Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 6

Chapter 6

Chapter 6: How Do You Like The Surprise?


Dragon Boat Translation


Dragon Boat Translation

Then, the two began their routine cultivation. After they were done, it was already half past seven.

They took a shower in the restroom of the training grounds and changed their clothes before returning home.

In the living room, Lu Wen was sitting on the couch watching the news on a holographic screen while Fu Shuya was busying about in the kitchen.

Although they were busy at work, the two liked spending time with their children. This was beneficial to their children’s growth. Meaning, Fu Shuya would cook breakfast if she had the time.

“Ze, come over.” When Lu Wen saw Lu Ze and Lu Li come back, he put down the computer in his hand and called them.

Lu Ze felt a little confused but still walked over. He studied his dad carefully. This old handsome man definitely had quite some girls chasing after him back in the Earth era. There was some authority between his eyebrows, which is probably due to being in power for a long time?

But when he looked at Lu Ze and Lu Li, he hid his authority. There was only maturity, gentleness and deep intimacy.

This made Lu Ze feel quite complicated. After all, the original Lu Ze already died. Whether it was Lu Li or Lu Wen, they all looked at him with deep intimacy. This made him not know what to do.

But since he inherited this body, he would protect this family.

“What’s wrong, Dad?” Lu Ze smiled as he sat down.

Lu Wen was dazed. Dad? Didn’t this kid always call him father?

“… Is your brain eaten by brain devouring bugs?”

He asked the same thing Lu Li asked. Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. Like father like daughter. Their mind was joined up!

Lu Li smiled. “I feel so as well. Dad, why don’t we go to the hospital and cut open his brain and see?”

s.h.i.+t! Lu Li do you know that when you speak scary things with a smile, it’s really terrifying?

Lu Ze chose to move away from Lu Li silently. Then he smiled and said, “I just felt that the life before was too tiring. Choosing a different way to live might be better.”

Hearing this, Lu Wen felt dazed and glanced at Lu Ze a bit longer before showing a smile. “The most important thing is that you guys are happy.”

In reality, Lu Wen didn’t want Lu Ze to be a martial maniac too. No matter how invincible you were, what’s the point of solitude at the pinnacle?

This was why Lu Wen still liked to spend more time with his family despite having great societal status.

“It’s your 18th birthday today. There’s good and bad news. Which one do you want to hear first?” Lu Wen’s handsome old face smirked.

Lu Ze was surprised. Today was his birthday? He completely forgot about it, but his dad was playing such games. He was a bit speechless. “Let’s hear the bad news.”

“Cough cough, Ze, on a dark windy night, your mom and I were…”

“Stop! Get to the point Dad! It’s not easy for your son to live up to this age.” Lu Ze said helplessly. He had zero tolerance for Lu Wen every time he did this.

Lu Li on the other side silently raised her fist against tyranny.

She was single too.

“Cough, kids these days don’t really understand romance.” Lu Wen shook his head. “Then I’ll get to the point. You’re not our child.”

Lu Ze: ???

Lu Li: !!!

“And the good news is that there’s a second grandpa who wants me to inherit 100 billion worth of fortune. It’s a private planet. Don’t worry Dad, I will take you to prosperity.” Lu Ze smiled.

Oh my G.o.d, he made such a joke on his birthday. What was his dad?

“Which second grandpa?” Lu Wen looked dazedly at Lu Ze. “You already knew you weren’t our child? And the wealthy second grandpa came to you before?”

Lu Ze was surprised, and his smile gradually receded seeing Lu Wen’s grim expression.

Their eyes met. Lu Ze’s mouth spasmed. “Dad, are you being serious?”

Lu Wen nodded and answered, “Yes.”

Lu Ze felt very complicated. He just transmigrated and encountered a happy family. This family had great parents and a cute sister. Yet on the second day, his dad told him he wasn’t their son. Although he transmigrated, the fusion of memory made him feel he experienced this life. His heart couldn’t take this sudden news.

What bulls.h.i.+t drama was this?

Seeing the atmosphere was a bit awkward, Lu Li looked worriedly at Lu Ze. The gentle smile on her face was gone.

Lu Ze took a deep breath and smiled awkwardly. “Da… cough, what’s the good news?”

Was it a bit too shameless to keep calling him Dad? Lu Ze couldn’t say it in the end.

Lu Wen’s eyes flashed and smiled “The good news is that look at our Li. Isn’t she pretty? Isn’t she s.e.xy? Even if you chase her I won’t break your legs. What do you think? How do you like this surprise? Do you feel you’ve earned it?”

Lu Ze: !!!

Lu Li: ???

Lu Ze turned his head to look at Lu Li’s extremely exquisite face and that extremely dominant figure. He thought for a moment. This seemed… to be good news?

Suddenly, Lu Li smiled gently at him. Lu Ze was immediately shaken up. He didn’t know if this was good news anymore.

“Of course, you can still call me Dad. If you’re willing, we’ll always be a family of four.” Lu Wen saw that Lu Ze’s face wasn’t that stiff, and he spoke with a smile.

As for chasing Lu Li, what a joke. His daughter was that cute, whoever chased her would have his legs broken!! No matter who it was!

If it was Lu Ze, then he would break one. If it was other people, he would break three!

Lu Ze looked up at Lu Wen’s loving look and rubbed his stale face. He smiled “I thought Dad wanted to cut our relations.h.i.+p and that’s why he said it. I was thinking about how I could keep staying. That really scared me.”

“If he dares to sever ties with you, I will immediately sever ties with him.” A dominant voice transmitted from the kitchen.

Fu Shuya was standing at the kitchen door. She looked gently at Lu Ze as she smiled. Clearly, she heard what was just said.

“Mom…” Lu Ze smiled and called.

“Hmm?” Fu Shuya raised a brow and looked dangerously at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze froze slightly and immediately praised “Oh, young and beautiful mother. Your beauty is magnificent like the stars. Your temperament is soft and generous like the milky way. The words of this world can’t describe your greatness.”