Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 553 - That Works?!

Chapter 553 - That Works?!

Chapter 553 That Works?!

In the previous battle, he used blood lightning again. This transformed his lightning a bit more to blood lightning. By the time his lightning G.o.d art was completely converted to blood lightning, his combat power could probably reach level two of the planetary state.

Were there special ways to evolve other G.o.d arts too?

Lu Ze thought of the yellow earth he saw in the range rabbit’s hive.

Would that allow him to possess special earth G.o.d art?

The red fire wolf and level eight range rabbit both seemed to have divine arts, and their combat power reached the planetary state.

If it was during the day, Lu Ze didn’t have body of darkness. As a consequence, his combat power would be a little weaker than the planetary state. However, Lu Ze felt that even if he was no match for that range rabbit boss, he wouldn’t be defenseless. He could run whenever he wanted.

Perhaps he could try getting that earth blob again?

The last time he attempted to bring it out, it felt that the blob was connected to the ground and couldn’t be taken away.

He didn’t know whether it was because he was too weak or that he could only comprehend it in that place alone.

The third map was too vast, and Lu Ze hadn’t encountered that range rabbit hive for a long time. He hoped he could see it again.


That golden echidna.

It probably had divine art too, but he never encountered it again.

Lu Ze thought for a long while. Up until now, his greatest chance of improvement stemmed from that golden echidna or that earth blob.

As for the other beasts, like the black and white pythons and golden monkeys, they were too strong

Lu Ze then thought about their encounter. They were targeted by pirates as soon as they left.

Other people wouldn’t be this unlucky, right?

Their squad was definitely the strongest squad among the young dukes. Despite so, they still had a difficult time dealing with the pirates.

If other people encountered this, Ying Ying would have to interfere, right? She would be very tired then. Lu Ze smiled thinking about her chubby face. He would feed her some light orbs later on.

On some planet in a black bamboo forest, two male and two female young dukes were greatly weakened. Their combat armors were crushed.

Surrounding them were hundreds of meters long, black anacondas. Their eyes were filled with ice-cold killing intent.

One short-haired man spat some blood and said, “d.a.m.n it, I didn’t expect there were so many beasts around this dark gold bamboo. We miscalculated this time!”

The other red-haired woman shook her head. “Let’s think about how to get out of here first.”

The bulky man smiled bitterly. “We can’t. There’s a very powerful anaconda outside. It’s probably the leader. Its cultivation level might be level nine mortal evolution state.”

Level nine of the mortal evolution state…

This was lethal to them.

Were they going to die on their first mission at the void border?

The short-haired man grinned. “Then, let’s fight! I’ll pave the way. We’ll try to get as many as we can!”

Suddenly, the ground shook. Tens of kilometers away, a thousand-meter, long-horned black anaconda flew up into the sky and left.

The four stared at this scene in a daze. Before they could react, the two anacondas behind them, which were a thousand-meter long, also flew off in the direction of the first anaconda.


“Three creatures that were at level nine of the mortal evolution state? What happened to them??”

“I don’t know. Did they find something?”

The other anacondas were also confused upon seeing their boss suddenly leave. “Good opportunity! Run!”

They were talented young dukes and weren’t going to waste this slim opportunity. They immediately flew to the weakest defended area.


They used their most powerful attacks and paved an exit.


The anacondas hissed, but they were hesitant to chase after since their bosses had left.

That brief moment of hesitation allowed the four to fly off very far. The short-haired man took out his s.h.i.+p, and the four quickly got on and left the planet.

Inside, the four smiled and relaxed. That was too close.

In a particular region of s.p.a.ce, a purple s.p.a.ce s.h.i.+p flew across. Xuan Yuji and Daphne’s eyes still had some fear.


There were a lot of irregular flesh bodies chasing behind their s.h.i.+p. There were terrifying spirit waves everywhere they went.

The two were getting close.

Xuan Yuji said, “Planetary state! Not an ordinary one too!”

Daphne clearly didn’t expect they would encounter this.

“What do we do?”

Xuan Yuji bit her teeth. “Fight with your life. The s.h.i.+p can’t outrun it with its speed.”

Just at this moment, a huge universal storm suddenly appeared and swept the monster in.


The monster’s tentacles writhed, but they were drawn deeper into the storm. Consequently, the two were stunned, but the s.h.i.+p didn’t stop at all and soon flew off.

The monster was still unscathed, even though it faced such a universal storm. It was much stronger than they had imagined. They were too lucky this time.

Even Nangong Jing and Qiuyue Hesha would have to run from that.

Most young dukes were rather successful with their missions.

On some border planet, the surface was filled with several metallic buildings and canon stands.

s.h.i.+ps landed and flew up non-stop.

In the military barracks, Ying Ying was sitting on the bed inside a double suite. She was happily watching cartoons.

Sometimes, the stars would speak to her, and she would easily save the young dukes. She remembered clearly to only intervene when the young dukes were about to die. This wasn’t hard for her. Most of the time, she was watching her cartoons happily. At this moment, the doors opened. Lu Li and Alice came back to their dorms while covered in sweat. They had just finished their training.

This double suite was specially prepared for them.

Upon entering, they saw Ying Ying watching cartoons happily on the couch and smiled.

Alice asked, “Ying Ying, are you hungry? Big sister will cook food for you after a shower.”

Ying Ying quickly nodded. “Yay!”

She hadn’t eaten anything for an entire day since the two sisters left in the morning. The two quickly showered and soon cooked dinner.

Lu Li thought of something and asked, “Ying Ying, is brother fine?”

She knew Lu Ze was strong but the void border was unsafe. They had heard of all sorts of dangerous situations today already. Ying Ying ate and said, “They’re fine. Sister Jing and they encountered some enemies, but they were no match for them.” Hearing this, the two girls felt a.s.sured. Alice asked curiously, “What about the others?”

Ying Ying said with some pride, “They’re all fine. I didn’t let anyone see.”

Alice hugged Ying Ying and gave her a big drumstick. “Here, eat this Ying Ying.”

Ying Ying’s eyes immediately lit up.

She loved this, and Lu Ze wasn’t here to fight over it with her!