Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 565 - I’m Going to Fight a Few Hundred

Chapter 565 - I’m Going to Fight a Few Hundred

Chapter 565 I’m Going to Fight a Few Hundred

The blood-colored lightning entered his body, and immediately, blood lightning flashed around him. His hair and eyes also turned blood-red.

A trace of brutality flashed in his eyes. There were many more dragons than he had expected. If he didn’t break through to level four of the mortal evolution state, he would have to fight and run at the same time. Only when those stronger people have finished dealing with the dragons could they help him.

That was the plan of Yan Gu and the others.

After all, Yan Gu and the rest wanted to get more loot, especially since their arrangement was contribution-based. The lesser people the


Lu Ze broke through to level four of the mortal evolution state, and after blood lightning entered his body, his combat power was definitely strong, even among level-two planetary states.

His opponent was a group of void beasts.


With Lu Ze as the center, the spirit force shot out. A lightning cloud patch with a range of thousands of kilometers appeared above him. All of the dragons were underneath him.

Sensing the violent chi from the clouds, these dragons immediately tensed up.

Lethal threat!


The dragons roared and gathered their spirit force. They wanted to destroy the lightning cloud in the sky.

Lu Ze grinned as his blood-red eyes flashed with killing intent.

Too late!



He inserted most of his power into the lightning cloud while the clouds were also sucking spirit force from the void. Immediately, a few hundred blood lightning poured down.


The dragons weren’t just going to sit there. Sensing the lightning, all of them attacked, whether it was mouth cannons or claw attacks. Hundreds of powerful attacks greeted the lightning


The clash made the surrounding thousand kilometers look like doomsday. A terrifying storm swept across in all directions.

Those remaining members watched this scene, and their minds went black.

Too terrifying!

Level-four mortal evolution state Lu Ze could really take on a few hundred level-one and level-two planetary state dragons all by himself.

Although void beasts had no martial techniques and divine arts and were at the bottom of their state, the difference in their cultivation levels was huge.

They were completely silent. “Am I dreaming?”

“What a coincidence! I feel I’m dreaming too.”

Can a human really be this strong?

They were in deep shock.

Lin Ling also looked at Lu Ze with gleaming eyes. This guy was an idiot and always made her angry, but he was a bit handsome.

Lin Ling retracted her glance after a while and flew towards the mortal evolution state dragons.

She had to work hard too.

Lu Ze’s power had been drastically depleted. The severe pain and pressure of using the blood lightning made his body spray blood. His blood also seemed to contain pieces of blood lightning

This was so painful!

Lu Ze’s mouth twitched.

He wanted to cry, but he had to hold on. There were so many merit points here!

He still wanted to buy a Martial G.o.d Set.

He used his mental force to draw in red and purple orbs. Upon entering his body, they immediately turned into a gentle power that replenished his consumption.

When the two attacks clashed, most of the level-one dragons were heavily struck and died on the spot. The remaining ones were heavily injured and extremely weak.

While a hundred or so level-two planetary state dragons had powerful attacks, the blood lightning still managed to crush such attacks, but the remaining power of the blood lightning could only give them light injuries.

After this wave of lightning, only a hundred or so dragons remained. In that instant, more than two-thirds of the group was gone.


The level-two planetary state dragons roared furiously.


But before they could finish roaring, the second wave of blood lightning hacked down. Therefore, they could only get ready to defend against the lightning again.

Lu Ze could hold on for now as both his spirit force and body were much stronger than level three of the mortal evolution state.

After the second wave, the level-two dragons had quite some ample injuries. They wanted to retreat while the stronger ones still wanted to charge up furiously.

During this time, the third wave struck down.

Then, the fourth wave. The fifth wave ensued, along with the sixth wave.

After nine waves of lightning, there were only three dragons remaining in the lightning clouds.

They were the strongest of the level-two dragons. Before the blood lightning, they could stay untouched and even counter-attack.

However, their counter-attack was a joke to Lu Ze who had a black-gold battle armor and extreme speed.

Eventually, they could only watch their friends die one by one.

Those squad members outside watched the floating few hundred Blue Sh.e.l.l Dragons and couldn’t speak for a long time.

He really annihilated a few hundred dragons all by himself.

A level-four mortal evolution state human annihilated a few level-one and level-two hundred planetary state all by himself.

They felt that they were watching a legend.

It seemed too unreal.

Right then, the howls made them regain their senses. The range of the lightning cloud was limited. There were still more than ten dragons who escaped.

They were heavily injured and wanted to run back to their base.

Seeing this, everyone looked among each other. The handsome man’s mouth twitched. “Cough… um… these dragons seem like they want to run… how about we…”

His face turned red. Compared to Lu Ze, they were like a new kid being helped by the boss. Their feelings were extremely complicated.

Lu Ze didn’t seem to notice this, but they still flew towards those heavily injured dragons.

Those dragons never expected that they would be surrounded as soon as they came out.

Meanwhile, Lu Ze was dodging while attacking furiously at the heads of the two bosses.

Lu Ze suddenly felt immense pain all over his body. His body had become very brittle due to long-time use.

Lu Ze didn’t use more power to attack them. He just let the lightning cloud suck his power to stop the dragons from chasing after him while he used super regeneration to recover.

He consumed purple and red orbs, but they were very gentle.

Lu Ze slowly started to recover while being chased by these 3 level-two dragons. He felt great. These dragons didn’t have martial techniques to catch up to him.

But… it was so painful. If possible, Lu Ze didn’t want to use blood lightning. It was too painful.

At this moment, the other team members killed more than ten fleeing dragons and watched Lu Ze dodge the three dragon’s attacks.

They were shocked.

“Did Lu Ze use too much power?”

“Probably… after all, the power he just used was enough to drain a level-four planetary state.”

That nine waves of attack were too terrifying. They probably couldn’t even use one. The group looked among each other, and then, one person said, “How about… We go help Mr. Lu Ze?”


The seven people flew towards Lu Ze. “Mr. Lu Ze, we’re here to help you!” Lu Ze looked around and just realized he still had teammates. He accidentally annihilated pretty much all the dragons. Now, his teammates didn’t seem to have anything to do…

This was awkward.

He smiled. “It’s you guys. I accidentally killed all the dragons. Did you guys get anything?”