Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 655 - His Fault for Being Unlucky

Chapter 655 - His Fault for Being Unlucky

Chapter 655 His Fault for Being Unlucky

Michael quickly asked, “What happened?”

The young officer gulped his saliva and said drily, “That blade demon is dead.”

Hearing this, Michael’s body stiffened. His expression became extremely bad. In some distant asteroid base, Cheng Feng’s expression fell. Michael gritted his teeth. “Dead? How is he dead?! We clearly sealed his power and mental force. There are people watching him too. There should be no possibility for him to commit suicide!”

The young officer said, “The stationing ground was attacked by a legion of void beasts. Vice Commander August, who was responsible for watching him, went out to defend against the void beasts. When he came back, that blade demon’s mental force sea had been destroyed.”

“d.a.m.n it! August, that idiot!” Michael cursed.

In reality, Michael knew that August couldn’t be blamed. When the void beasts attacked, August had to go kill the void beasts. Cheng Feng frowned. “Okay, Michael, compared to the safety of the entire base, what August did was reasonable. Notify them to keep watch of the blade demon’s body. We’ll go back to Shang Yang Stationing Grounds to go see that body. Perhaps we can discover something”

Michael breathed easy. “Yes, General. I’ll notify August now.”

In the depth of the void universe, a vast cosmic fortress was flying in s.p.a.ce exceptionally far from a ma.s.sive planet.

Within one room of the fortress, Luoluoxisi’s purple eyes flashed. “Master Momo Wenge is dead.”

The blade demons in the room were stunned to hear the information.

“Impossible! Momo Wenge’s power is near level nine of the planetary state. He had darkness G.o.d art. He just went to a region located outside the human territory. He finished the mission as well. How did he die?!”

Momoerde frowned. “Luoluoxisi, did you sense it incorrectly? Master Momo Wenge is so strong. How could anything happen to him at the human border?”

Luoluoxisi smiled bitterly. “I hope I was mistaken in sensing it too. Master Momo Wenge activated the means I left behind. He probably committed suicide.”

All the blade demons were dazed.

Duoduo Lisi asked with a heavy tone, “Suicide?! Why?”

“Not sure, no message was sent back.” Luoluoxisi shook his head.

“Since he was forced to commit suicide, this meant that his opponent was unbeatable. It’s quite possible that he was up against a star state. He knew he couldn’t run away, so he made such a decision.”

“Perhaps he had been caught alive and in the risk of disclosing our information. That’s what made him do so.”

“If he was captured alive, Momo Wenge probably wouldn’t’ have the opportunity to commit suicide, right? The person watching over him wouldn’t be weak.” Duoduo Lisi furrowed his brows.

Luoluoxisi smiled. “What if they went to fight those beasts? This is our present for the human race. Looking at the time, that present should have arrived.”

Duoduo Lisi sighed. “If that’s the case, then Momo Wenge is just unlucky. He went to do a mission and encountered a star state. That’s fate.”

The other blade demons were speechless. It was his fault for being unlucky.

Luoluoxisi continued, “But, his s.p.a.ce location marker is still useable. This means our business hasn’t been discovered.”

At this moment, the sound of someone knocking on the door could be heard.

Duoduo Lisi urged, “Come in.”

A blade demon warrior entered with excitement. “Master Duoduo Lisi, Masters, the reinforcements have arrived. Master Lala Nisi is here.”

The other blade demons looked surprised and joyful.

Duoduo Lisi got up. “Let’s go greet Master Lala Nisi!”

Everyone was excited. Her beauty was out of the world among the demons. Which demon didn’t want to be her partner?

Planet Zhihuo.

Lu Ze and the others came to the Recycling Hall. Other than the black metal box, they recycled everything.

They got more than 30,000 Shenwu merit points in return. Now, Lu Ze had more than 150,000 Shenwu merit points. This meant that Qiuyue Hesha, Nangong Jing, and Lin Ling’s Martial G.o.d Set could be bought.

Nangong Jing said, “Let’s go back now and buy it right away!”

Lu Ze smiled and nodded.

When they got back to their room, Nangong Jing s.n.a.t.c.hed Lu Ze’s phone over and went to the page.

Qiuyue Hesha and Lin Ling weren’t this excited, but they were still delighted.

Lu Li and Alice peeped over curiously.

Moments later, Nangong Jing and the girls made the order.

Nangong Jing frowned. “It still takes ten days for the armor to arrive. So slow.”

Qiuyue Hesha added, “The Shenwu Army’s efficiency is so low.”

Lin Ling nodded. “I feel so too. They need to make some changes. These sort of deals should be made in three days!”

Lu Li and Alice looked at the three with admiration.

Alice said, “I really want to buy one too.”

Lu Li didn’t say anything, but one could see her thoughts from her expression.

On the first floor of the Shenwu Army Treasure Depot. Old w.a.n.g called, “There’s another Martial G.o.d Set sold out!”

Everyone looked over again.

Suddenly, old w.a.n.g exclaimed, “Oh s.h.i.+t! Another one is sold!”

Everyone’s eyes bulged. Why were there two armors sold in a row?

Since when did Martial G.o.d Sets sell so easily?

During this time, old w.a.n.g called again, “Oh s.h.i.+t! Another one is sold!”

A beautiful woman on the side rolled her eyes. “We’re not deaf. You said another one was sold twice.”

Old w.a.n.g turned around and clarified, “I said three were sold. Three were sold in a row!”

The beautiful woman’s eyes dropped. “Three armors sold in a row? This time it’s definitely someone strong buying it! Look at who it is!”

Everyone looked curiously at old w.a.n.g.

Old w.a.n.g looked at the order information, and his eyes became dazed once again.

The woman asked curiously, “Who is it this time, old w.a.n.g?”

Old w.a.n.g looked strangely at the woman. “Um… it’s Lu Ze as well this time… He bought all three…”

Everyone looked among themselves.

“Didn’t he buy one already? Why did he buy three more??”

Old w.a.n.g answered, “This time, he bought a female-styled armor.”

Everyone immediately understood what was going on.

The pretty woman didn’t feel too good. Why was it so hard to find a wealthy man suitable for her?

Old w.a.n.g coughed. “I’ll go notify the Military Depot…”