Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 557 - I Want Him to Be My Master

Chapter 557 - I Want Him to Be My Master

Chapter 557 I Want Him to Be My Master

As it turned out, it was the vice commander of the Third Army, right? This was quite a scene. He would at least be a high-level planetary state, wouldn’t he?!

What did he mean by “release Lu Ze”?!

Lu Ze wondered what he should do to release himself?

Lu Ze nodded. “Accept the communication.”

He felt that there was some misunderstanding. They were good children.

As soon as Lu Ze answered, a short-haired, powerful middle-aged man appeared in the living room. He was surprised when he saw Lu Ze and the rest, and then, he looked around in confusion. When he didn’t see anyone else, he studied Lu Ze and everyone. “Monarch of the New Dawn, young duke Nangong, Qiuyue, and Lin, what are you doing? Why are you with the pirates?”

Since they weren’t captured, then did they willingly go with s.p.a.ce pirates?

If it was other people, he would’ve captured them without asking anything, but Lu Ze and the others were young dukes. The situation might be different…


Jills thought of a possibility.

Could it be…

He looked at them strangely while waiting for an explanation.

Lu Ze and the rest finally realized what went wrong.

Was it because there were pirate s.h.i.+ps following behind them and they were misunderstood?

Lu Ze explained, “… We captured the high-level crew of that s.p.a.ce pirates. We were going to see if you wanted to recycle those three s.h.i.+ps…”

Jills: “…”

Moments later, Jill pulled the corner of his mouth. “Cough… haha…hahaha… you’re indeed the Monarch of the New Dawn and the three young dukes. You annihilated a crew of s.p.a.ce pirates as soon as you came to the void border. But… these s.p.a.ce pirate s.h.i.+ps are different from your private s.h.i.+ps. They aren’t registered. If you want to bring them back, you need to contact us first, or it would be considered an invasion.”

Lu Ze and everyone felt embarra.s.sed. No wonder so many s.h.i.+ps came. It was all because of the alarm.

Lu Ze felt he lost all his face as the Monarch of the New Dawn. Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and Lin Ling looked outside speechlessly. Lu Ze nodded. “Um… Alright, we’ll take note next time… We won’t make such mistakes


Jills nodded and smiled. “In that case, please allow us to send people to take over the three s.h.i.+ps. Otherwise, they can’t enter the station. This is for safety measure.”

Jills was very polite. He was a young duke himself, albeit an ordinary one. He can’t compare with Nangong Jing and the others.

Lu Ze nodded. “Sure, do as you wish.”

Jills breathed easy. He feared that the talented young dukes like Lu Ze were difficult to talk to. It would be troublesome if that were true.

Jills cut the communication and ordered, “Send people to take over the three s.h.i.+ps.”

The officer heard the conversation and was very shocked. Those who could be s.p.a.ce pirates had at least a few planetary states. Yet, Lu Ze and his group annihilated a crew as soon as they came, and they captured all the high-level pirates alive?

Jills shook his head and sighed. “They’re indeed people that ordinary young dukes can’t even compare with.”

He knew what level of power an ordinary young duke would reach at this stage. If it were him, he would have been killed already.

The officer quickly sent out the orders. The other soldiers were also dazed upon hearing the situation. Despite being shocked, they were very well-trained and soon enacted their orders.

The s.h.i.+ps flew over, and soldiers went in to search for potential threats.

Those people who were watching made some comments.

“Wasn’t Monarch of the New Dawn captured alive by pirates? How are they sending people in to take the s.h.i.+ps already?”

“… Or is it that the s.p.a.ce pirates are actually captured by Monarch of the New Dawn and the rest?”

Everyone fell silent. This really might be the case.

“Oh s.h.i.+t, Monarch of the New Dawn is too strong! That’s a s.p.a.ce pirate crew! It would have at least four to five planetary states, right?”

“The strongest would, at the very least, be a level three or four planetary state!”

“Does this mean that Monarch of the New Dawn is strong enough to capture level three or four planetary state alive? This progress is too terrifying.”

“Not necessarily… do you not know how close young dukes Jing and Hesha are with Monarch of the New Dawn? They’re definitely on there too. Perhaps, they took on the strongest.”

“I really admire him. Not just his power and talent, but even his love life is so successful. I want him to be my teacher.”

“Don’t think about it. You need to have his talent and his looks first.”

“Ouch, that hurts…”

Soon, the interiors of the s.h.i.+ps were checked by the soldiers. They reported after there were no threats found.

Jills then contact the New Dawn again.

Lu Ze and the rest felt this was quite awkward. There were so many people watching as well. Jills called them again and appeared in the living room. He smiled. “Monarch of the New Dawn, three young dukes, these three s.h.i.+ps are fine. If you want to recycle it for the Shenwu Army, we gladly appreciate it. As for the Shenwu merits, We would have to tell you after an a.n.a.lysis. It would take about a day.” Lu Ze smiled. “No problem.”

He thought of the high-level crew. “By the way, we captured five planetary state high-levels. Two of them are level three planetary states, one is a level two planetary state while the other two are level one planetary states. Do you want them?”

Jills nodded. “Of course.”

Powerful people were needed to explore dangerous parts of the void s.p.a.ce, but they couldn’t waste human lives like that. This was when these captives come into play. Many powerful beings would be sold like slaves. If the human race was annihilated, perhaps humans would be sold too.

This was very b.l.o.o.d.y, but compared to the lives of your own race, this was nothing.

Jills smiled. “One quant.i.ty of a level three planetary state is worth 600 Shenwu merits. A level two is worth 300 Shenwu merits. Meanwhile, a level one is worth 100 Shenwu merits. This comes to a total of 1700 Shenwu merits.”

Lu Ze and the others smiled. This trip was too worth it! They didn’t expect s.p.a.ce pirates to be worth that much.

Jills smiled. “If you’ve acquired things you don’t need from the s.p.a.ce pirates, you can also recycle them at the resource building.” Lu Ze and everyone nodded.