Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 630 - These Idiots Aren't As Smart As Him

Chapter 630 - These Idiots Aren't As Smart As Him

Chapter 630 These Idiots Aren’t As Smart As Him

Two days later in the Ketu Cosmic Cloud.

In the deep s.p.a.ce, a white beam flashed, and a wormhole appeared. Thereafter, New Dawn flew out of the wormhole.

Inside the s.h.i.+p, Lu Ze, Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Ying Ying were sitting on the couch. Lu Li, Lin Ling, and Alice were cooking.

Smelling the aroma from the kitchen, Lu Ze and the others drooled at the same time.

Qiuyue Hesha hugged Ying Ying and rubbed her face. “The Ketu Cosmic Cloud is ahead.”

She looked at the colorful dreamlike starlight and narrowed her eyes. This region was filled with asteroids and s.p.a.ce dust.

The region was extremely wide. It was a few hundred light-years. It was very suitable for hiding. With the natural magnetic field and energy storms inside, it’s very difficult to use scouting devices inside.

It would probably take some time to find that pirate crew.

Nangong Jing drank some wine and smiled. “We’ll look for it slowly once inside. After all, a s.p.a.ce pirate crew can’t hide forever. They need to go out and rob someone.”

Lu Ze nodded. “Teacher Nangong is right. Perhaps we would be their target?”

Their strongest cultivation level was only a level-two planetary state. This was a very good target for robbery. Of course, Ying Ying didn’t count. They wouldn’t be able to see what was special about Ying Ying after all.

Of course, they didn’t plan to use Ying Ying straight up, unless it was someone too powerful. Moreover, Ying Ying was still a kid. These guys wouldn’t agree to rely on Ying Ying to do everything During this time, the kitchen doors opened, and intense aromas drifted out. Lu Ze and Ying Ying’s eyes lit up simultaneously.

They charged to the kitchen table and entered the battle mode.

Lu Ze looked at Ying Ying seriously. She was a kid but that made no difference on the table. She was his biggest enemy!

After a full-blown resistance, Lu Ze still lost to Ying Ying’s little hands. He watched as Ying Ying put the last drumstick in her mouth and gritted his teeth.

Cultivate hard. He will rob the drumsticks back!

Seeing this, Lu Li and the other girls felt annoyed. Nevertheless, they still found it funny.

Lu Li, Alice, and Lin Ling still felt very satisfied that Lu Ze and Ying Ying liked their food so much.

After breakfast, Lu Ze was sent to wash the dishes. Then, he ordered the New Dawn to fly around the cosmic cloud and try to fish out the s.p.a.ce pirates.

A day later, Nangong Jing gasped. “Are these pirates fake? They’re so scared. We’ve over here, and they’re not taking the bait.”

Qiuyue Hesha frowned. “Did they see through our purpose?”

Lu Ze said, “Never mind, we’ll go inside and look. It just takes a few extra days.”

Everyone nodded.

On the surface of some asteroid, a five-meter long black s.h.i.+p was parked. It seemed to have fused with the rocks.

There was a room inside the s.h.i.+p filled with surveillance screens and more than ten aliens working Right then, an alien that looked like a standing dog spoke in coa.r.s.e universal common language. “Target has entered the cloud, contact the boss!”

“Yes!” a green-scaled alien replied.

In another room in the s.h.i.+p, the floor was sunken in and filled with dark green liquid. There was an alien floating there comfortably.

It was a strange-looking alien, which had dark green skin and gel-like liquid oozing out of its skin. Its head, hands, and legs all had tentacles.

Beep beep. It spoke in a sharp voice. “Accept.” A screen appeared before him, and it was of that dark-furred dog.

He looked at the green alien with fear. “Boss, the target you spoke of has entered the cloud.”

It narrowed its eyes. “Keep watching, don’t startle them. Get ready for battle at any time.”

He thought about it and continued, “Get ready to retreat!” The dog answered, “Yes, boss!”

The communications cut off.

The alien flew out of the pool and proceeded to another room. It took a deep breath and opened his communications device, changing his expression to one of respect.

Beep beep.

A blade demon figure appeared in the screen. It looked calmly at the tentacle monster but felt disgusted. This gooey thing was too disgusting. “Honored Master Bibi Deer… your target has taken the bait. When do we pull the net?”

Hearing this, Bibi Deer’s calm eyes finally had some emotion. He grinned. “Very well… take them out of the controlled region. At the appointed location, we will meet you there.” Following such, it looked at the monster again. “Remember, don’t do anything stupid. If it fails, you know the consequences.”

The tentacle monster s.h.i.+vered and spoke even more humbly. “Yes, Lord. I won’t fail!”

Bibi Deer nodded. “After this is done, you will have plenty of rewards.” The monster said, “It’s my honor to serve you.”

“Mhm, go.”

Bibi Deer ended the communication.

A few seconds later, the monster looked up and panted. The blade demon was too strong. Even across the screen, he felt a huge pressure from the gaze. He didn’t even dare to secrete goo. He rubbed his dry skin and went back to the pool.

Outside the controlled region, a few hundred meters long small blade demon wars.h.i.+p floated in s.p.a.ce.

Bibi Deer’s eyes flashed with excitement.

“Hahahaha! After sending out that many baits, he finally took it!! Monarch of the New Dawn Lu Ze, you will be my stepping stone towards a higher level!”

He felt great.

He didn’t know why the Demon Palace went crazy and raised Lu Ze’s bounty rewards. Even as a level-seven planetary state, he was interested.

He believed he wouldn’t be the only one. There might even be a level-eight planetary state.


Those idiots weren’t as smart as he was.

Since Lu Ze came to the void s.p.a.ce, he needed to do missions. In that case, create the perfect mission for him!

He purposely brought quite some s.p.a.ce pirates over. They were a problem for every race’s controlled region, and thus, they were considered a mission.

He didn’t know Lu Ze’s power, so he chose pirates of a few levels from level-two to level-five planetary states. Accordingly, he was surprised that Lu Ze chose a level-four planetary state. According to the intel from his race, Lu Ze wasn’t even a planetary state yet.

Was his combat power this terrifying?

He began to understand why Lu Ze was wanted so much.

Even those three Blades of Dawn couldn’t compare to Lu Ze.

Bibi Deer snarled.

Lu Ze definitely didn’t expect someone as strong as him to be waiting for him.