Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 563 - Perhaps He’s Dumb

Chapter 563 - Perhaps He’s Dumb

Chapter 563 Perhaps He’s Dumb

The atmosphere was silent inside the New Dawn.

Yan Gu coughed. “Since Lu Ze is done cultivating, let’s head off then.”

He looked at Lu Ze, and his eyes flashed with confusion.

Why did it feel like there were some little changes to Lu Ze?

This was only a holographic projection though, so he wasn’t too sure.

Then, the call ended, and the New Dawn followed Yan Gu’s s.h.i.+p.

Lu Ze was a little worried. The eyes of the people in the s.h.i.+p made his heart feel cold. He looked at the three and asked, “What’s wrong?”

The three rolled their eyes at him.

Lin Ling asked, “Broke through?”


Seeing that the three didn’t do anything, Lu Ze immediately put his hands on his waist and smiled. “Look at who I am. Of course, I broke through. I’m a level-four mortal evolution state now!”

He looked at Lin Ling and smiled. “You broke through too.”

Lin Ling was a level-three mortal evolution state.

Lin Ling nodded and grinned. She was in a good mood to reach level three of the mortal evolution state so quickly. Qiuyue Hesha leaned on the couch. “Little brother Lu Ze and Lin Ling are getting stronger and stronger. You will be able to catch up to us soon.”

Nangong Jing drank some wine and nodded.

After all, Lu Ze’s red orbs were now much more useful to Lu Ze and Lin Ling than to them.

Unless Lu Ze got stronger orbs, their cultivation speed wouldn’t improve.

“When Lu Ze reaches the planetary state, we can probably go outside the Milky Way galaxy.”

“It wouldn’t be too long, right? We can probably go after the East Realm Gathering.”

The group was keen. They wanted to see the powerful races in the Elf Cosmic Realm.

An hour later, the four s.h.i.+ps came to a region with a lot of dark ice floating.

Yan Gu’s s.h.i.+p stopped on one. The New Dawn stopped too, and Lu Ze and the rest came out.

The other squads also came out. They put away their s.h.i.+ps, and Yan Gu said, “That hive is in this region. It’s not too far, we…” Yan Gu suddenly stopped.

Then, his eyes widened as he looked at Lu Ze in disbelief. It was as though he saw something strange.

When Shadora, Shaz, Hu Xiang, Leona, and the others sensed Lu Ze’s cultivation level, their eyes bulged.

“Level-four mortal evolution state? How is this possible?” Shadora barely spoke at all on the trip, but she now exclaimed.

It was only a day, and yet, Lu Ze reached level four of the mortal evolution state from level three. This was too insane. They also found Lin Ling went from level two to level three.

They were dazed.

Were the levels within the mortal evolution state really easy to breakthrough?

A one-day breakthrough was just normal?

But how long did they take?

Yan Gu remembered that he took an entire ten days to break through, and his heart ached.

He realized that he might not be a prodigy.

No… he was dumb…

Yan Gu began to self-doubt.

Other people were lifeless too. Yan Gu’s talent was the best in this bunch. Other people might take months to breakthrough.

How could they compare at all? Were they not cultivating the same thing?!

Hu Xiang and Leona glanced at each other, rejoicing that they didn’t offend Lu Ze over that small thing.

Their progress was too absurd.

If they really offended Lu Ze just then, they would even begin considering if they could a.s.sa.s.sinate Lu Ze.

But now, getting on Lu Ze’s good side was the best choice.

Lu Ze was used to this shock.

He smiled humbly. “This is not worth mentioning. I was just lucky.”

Yan Gu and the rest rolled their eyes. How long has it been since Lu Ze reached the mortal evolution state? He was already a level-four mortal evolution state now.

Yan Gu smiled bitterly. “I finally understand why the saints appointed you as Monarch of the New Dawn.”

With this talent and combat power, he was indeed much stronger than young dukes.

They weren’t on the same level.

He just didn’t expect that Lin Ling was also progressing as fast.

Was Lin Ling also really talented?

Lin Ling’s status went straight up in his mind.

Yan Gu calmed down his shock and then smiled. “Let’s go. We just contacted the pals watching here. No one has come yet.”


The other people didn’t want to compare with Lu Ze anymore.

Subsequently, the group started flying inside the floating ice cl.u.s.ter.

After flying for half an hour inside, Lu Ze and the others saw an extremely huge astral body.

It was a piece of black floating ice with a diameter of over ten thousand kilometers. It was almost the same size as Earth.

The surface of the body was filled with holes. There were long snake-like things going in and out of these holes.

They had one horn on their head and looked ferocious. There were four claws under their bellies. Their body ranged from tens of meters to hundreds of meters.

At the same time, their bodies were covered in faint black scales, and there was a piece of dark scale under their chin that was very obvious.

They were all Blue Sh.e.l.l Dragons. Seeing this, everyone was excited.

“That many?” Leona exclaimed.

There were more than a thousand just on the surface of the planet. There would only be more inside.

There were smaller blocks of floating ice outside the hive. Lu Ze and the others were hiding behind one. At this moment, a white beam flew over their location.

Soon, a black-haired man wearing white armor appeared beside Lu Ze and the rest.

His face was a little pale. He was probably injured outside the controlled region too.

Yan Gu smiled at him and said, “This is my pal, Ji Cheng.”

Lu Ze and the others noticed that Ji Cheng was also a level-four planetary state.

Then, Yan Gu introduced everyone to Ji Cheng. After that was done, Yan Gu asked, “How is it?”

Ji Cheng smiled. “There are no adventure squads coming nearby. However, there are quite some dragons in this hive. Get ready for a long battle. We need to prepare recovery serums.”

If a battle was drawn out and one’s spirit force recovery couldn’t keep up with spirit force consumption, then serums were needed to recover spirit force. However, Lu Ze didn’t need to worry about it at all.

His own recovery speed could handle ordinary intense battles. If he consumed all his energy, he had red and purple orbs.

As for Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Lin Ling, their recovery speeds were also much faster than ordinary people after using red orbs.

Hu Xiang and Leona, along with the rest, were different. They looked at the hive and then nodded. Their eyes flashed with pain. “We’re fine.”

Serums were very expensive!

However, the loot from here was enough for them to use a serum.

After ensuring that everyone was fine, Yan Gu divided the tasks.

Yan Gu and Shadora would draw away level-five planetary state dragons. Shaz, Ji Cheng, Hu Xiang, and Leona would deal with level-four planetary state dragons. Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and the other two squads level-three planetary states would deal with level-three planetary state dragons.

The rest of the dragons were left to Lu Ze and the rest.

After this was done, Yan Gu smiled. “We’ll go up first.”

Yan Gu and Shadora flew towards the hive. As he flew, Yan Gu turned golden. His chi suddenly rose and started a storm.

Shadora held a long sword in her right hand. The sword surged with sharp sword rays.

Their chi immediately startled the Blue Sh.e.l.l Dragons. Roar!


Five extremely powerful chi shot out of these hives.