Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 658 - Harvest

Chapter 658 - Harvest

Chapter 658 Harvest

Two terrifying chi rapidly neared from the forest.

Lu Ze’s expression changed. Two bosses! He thought there was only one big echidna here. But there were actually two!

Lu Ze didn’t have time to think. Blood lightning formed once again and shot at the two small golden echidnas.

They were quite injured already and didn’t have enough time to dodge. They could only shoot more golden needles towards the lightning spears. Nevertheless, they couldn’t even stop Lu Ze at their peak condition, much less when they were injured.


With a thunderous clash, the lightning spear crushed the golden needles and struck the small golden echidnas.

The lightning spear penetrated their bodies, and blood poured out.

The two small golden echidnas just growled once again before finally dying.

Before Lu Ze could breathe, he sensed the dangerous chi behind him.

He used s.p.a.ce transmission to leave immediately.

When he appeared tens of kilometers away, he saw the place where he stood being penetrated by a golden flow. The overflowing spirit force made it hard to breathe.

Lu Ze’s face was pale. Before he could move, he saw countless golden needles appear out of nowhere around him. They were all shooting at him.

Lu Ze’s body was aching a little under its sharp chi. He quickly used s.p.a.ce transmission once again, but this time, he felt s.p.a.ce was restricted.


Lu Ze used more spirit force and forced his way into the warp dimension.

Tens of kilometers away, Lu Ze appeared again covered in blood.


Golden needles once more appeared around and shot at him.

He glanced at the bodies of the two small golden echidnas. They had just begun to turn to dust.

He gritted his teeth and used s.p.a.ce transmission again. As soon as he did, two furious figures charged at him.

Lu Ze’s face was pale. He didn’t have time to recover at all. However, he had no choice.

Although he was used to death, he had to stall it until he picked up the orbs.

Lu Ze used s.p.a.ce transmission again. Two few hundred meter wide huge spirit claws sliced past where he was previously and landed heavily into the ground. Consequently, the ground cracked up. Simultaneously, countless golden needles penetrated the ground.

Lu Ze was just struck by the shockwave, and he couldn’t even breathe. Then, he felt another wave of terrifying attacks coming.

d.a.m.n it!

He used s.p.a.ce transmission again. The sky was painted golden by all these attacks.

Lu Ze jumped a few hundred times in just a few seconds. Every time he appeared, he couldn’t even stop, and he had to dodge the next wave of attacks.

This was done under constant s.p.a.ce restrictions. Lu Ze’s face was pale. His body felt drained. Even with his spirit body, he was pretty much at his limit.

He didn’t have a moment to recover. At this juncture, he glanced at the bodies. They finally turned to orbs.

Lu Ze used his remnant spirit force to activate s.p.a.ce transmission again. He appeared at the orbs and quickly grabbed them all. Thereafter, countless golden needles pierced him.


A wave of pain struck Lu Ze, and his consciousness soon dissipated.

Lu Ze woke up in his room. That pain made him sweat cold. He lay on the bed to recover.

After an hour, Lu Ze finally recovered. He couldn’t wait to check his mental dimension.

The two small golden echidnas gave him 26 golden red and purple orbs each. There were two strands of white energy and two metal G.o.d art orbs. Most importantly, Lu Ze saw two golden divine art runes.

So there could be more than one of the same divine art runes?

He studied the runes and found they looked exactly the same.

He was planning to wait until his cultivation level was stronger, and he would write his useless divine arts into books and give them to the saints, so the prodigies of the Federation can learn.

There were too few divine arts in the Federation, and their quality wasn’t high.

He didn’t expect the divine art runes to be similar. There were still two more golden echidnas in the pocket hunting dimension. That would be four of the same divine art rune.

Lu Ze thought about it and planned to give them to the girls, so they could learn them. Best to give them one each, or they would explode.

Lu Ze got a headache just thinking about this.

Following such, he happily used the divine art rune and a purple orb.

The next morning in the living room, Nangong Jing and the girls looked at Lu Ze’s room. There was no motion.

Lu Li asked, “He’s not in solitary cultivation again, is he?”

Lin Ling’s mouth twitched. “I’ve made breakfast, and he’s still not out. He’s definitely in solitary cultivation.”

Moments later, Nangong Jing said “Okay, leave him be. Let’s eat breakfast and go cultivate.”

Lu Ze was immersed in the knowledge of divine art.

Four days later, Lu Ze slowly opened his eyes. Dense cl.u.s.ters of golden needles appeared around and spun around him, forming like a golden flow of water.

Lu Ze smiled. This was a beginner mastery of divine art. It wasn’t too strong, but if he reached experienced mastery, this divine art would probably surpa.s.s the lightning spear.

If it reached perfect mastery, then it would have the same power as the lightning cloud.

The golden needle divine art had its pros and cons compared to the lightning cloud divine art. The pro was that it was faster to activate and wouldn’t be stopped if the lightning cloud was destroyed. Meanwhile, the con was that lightning cloud could suck spirit force from the void to attack while he had to use his own power for the golden needle divine art. Of course, Lu Ze had enough spirit force for recovery now. In most situations, the golden needle divine art would probably be more advantageous. Only when he didn’t have enough power of his own would the lightning cloud perform better.

Lu Ze got out of bed and went out of his room.

Nangong Jing and the other girls were having breakfast. They immediately looked over, glaring at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze took two steps back. “… What do you want to do?”