Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 650 - What Just Happened?

Chapter 650 - What Just Happened?

Chapter 650 What Just Happened?


After the lightning, the s.p.a.ce fell silent for an instant. Then, sixteen level-4 planetary states void beasts turned and charged at Lu Ze.

Tens of void beasts below level-4 planetary state also followed.

This made the middle-aged man stunned for a moment. Thereafter, his eyes flashed with surprise and joy. He even hacked his sword with more power. “Heh, I take back my words.”

The other soldiers smiled.

After that wave of void beasts left, the pressure on them was greatly reduced.

The middle-aged man roared, “Brothers, we’re the Shenwu Army. Don’t get outdone by those adventurers. Take care of these b.a.s.t.a.r.ds quickly, and then, go help!”


Meanwhile, Hu Xiang and Leona’s team were dumbfounded.

Oh, s.h.i.+t!?

Sixteen level-4 planetary state void beasts? Hu Xiang looked at Lu Ze in disbelief. “Little brother Lu Ze…?”

If this person wasn’t Lu Ze, he would want to kill him.

Leona also looked at Lu Ze with a pale pretty face.

Lu Ze looked at the two in disbelief. “You feel it’s not enough? I think we should play it a little safer. They’re quite strong after all.”

If it was just ordinary level-4 planetary state void beasts, Lu Ze felt like he could take on 100 all by himself, but these creatures before them weren’t. He didn’t expect these two guild leaders to be tougher than him.

Leona opened her mouth. “Safer?”

She felt Lu Ze had a wrong understanding of “safer”.

Lu Ze’s power was about the same as theirs. They only had five level-4 planetary states in total. Bringing over sixteen level-4 planetary states was called safe?

Then, what wasn’t safe?

Going to fight a level-5 planetary state? The void beasts already charged over.

Qiuyue Hesha’s eyes flashed with pink light. The four void beasts at the front suddenly turned around and attacked their pals.

Those furious void beasts clearly didn’t expect this. Blood splattered, but they were just lightly injured.

Those conscious void beasts saw that those four were still going to attack them, so they counter-attacked without hesitation.

The void beasts fell into chaos.

Lin Ling’s eyes glimmered, and her spirit force was rapidly depleted as her face went pale. Luckily, her cultivation level improved, and she didn’t get exhausted like last time with the silver hook beasts.

She smiled. “At the stomach, the center of the middle pair of claws.”

Lu Ze and Nangong Jing left at the same time.

Lu Ze used s.p.a.ce G.o.d art and was much faster than Nangong Jing. He appeared at the stomach of one of the level 4 void beasts. He saw an extremely small crack at the location.


Lu Ze formed a hundred-meter long lightning spear and attacked the crack.


The void beasts tried to dodge, but its body suddenly stiffened, and the lightning spear penetrated the crack. The explosion of blood lightning instantly killed the beast.

Lu Ze’s combat power was level-4 planetary state. It was all too easy to kill them while knowing their weakness.

Nangong Jing’s golden fist force also pierced through a void beasts.

The other void beasts reacted and planned to attack Lu Ze and Nangong Jing.

Lu Ze grinned and disappeared from the spot, appearing in the middle of all the void beasts.

The void beasts attacked him with gray energy b.a.l.l.s and spirit force claws.

Lu Ze easily dodged them while a lightning cloud formed above his head.

He pressed down, and tens of lightning bolts attacked the void beasts that weren’t controlled.



The beasts flickered with gray spirit light, wanting to block the lightning. Simultaneously, they shot out gray spirit b.a.l.l.s and spirit force claws. Rumble!! The explosion spread over thousands of kilometers.

The lightning tore through the attacks of level-1 planetary states and level-2 beasts, killing them in the end. The level-3 planetary states lasted longer but were still crushed. Only the level-4 void beasts could completely defend against Lu Ze’s attack.

Furious roars sounded. The void beasts were planning to gather spirit force and attack once more.

Seeing this, Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with lightning again as tens of lightning bolts formed and a.s.saulted the surviving void beasts.

After this second wave, all the level-3 planetary state void beasts died. Only level-4 void beasts remained, but Lu Ze wasn’t fighting alone.

Nangong Jing had appeared below other level-4 void beasts. Her golden fist force surged again and easily penetrated the void beasts.

With the chaos created by Qiuyue Hesha’s void beasts and the suppression from Lu Ze’s lightning, Nangong Jing easily killed all the void beasts.

The entire process lasted only ten seconds. All those void beasts charging at them had turned to dead bodies.

Lu Ze and Nangong Jing looked at each other and smiled before returning to the crowd.

The atmosphere was very quiet right now. Hu Xiang, Leona, and their crew still looked dazedly at the three.

Lu Ze turned to them and said with embarra.s.sment, “You’re right, I was too careful indeed. The rewards are based on the void beasts we kill. You guys didn’t get anything from this wave.”

Hu Xiang and Leona felt their hearts throb with pain.

They smiled awkwardly. “It’s fine, little brother Lu Ze. Do as you see fit…”

What could they say?

If they said that they felt Lu Ze brought too many void beasts over before, they would lose all their faces.

Who would have imagined how insane these three were?

They thought Lu Ze, Nangong Jing, and Qiuyue Hesha were on par with them, but now, it seemed they overestimated themselves.

Thinking about how the three were weaker than them a month ago, they felt even sourer.

They wanted to retire.

The Shenwu Army soldiers also looked over.

When they saw the floating bodies, they ended up dazed, almost getting attacked by the void beasts.

The middle-aged man looked at this in disbelief. “How is that possible?”

That was sixteen level-4 planetary state void beasts! And many more lower-level ones!

They knew how tough their defenses were.

How could they all be gone in ten seconds?

Just what happened?