Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 609

Chapter 609

Chapter 609 Just What Happened to the Human Controlled Region?

Amidst s.p.a.ce, the Zhihuo Bird was embroiled in flames. Explosive fire elements then gathered—burning despite being in vacuum s.p.a.ce.

The thief saw the rapidly approaching Zhihuo Bird and crushed his silver-white ball. Then, he glared at the little red bird growling. “I will be back!”

If he could capture such a talented beast and sold it at an auction, he would earn a huge sum! Even if he didn’t sell it, if he could get a powerful enslaving item, he could completely enslave this talented red bird himself. In the future, this red bird would be his right hand.

This was an investment!

Next time, he would be prepared to capture this little red bird alive!

The ball activated and flashed with silver-white light. The thief felt relieved upon seeing the flames sweep over.

He was a professional!

Lu Ze looked at the silver-white light. This s.p.a.ce force was stronger than his, but that was just in terms of power. In terms of mastery, it was probably worse than his.

Looking at the thief’s “I survived” face, Lu Ze felt complicated.

Would he be too cruel?

However, his eyes still flashed with silver light. Without the thief knowing, that s.p.a.ce force was adjusted a little by Lu Ze.

For instance, delaying the teleportation a little bit.

Another instance, moving the location a little closer.

In addition, giving him a worse experience.

Also, setting a specific location, namely the New Dawn’s living room…

He believed this thief would definitely be grateful, right? After all, there would be a place to rest right away.

The thief was waiting for the teleportation happily. This was his first time using it since he never needed to. He was quite excited. However, when the flames swept over and his fur was burnt a little, he wasn’t too excited anymore.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

Where’s the teleportation? Was this a faulty product? He could sense the s.p.a.ce force, but it didn’t do any work.

“What was going on??”

The flames swept over, and the thief could only roar.

Clearly, this device was faulty. He cursed the entire family of the merchant who sold him this. However, Kelly didn’t give up struggling. He used all his spirit force to stop that terrifying flames.

Nevertheless, he knew he wasn’t getting out of this.

That power was a level-five planetary state. This was only the tip of the attack. When the flames really surrounded him, he wouldn’t be able to survive at all.

Soon, the water started to evaporate from his body. The flames entered him. He seemed to have felt the call of death.

Currently, the silver light finally completely engulfed him. Kelly almost cried out. Just when he thought he was going to die, he managed to survive.

Life was so good!

Nevertheless, he soon felt that he was grabbed by the feet and spun countless times in the warp dimension. After a while, he started doing irregular movements.

His mind went blank.

Were all random teleportations like this?

Who could handle it? Was this normal, or was he just too weak? That instant felt like long torture for him.

Finally, he left the teleportation. His body crashed heavily onto a metal floor. That st.u.r.diness made him breathe easy.

Kelly made up his mind to never touch this teleportation device again!


Solid ground?

Kelly looked at the metallic floor, and his heart skipped.

Where am I?

In the New Dawn’s living room, the three girls were waiting for Lu Ze to return. They couldn’t sense anything from here. Ten minutes later, a silver light flashed. The three girls smiled.

Nangong Jing grinned. “I wonder what level of egg Ze brought back this time?”

Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “We’ll know soon. It took a bit longer this time.”

After the silver light disappeared, a charred body fell to the ground. Upon seeing this, their smiles froze.

It wasn’t Lu Ze!

It wasn’t from the human race at all. It had a black striped white tail…


Black striped white tail?

At this juncture, Kelly struggled to look up and saw three human females staring at him. He felt disgusted by the furless human females.

Too ugly! They didn’t have smooth fur. However, now wasn’t the time for this. He had to run!

He was heavily injured, but still, he was a level-three planetary state. Two of these females were level-one planetary state. The other was a mortal evolution state.

He felt he could escape.

Yet, at this moment, he saw one female flash with pink light, and then, his blood rushed. The power he gathered dispersed. Before he could think, another female came and stood on his back, stomping on him into the ground.

All his spirit force was sealed. He couldn’t even move now.

Kelly: “???”

What happened?

What species were these two females?

Why were they so scary?

Just what happened to the human-controlled region?

He encountered that demonic little red bird and now these two.

Were they really humans who could be considered average in the universe?

Did they hide their power?

Right then, the dominant power in his body shook, and he lost consciousness.

Nangong Jing immediately looked at Lin Ling excitedly. “Lin Ling, quickly go see if this is the thief. I didn’t expect we were this lucky. We’re sitting here and targets come to us. This idiot teleported right in front of us.