Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 570 - Dark Metal Demon Race and Four Symbol Crystal

Chapter 570 - Dark Metal Demon Race and Four Symbol Crystal

Chapter 570 Dark Metal Demon Race and Four Symbol Crystal

Lu Ze extended his two palms and proceeded to smack the red giant.

Two spirit force palms, which were bigger than the dark red giant, were formed.

The dark red giant was confused.

Why did someone suddenly appear before him?

Who was the person?

He didn’t even have time to think before he felt the terrifying pressure from those spirit force palms. He began to s.h.i.+ver.

So strong!

“Argh! Stop!!”

He roared as he gathered power before him. He clutched his huge sword while his muscles expanded drastically. He aimed the gigantic sword towards the two terrifying spirit force



The spirit force wave echoed in the void as the sword ray and the black metal palms clashed. Then, the giant’s eyes narrowed. His prided powerful sword ray was crushed by the palms like bubbles. Then, the two palms struck the sides of his body.

Dominant force entered his body, and he could feel his entire body was being crushed. His bones broke and his flesh was bloodied. His prided dark metal skin was also torn like paper. Arghh! The severe pain made him howl.

When the two spirit force palms disappeared, the red giant looked terrible.

His battle armor was shattered. His chi became extremely weak. His singular eye was very dim. The giant lost his combat power almost instantly.

The battlefield returned to being calm. The Shenwu Army soldiers were dumbfounded upon seeing the powerful warrior in such a pitiful state.

That entire process only took an instant. It happened so fast that they couldn’t even react.

Those two soldiers before the red giant were ready to die, but suddenly, a powerful being appeared and defeated the demon.

This calmed their minds. Who would want to die?

But… who was this person? They looked at Lu Ze’s back.


Their eyes widened in disbelief.

Level-four mortal evolution state?

This powerful being was only a level-four mortal evolution state?!

Did they sense it incorrectly?

Thus, they attempted it again, and when they were certain of this person’s cultivation level, they didn’t feel too good.

Oh s.h.i.+t?

It really was level four of the mortal evolution state?

Since when did the human race have such a person?

At this moment, they seemed to have remembered something. Perhaps one person could reach this level. They thought of the prodigy who was appointed as the first monarch of the Federation.

Lu Ze.

He could kill level-one planetary state void beast at the aperture opening state. Being a level-four mortal evolution state would be the logical reason why he could kill this level-one planetary state so easily. The two didn’t talk. They haven’t seen Lu Ze’s front face yet and weren’t sure. By the looks of it, this person had a conflict with the Dark Metal Demon Race.

Was he here to kill this demon?

That shouldn’t be the case… this demon had been hunting them non-stop. He had the perfect alibi.

How could he offend this person?

They looked at the pitiful state the demon was in and remembered that Lu Ze used to like planting blade demons upside down.

Did he change his hobby now?

Lu Ze nodded happily at the red giant he flattened. How dare this demon attack his New Dawn?

But… he seemed to be hunting humans?

He looked at those humans. He was curious why they were being hunted by this demon.

“Are you guys okay?” Lu Ze asked.

When Lu Ze turned around, those two before him thought that it was indeed Monarch of the New Dawn Lu Ze!

How was he here?

At this moment, three more beams flew over and stopped next to Lu Ze. Nangong Jing and the others were worried about Lu Ze and followed suit.

When they saw the flattened red giant, they were dazed. Thereafter, they looked at the Shenwu Army soldiers.

Qiuyue Hesha frowned. “What is this?”

Lu Ze shook his head. “I don’t know yet. I just asked them, then you guys came.”

At this moment, the soldier looked at the group and provided an explanation. “We’re the Shenwu Army in the Shang Yang unit. We were ordered to guard the Four Symbol Crystal Mine, but we were ambushed by Dark Metal Demon Race…”

Lu Ze nodded as they explained the situation.

The void s.p.a.ce had bountiful resources, and they found a Four Symbol Crystal Mine. Four Symbol Crystal is an extremely precious planetary state crystal mine. It had several uses for the human race. When they were mining the crystals, they were ambushed by a bunch of Dark Metal Demons. The mining team and the army guarding the place all died. Only a small squad of planetary state soldiers managed to flee.

After the hunt, only the four of them remained.

As for the Dark Metal Demon Race main forces, they were moving the Four Symbol Crystals. Only one Dark Metal Demon Race hunted them. They thought one was enough, but Lu Ze came.

Everyone frowned.

They encountered such things as soon as they came.

Dark Metal Demon Race…

This was the race that had an alliance with the Black Smoke and Blade Demon races.

Lu Ze frowned at the almost dead giant. “Are all Dark Metal Demon Race this strong?”They had similar cultivation levels, but this demon could fight four by itself?

The two soldiers smiled bitterly. “Some of the Dark Metal Demons would awaken the dark metal body G.o.d art. It’s not some powerful G.o.d art, but it provided people an advantage in defense and power.”

Lu Ze and the others frowned. It seemed this Dark Metal Demon Race was much stronger than the Blade Demon Race.

This was a race G.o.d art. The humans and blade demons didn’t have their own race G.o.d art. Nangong Jing asked, “What’s the strongest Dark Metal Demon Race that attacked?”

The soldier replied, “The strongest is a level-six planetary state.” Lu Ze and the rest: “…”

Can’t beat that.

One soldier looked at the demon and said desperately, “This demon has a signal jamming device. Our comms aren’t working We need to destroy that device and contact the settlement.”

“We had dug out a lot of Four Symbol Crystals. Now, it’s probably all s.h.i.+pped away by them, but there’s a part not dug yet. If we contact the settlement now, we might be able to save some!”