Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 568 - Military Rules

Chapter 568 - Military Rules

Chapter 568 Military Rules

The group of people proceeded to the city and found a restaurant. They booked a private room.

Inside, Lu Ze and the others waited for Yan Gu to tell them about the situation outside the controlled region.

Yan Gu looked at them and said, “Theoretically, it’s too dangerous to go outside with your current power. It’s almost certain death if you go out.”

“I know your talents are very strong, much stronger than mine, but talent doesn’t mean combat power.”

He glanced at Lu Ze.

This monster was only a level-four mortal evolution state, but he could kill a few hundred level-one and level-two planetary state dragons.

This combat power wasn’t something that humans should have. Even the prodigies from the other races were a far cry from Lu Ze. Still, Lu Ze was still too young.

Lu Ze and the rest didn’t argue. They had some understanding of themselves. There were too many powerful beings.

Seeing that their att.i.tudes were good, Yan Gu spoke again. “If Lu Ze’s cultivation level reaches the planetary state, or Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha can reach level three of the planetary state, then you can go out to see.” “There are too many beings above level five of the planetary state outside the controlled region. Even star states would appear there.”

“Of course, the regions where star states appear are highly dangerous but are resource-rich. As long as you don’t go to those areas, you won’t encounter them.”

“… At least, I’ve never heard anyone encounter a star state and just get casually killed. If you do, then that’s just unlucky.”

“But… other than star states, level-five planetary state beings can appear anywhere. If it’s the same race, it’s fine, but if it’s an alien race, there can be a life-and-death brawl at any time.”

Lu Ze and the rest frowned. Yan Gu was telling them things, more exaggerated things than they expected.

At this moment, Nangong Jing asked curiously, “Senior Yan Gu, how did you get injured?”

Yan Gu and the others were stunned for a moment, and then, their faces fell.

Moments later, Yan Gu said calmly, “We encountered a few old opponents.”

“Old opponents?”

“Mhm, Blade Demons, Dark Metal Demons, and Black Smoke Race prodigies. I just didn’t expect they would act together. This is very rare.”

Yan Gu’s eyes turned cold. “It was a good thing we ran fast, or else, we would probably all be dead.”

Then, he frowned. “We didn’t expect to encounter those b.a.s.t.a.r.ds in that region with no astral bodies. We were a bit careless.”

“Black Smoke Race and Blade Demon Race?”. Lu Ze and the others frowned.

They had some conflict with the Black Smoke Race, but they didn’t expect to hear it from Yan


As for the Dark Metal Demon Race…

Lu Ze and the rest had never heard of it, but they were probably a race under the Advanced Demon Race.

Then, they thought back to the Terry Brothers. They also encountered the blade demons in a region with no astral bodies.

Did these guys like to go places where there were no people? Seeing their expressions, Yan Gu asked, “Do you guys know Black Smoke Race?”

Lu Ze recounted to them the incident about the evolved insectoid.

Hearing this, Yan Gu and everyone frowned.

“I didn’t expect the Black Smoke Race dares to do an experiment inside the Federation?!”

The powerful beings involved with the insectoids were too terrifying. If some insectoid boss found that someone wanted to control them and came to the human race, then they would be over.

Subsequently, they looked at Lu Ze and his team with even more surprise.

Yan Gu smiled. “With your current power, if you really want to go and fight alien races, you can go to the border. There would be conflicts with alien races from time to time. The missions would be harder and more dangerous. However, you would be earning more too.”

Hearing this, Lu Ze and his group widened their eyes in interest.

“There would be more mission rewards?”

Yan Gu explained further, “According to military rule, all missions related to the stability of the border would have increased rewards from 10% to 50%.”

“You guys can go to Shang Yang System. That region is the poorest, and the missions are easier. However, it will still be quite dangerous for you guys. It’s up to you.” Hearing this, Lu Ze smiled. “Thank you for your reminder, senior Yan Gu.”

If they did missions slowly by themselves, it would take them some time to understand the border. Now, they saved a lot of time.

Yan Gu smiled. “You’re too polite, junior Lu Ze. Perhaps soon, my power would be weaker than yours. I might need help with missions by then.”

Lu Ze grinned “If you need anything, just tell us. We won’t reject it.”

“Hahaha, I was waiting for that line.”

Lu Ze’s promise was far more valuable than the merit points from this mission.

Yan Gu subsequently told Lu Ze and the rest things about the void s.p.a.ce. They chatted for an hour and had enough food before leaving.

Yan Gu and his squad needed to recover. It would take them half a month to heal. Then, they would be able to leave the controlled region again.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze and his group planned to go to Shang Yang System. After they returned to their suite, Lu Ze and everyone sat on the couch. Following such, Lu Ze immediately opened his communicator while Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Lin Ling came over to look at the screen.

According to Yan Gu, every settlement had a mission tab. Some missions were unique to the local settlement and even had military contribution requirements. People couldn’t see such missions at Shenwu City.

Shenwu City released some missions, but they could be accepted and handed over at the local settlement.

Most of these sorts of missions were materialand resource-searching missions.

Local settlements had their own army craftsmen and concocters.

Soon, Lu Ze found the missions in the local net.

Chiyun System had many more missions than Shenwu City. There were tens of missions.

Soon, Nangong Jing pointed to one and said, “Chiyun System is also gathering Blue Sh.e.l.l Dragons!” However, Qiuyue Hesha soon frowned. “They’re only collecting a limited amount. They only take in 3000 and already have 2865.” Lin Ling frowned. “We have more than this number, right?”

Lu Ze smiled. “It seems we need to return to Shenwu City to hand in this mission.”

Nangong Jing asked, “Then, should we go back first or go straight to Shang Yang System?”

Lu Ze thought about it and said, “There’s no quant.i.ty limit on the number of sh.e.l.ls that Shenwu City takes. We’re not in a rush to hand in the mission. The reward is only 3800 points. It’s not enough to buy anything. We might as well just go straight to Shang Yang System.” It will take three days to go to Shenwu City from here. It would be much further to go to Shang Yang System from Shenwu City than here.

The others had no objections. Qiuyue Hesha smiled. “Let’s go now then?”

Lu Ze nodded. “Let’s go now!”

Time went by like crazy. They had been at the void border for almost a month. They didn’t have much time left. Naturally, they had to make each day count.