Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 555 - Does Lady Luck Have Another Favorite?

Chapter 555 - Does Lady Luck Have Another Favorite?

Chapter 555 Does Lady Luck Have Another Favorite?

In the pocket hunting dimension, lightning flashed and tens of golden-horned sheep fell to the ground in unison.

Those weaker than level seven mortal evolution state died on the spot. Meanwhile, those level seven sheep had their earth s.h.i.+eld crushed by the lightning. They were heavily injured and kept writhing in the lightning.

Although they didn’t die on the spot, they lost their combat power. The only one standing was that level eight mortal evolution state sheep.

The lightning could break its defenses, but the remaining power wasn’t enough to pose a threat.

Upon seeing all his little pals get killed, the sheep was furious.


With a metal clas.h.i.+ng sound, the horns of the sheep shot out two eye-piercing golden blade rays. The blades proceeded to cut Lu Ze’s black-gold battle armor. Upon making contact, clanking sounds could be heard. Lu Ze grinned. The green wind moved around his body, and he disappeared from his current spot.

Lu Ze dodged the blade rays and rapidly closed in on the sheep while lightning kept flas.h.i.+ng in the air. Thunderbolts rained down.




The consecutive hits produced substantial cracks on the sheep’s earth s.h.i.+eld. Eventually, it shattered like gla.s.s.

At this moment, Lu Ze appeared on the sheep’s side and clenched his right fist, which formed a bolt of terrifying purple-red lightning. He was just planning to crush it.

During this time, the sheep suddenly stood back on its hind legs as metallic and earth elements radiated from its body. Then, there was a slight tremor from the ground. Countless earth spears shot out from it. Golden blades flew around the sheep like a blade storm.

Sensing the danger coming from all directions, Lu Ze’s hair stood up.

Oh s.h.i.+t!

This guy was waiting for him to get close. This sudden burst caught Lu Ze off guard. He didn’t even have time to dodge.

There were too many blade rays and earth spears. Lu Ze could only attempt to avoid the lethal attacks while using his black-gold battle armor to take on the weaker hits.


The violent spirit force swept across all directions. The gra.s.s was pulverized, and a layer of the soil was plowed through.

When the shockwave dissipated, Lu Ze’s body was revealed. His black-gold battle armor had been broken. All sorts of wounds appeared on his body. Some were deep to the bone. Blood kept dripping to the ground too.

His chi became extremely weak. This was really painful. If he didn’t keep forming the black-gold battle armor and using super regeneration, he would’ve been half-dead already.

This wasn’t a hit ordinary people could take.

After using such powerful attacks, the sheep’s chi also weakened. However, its eyes were still blood-red as it glared at Lu Ze.

Lu Ze returned the gaze with equally cold eyes. Suddenly, Lu Ze disappeared from the spot. The previous carca.s.s had turned to orbs. He quickly picked up the orbs and fled.

This wasn’t worth it. He was heavily injured and exhausted. He still needed some time to recover. It really wasn’t worth it to keep fighting now.


The sheep didn’t expect Lu Ze to suddenly run. It let out a roar and chased after Lu Ze. However, it wasn’t too plausible to catch up to Lu Ze, who had Blue Bird 1 divine art.

Eventually, it could only watch Lu Ze disappear into the distance.

Lu Ze panted. It was quite hard to fight level eight mortal evolution state boss without the body of darkness. If he had the body of darkness, he could have dodged that wave of attack.

What a pity! Gray light flowed around him, and his deep wounds rapidly healed. He used chi stealth G.o.d art while he carefully flew in the air.

An hour later, Lu Ze grinned confidently and began hunting again. He was so heavily injured before that it took him nearly an hour to fully recover. Now, he could fight again.

Lu Ze sensed a chi not far away. He changed directions and flew to the left.

Moments later, Lu Ze appeared before a small forest. This sort of forest was, at most, considered a shrub in the pocket hunting dimension. The real ones were boundless.

At this moment, Lu Ze saw a figure that was only half a meter tall. It was round and golden. It had small dark eyes that were very cute. When Lu Ze figured out what this was, he was very excited.

It’s that small thing?!


He was too lucky! But soon, Lu Ze found that this little thing was a level four mortal evolution state. He didn’t expect that this little thing’s power would increase!?

He had always thought that the beasts in the pocket hunting dimension retained the same power throughout their lifetime. This little thing was already so strong last time as a level three mortal evolution state. Now that it was a level four mortal evolution state, how strong would it be?

Lu Ze hesitated for a moment but still decided to fight it. However, another golden figure suddenly ran out of the forest. It was also another golden echidna.

Lu Ze thought that only one of these magical beasts existed.

The two echidnas seemed to have great fun playing together.

Lu Ze’s eyes focused, and he charged up.


Lightning flashed. Lu Ze used large amounts of power and drew out hundreds of purple-red lightning bolts from the lightning clouds.

Just in case, he used his strongest power to attack. If he couldn’t beat them, he would run straight away.

‘Chit chit chit!!” the two echidnas screeched furiously. Their bodies flashed with golden light and thick cl.u.s.ters of golden needles to try to block the lightning bolts.


In just a few seconds, the purple-red light suppressed the golden beams.

Lu Ze gritted his teeth and inserted more power into the lightning clouds.

The golden needles were gradually eradicated, and then, the lightning headed towards the two echidnas.

Yet, just when the lightning was about to strike them, a golden beam flashed and a five-meter tall echidna appeared before the two small ones.

Its sharp claws slapped the lightning, and the lightning clouds were easily suppressed.

Lu Ze: “???”

He looked dazedly at the huge echidna.


What to do?

Could he still survive?

Suddenly, a golden beam flashed. Thereafter, Lu Ze died before he could react.