Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 585 - Flexed Like Crazy

Chapter 585 - Flexed Like Crazy

Chapter 585 Flexed Like Crazy

After spending more than ten hours in the forest, Lu Ze once again saw the golden light ahead.

Lu Ze rejoiced. He found it! The Golden Fruit Forest!

The potential body G.o.d art on those golden apes was Lu Ze’s target this time. He rapidly sped towards it. When he arrived, he smiled at the golden fruit trees in front of him.

Lu Ze once again turned into a small golden ape. There were bosses here. He couldn’t just waltz in.

He stepped inside the forest. The last time he came in, the apes had already collected the golden fruits.

Now, as Lu Ze kept going forward within the trees, he saw that the trees were blossoming with golden flowers, which smelled satisfying.

“Ough! Ough! Ough!”

Distant roars sounded from all directions, and there were trees wobbling from time to time.

Lu Ze had some guesses.

The harvest season was over, and those golden apes had nothing to do, so they’re playing here?

The roars gradually became more prominent, but Lu Ze felt that the sounds were strange.

Soon, he neared two apes who had left the group. Then, he saw an eye-piercing situation.

One golden ape was standing on the tree and shaking its body while making strange noises. In front of him was a smaller ape that also called back.

They were moving back and forth rhythmically.

Were they singing?

Did the apes have such a method to entertain themselves?

At this moment, the ape that was squatting suddenly stopped roaring and turned around, facing away from the ape.

The other ape that was jumping and singing suddenly became desperate. However, the ape ignored the other ape.

Lu Ze’s face became stranger.

How could they have conflict while singing?

Was it some compet.i.tion?

He didn’t understand.

The desperate ape saw this and stopped calling the other ape’s attention. However, it suddenly appeared behind the ape and then slammed its huge fist at the latter’s head.


The ape fell down.

Lu Ze: “???”

From singing to murder, what was going on?

At this moment, he realized that the fallen ape was still alive, it was just dazed. Then, what happened next completely dumbfounded him.

The huge ape grinned and crawled onto the fallen ape.

Lu Ze: “…”

He felt his eyes were ruined.

This was a male and female?


That singing compet.i.tion was mating??

Lu Ze’s eyes widened.

This large ape couldn’t make it, so he knocked the female ape out to rape it? Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. He didn’t feel too good. He was single, and yet, he encountered such a flexing male ape. He felt he needed to do something

Lu Ze disappeared from the spot. A lightning spear formed around his hand.

The male ape was only a level-seven mortal evolution state. It was having a great time and couldn’t react in time.

When the lightning spear was near it, it was too late for it to turn around.


The lightning spear pierced its body, including the female ape below it.

Killing two birds with one stone!

Lu Ze had no shame. Instead, he laughed merrily.

The two bodies soon turned to ash, leaving behind 11 red and 9 purple orbs, as well as 2 golden G.o.d art orbs.

Lu Ze’s eyes flashed with joy. There was indeed G.o.d art orbs!

He wondered whether it was body G.o.d art. It was quite likely.

He could sense it. When he used the lightning spear, this ape’s body had reached the planetary state.

This was rather terrifying, but he was stronger. During this time, a furious ape roar could be heard and was rapidly closing in.

Lu Ze sensed the chi and instantly picked up the orbs and disappeared.

Time to run!

Level-nine mortal evolution state boss!

He couldn’t beat it.

After gaining some distance, Lu Ze felt that the furious chi was rapidly closing in. Lu Ze concealed his chi and hid on a fruit tree, acting as a weak and pitiful golden ape.

A golden light flashed and a ten-meter tall ape appeared before Lu Ze. It became stunned when it saw that Lu Ze was only two meters tall.

It stared at Lu Ze for a moment and left.

Lu Ze breathed easy.

This ape was really strong!

Lu Ze felt it wouldn’t be weaker than when he wore his personal armor or used the body of darkness.

This ape’s power might be at level two of the planetary state!

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched. He was in the pocket hunting dimension. He couldn’t use his personal armor nor use the body of darkness in the Golden Fruit Forest.

Luckily, he survived by using his transformation G.o.d art and chi stealth G.o.d art.

After some time, he flew off in another direction. Afterward, Lu Ze looked for lone apes or a pair of them.

Lone apes were very rare. They were more likely to be in twos.

It seemed to be spring right now for the apes. The forest was filled with love.

Lu Ze’s mind was scarred by those scenes. He really couldn’t take it anymore.

A few hours later, 13 apes had died in Lu Ze’s merciless hands.

Other than one lone ape, all the others were pairs.

At this moment, all the apes suddenly flew towards the mountain ranges. Lu Ze wondered if they were going back to rest. The rabbits had such habits too.

Lu Ze thought about it and also followed.

It was hard to encounter this forest again. He should go and get some more golden fruit wine. Otherwise, his supplies might not last long enough. He felt he should find an opportunity for the girls to drink this. The female alcoholic would love this especially.

Soon, Lu Ze arrived at the cave he went to last time. After going through some tunnels, he reached that golden wine lake. On the side were vases filled with wine.

Many golden apes were coming back. They would take one and return to the caves on the wall.

Lu Ze also went there and carried a vase bigger than he was and planned to run.

Right then, Lu Ze saw that 12-meter tall golden ape come out of the room.

Lu Ze: “…”

It was the same location, same position. Lu Ze met someone he shouldn’t have.

Without hesitation, he wrapped the wine with his mental force and sent it to his mental dimension.

Thereafter, that familiar feeling of being crushed by a planet came.

When he woke up, he was already back in his room.