

On the battlefield, those few hundred planetary states were scared.

Lu Ze was too terrifying, and his power was endless. He was very agile too.

This put him in a position of invulnerability.

Even a level-5 planetary state couldn’t stop him. How could they win?

Perhaps they could fight if a level-6 planetary state came and restrict the s.p.a.ce. However, this was impracticable.

Lu Ze just killed a level-3 planetary state from the Black Smoke Race and disappeared from the spot.

Everyone else, other than those five level-5 planetary states, tensed up.

Lu Ze was like the G.o.d of death. Wherever he looked, people died. There was no exception.

A level-3 planetary state dark metal demon saw Lu Ze appear before him and was scared to death.

He roared and turbo-charged his dark metal body, hoping that he could defend for an instant and wait for help. Nevertheless, Lu Ze’s punch penetrated his defenses. When his life force dissipated, the two level-5 planetary state blade demons’ attacks finally arrived.

Lu Ze disappeared from the spot again.

“Lu Ze! You coward! Don’t run!” a level-5 planetary state dark metal demon roared.

Lu Ze looked at him as though the other party was an idiot. “How old are you?”

The dark metal demon was more furious, but there was nothing he could do after all.

At this juncture, someone from the Black Smoke Race said, “Everyone, get together, we’ll hold up a defense together.”

They came here to surround and kill Lu Ze, but now, they were forced to rely on a levelo5 planetary state to survive.

Lu Ze was just a level-8 mortal evolution state human.

Where was their honor?

Lu Ze appeared before another level-4 planetary state being from the Black Smoke Race and buried him with lightning spears and star crippling punch.

Seeing this, the aliens finally overcame their pride and herded towards the five level-5 planetary states.

The five level-5 planetary states used all their spirit force to form a s.h.i.+eld and enclosed everyone.

Lu Ze was dumbfounded by this development.

He looked at them and said, “Aren’t you all here to kill me? Don’t be like this. How can you be so timid? Come attack me!”

His defenses were strong, but his attacks weren’t strong enough to break a level-5 planetary state’s barriers.

What should he do?

There were so many enemies still alive.

Those aliens wanted to go out and kill Lu Ze, but they knew that if they did, they would die.

Lu Ze gasped. “Pfft, so this is the sort of planetary state you are? I overestimated you.”

Since he couldn’t do anything here, Lu Ze looked at Nangong Jing’s and Qiuyue Hesha’s battlefield.

They had an easy time against the remaining level-5 planetary states.

Their chi was slightly weaker. It should be fine for them to kill these aliens, but they would be injured a little.

Lu Ze appeared in their battlefield. A complex blood rune flashed in his eyes as a few hundred kilometers wide lightning cloud formed.


Spirit force surged and blood lightning swam around the lightning clouds like snakes.

Lu Ze inserted his own spirit force into the clouds. Immediately, more than a hundred blood lightning bolts shot towards the few over ten level-5 planetary states.

They ended up dazed.

Why did Lu Ze appear here?

What happened to the people hunting him?