Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 66 - : Keep Chasing, Now You’re Dead

Chapter 66 - : Keep Chasing, Now You’re Dead

Chapter 66: Keep Chasing, Now You’re Dead

In the air, one insectoid and one human faced each other.

The flying car was ready on the ground. The students had gotten on, but it didn’t dare to take off.

If it flew up and was shot by the light ball, even Lu Ze wouldn’t be able to save them.

The flying s.h.i.+p kept firing and was still secure, however, if the cannons’ energy was used up, the insectoids at the outer rim could come in again.

Then, there would be nothing that could stop the insectoids.

The audience all held their breath and didn’t dare to breathe. They were scared their breathing would affect the situation at planet Nanfeng.

Of course, Lu Ze knew how serious the current situation was. The flying cars weren’t nearly as strong as the flying s.h.i.+p. With the agility and power of this insectoid, if it was determined to attack the flying car, there was nothing he could do.

Looking at the insectoid a hundred meters away, Lu Ze’s eyes went cold.

He was going to explode!

The light on his crystal body receded. It was more contained and dense.

Double power!

The insectoid was very sensitive. It noticed Lu Ze’s change. Beam shot out of his b.l.o.o.d.y, red eyes as black spirit light appeared around its body.

Extreme danger!

Lu Ze looked at the insectoid. His mouth cracked a grin as a sliver of ferocity flashed in his eyes. His body disappeared and the next moment, it appeared next to the insectoid 100 meters away.

Extremely dense green light and sharp wind adhered to his leg. It sliced at the insectoid like a scythe.

“p.i.s.s off!!”

He just needed to kick it away, so it couldn’t block the flight path of the flying car.

It wasn’t good to keep fighting. If the flying car went into the flying s.h.i.+p, they could run.

Body power, strength G.o.d art, wind element G.o.d art. Three fused into one. Lu Ze was now at his maximum limit state. The power of this kick made even the level three insectoid want to retreat.

But with the buff of the wind element, Lu Ze’s attacks were extremely fast. It had to hiss as black light flickered around its body. It waved its sharp front claw and attacked Lu Ze’s leg.


An explosion that was far more terrifying than the one before resonated. Under the nervous gaze of the students and the audience, the leg and claw clashed.

The terrifying energy forced the surrounding air out, sweeping the air waves. The insectoids below were pressed to the ground by the air waves and could not get up for a while.

Then, the insectoid and the human were knocked back a hundred meters each.

Lu Ze’s right leg trembled slightly. His mouth spasmed. He wanted to cry.

My gosh, this insectoid’s armor was so tough. That clash was painful.

This Abstruse Martial State that is equivalent to a Level Three insectoid wasn’t easy to take on.

Lu Ze finally realized. His full power was about Abstruse Martial State Level One or Level Two.

This insectoid was clearly stronger than him.

But Lu Ze thought that he could still stall it.

His eyes flashed, and he charged up again.

Clas.h.!.+ Clas.h.!.+ Clas.h.!.+

With every clash, Lu Ze tried to drag the insectoid further away from the flying s.h.i.+p.

Soon, the two were farther and farther away.

At this moment, Fang Lang’s eyes flashed as he said, “Quick, don’t let Lu Ze waste his efforts!”

Everyone and the audience: “…”

Why did this guy make it seem like Lu Ze couldn’t come back?

But now wasn’t the time to care.

The driver of the flying car flew the car up.

The insectoid held up by Lu Ze saw the flying car enter the flying s.h.i.+p. It shrieked as its eyes flashed many times.

Lu Ze cracked a smile.


With another clash, Lu Ze pulled more than 200 meters of distance with the insectoid. His body flashed with a green light.

Instantly, he flew towards the flying s.h.i.+p.

He couldn’t beat it, time to run~

The insectoid saw this b.a.s.t.a.r.d dared to run. It flapped its wings and chased.

However, the cannons that suppressed the insectoids on the ground were freed up due to the students coming up.

In the weapons room, two rescue teams called, “Quick quick quick, support Lu Ze. Fire a few shots at that winged insectoid!!”

The cannon roared, and searing hot energy beams shot at that Level Three insectoid.

This insectoid clearly didn’t want to let them go without doing anything. It flashed with black spirit power, dodging the cannons while charging at Lu Ze.

This was a transporter s.h.i.+p, not a battles.h.i.+p, so the power of the cannons was limited and they even had to be concerned with Lu Ze’s safety. This gave an opportunity to the insectoid.

Lu Ze saw this, and his mouth spasmed.

Big brother, you’re in the range of the cannons, can’t we just let things go?

At this moment, Lu Ze was only a few hundred meters from the doors of the s.h.i.+p. The doors were wide open. If he went in, the insectoid would go in too.

That wasn’t good.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. Should he take it for a few circles in the air and let the cannons fire a few extra shots?

At this moment, a voice came out from the transmitter, “Lu Ze, this insectoid has a weakness at the third segment of its armor, on its abdomen. If you strike it, it will certainly be dead.”

Lu Ze was slightly stunned. “You are?”

“I’m Lin Ling, I’ve awakened G.o.d art too. My eyes can see the weak points of enemies.”

Lu Ze heard this, and his eyes narrowed.

Strike vitals? There was such G.o.d art?

This strong??

At this moment, Fang Lang’s voice added, “Lu Ze, I can attest to Lin Ling’s words. She has indeed awoken a G.o.d art.”

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed. Weakness huh?

He knew the defenses of this insectoid. His hands were hurting from beating it. He only left white marks on its armor.

If it had a weakness, perhaps he could kill it?

“We’ll cover you with firepower. With your speed, if it freezes for just one instant, you can probably grasp that opportunity right?”

Lu Ze grinned and said, “Easy.”

If he hadn’t run so many times in the pocket hunting dimension, he might’ve been caught up.

He was very annoyed.

Thus, Lu Ze didn’t fly towards the s.h.i.+p and instead, turned around to clash with the insectoid from time to time. Meanwhile, the two personnel in the weapons room watched closely.

Everyone was very nervous.

They had heard Lu Ze and Lin Ling’s words too, but this was a Level Three insectoid equivalent to an Abstruse Martial State.

If Lu Ze really killed it, didn’t it mean that Lu Ze had power equivalent to an Abstruse Martial State?

Time pa.s.sed quickly and soon, a voice from Lu Ze’s communicator said, “Lu Ze, move aside!”

Lu Ze clashed with the insectoid and used the backlash to dodge sideways a hundred meters.

At this moment, the cannon fired, and tens of energy beams shot at the insectoid.

The insectoid shrieked and dodged with agility. The energy beams were strong, but it wasn’t fast enough.

At this moment, although the insectoid dodged a few energy beams, they still clashed with the side of its body. The terrifying chi wave made it unable to maintain balance.

Lu Ze’s eyes went cold. He disappeared from the spot and appeared below the insectoid.

Resisting the searing air wave of the cannon, his right fist, glowing with a crystal color and shrouded in sharp wind, struck at the third segment, on the insectoid’s abdomen.


Although the insectoid had noticed, it reacted a step too slow and its armor was broken by the green fist force.

Green liquid uncontrollably spilled as the fist force entered the body of the insectoid. The terrifying force with the sharp wind instantly tore its organs to pieces.

It opened its mouth and shrieked. Its wings stopped flapping, and its body fell heavily from the sky. When it landed in the swarm of insectoids, it was soon devoured.

Lu Ze looked at this and breathed easy.

Keep chasing, now you’re dead.