Pocket Hunting Dimension - Chapter 549 - Keep Running!

Chapter 549 - Keep Running!

Chapter 549 Keep Running!

In the deep s.p.a.ce, outside the Chiyun System, spirit lights were flas.h.i.+ng from time to time. That was the aftermath of the clashes among Nangong Jing, Qiuyue Hesha, and the Terry Brothers in the distance.

Within the vicinity of the New Dawn, Bing Li looked at Lu Ze with killing intent. “Die!”

Then, the ice shards materializing from his body transformed into a stream and shot towards Lu Ze.

Lu Ze felt that terrifying power. He bit his lips and dark rays emerged around him. Body of darkness!

In this dark s.p.a.ce, the body of darkness wasn’t weak. Of course, Lu Ze would use it.

Thereafter, his black-gold battle armor appeared. Green wind and purple-red lightning circulated around it.

In a short instant, Lu Ze’s chi kept expanding as he used divine arts. Lu Ze’s movements were extremely fast with the aid of the body of darkness and Blue Bird 1 divine art. He skillfully dodged all the ice shards.

As he maneuvered through the attacks, the lightning cloud above Lu Ze’s head blasted with tens of lightning bolts. Bing Li sneered, and an ice s.h.i.+eld formed before him, blocking the lightning.


This time, the mortal evolution state pirates that were hiding far away weren’t hit, but they were shaking with fear.

At this juncture, a silver-white light flashed and penetrated through two pirates. Lin Ling was holding her spear with a cold expression.

These pirates were shocked upon seeing Lin Ling’s powerful chi.

But soon, they realized that Lin Ling’s chi wasn’t at the planetary state yet. They also knew how heavily the Terry Brothers punished defectors. As such, they charged at Lin Ling. “Die!” Lin Ling said nothing and met them head-on while using wind G.o.d art.

Currently, the clash between Lu Ze and Bing Li halted. Lu Ze disappeared from the spot and appeared before Bing Li.


Lu Ze clenched his fist. Dark rays and lightning spears gathered.


He used both the star crippling punch and lightning spear at the same time.

Deep blue ice armor appeared around Bing Li. Subsequently, his right hand opened and the ice s.h.i.+eld appeared. He waved his left hand and tens of ice blades were then formed.

The s.h.i.+eld greeted Lu Ze’s fist while the ice blades met Lu Ze’s lightning spear.


Consecutive explosions occurred. The area within a thousand kilometers was swept out by the spirit force.

When the clash was over, Lu Ze’s black-gold battle armor shattered. Marks appeared on his personal armor too, from which blood flowed out.

Bing Li only had a minor wound on his left hand. He was in a much better state than Lu Ze.

Lu Ze’s full power was barely level two of the planetary state, but this Bing Li knew ice G.o.d art.

This ice G.o.d art wasn’t strong, but he was definitely considered strong among level two planetary states. Lu Ze already antic.i.p.ated that he couldn’t beat this person in a direct confrontation.

Bing Li clenched his two hands and more than a hundred ice blades appeared. This male human’s talent was too scary. He was only a level three mortal evolution state, and yet, he had the power to match him.

Luckily, this human was a bit weaker than he was.

Just when he thought victory was at hand, he was shocked to see that Lu Ze flashed with gray light as the latter recovered instantly.


How was this possible?

Lu Ze grinned at him, and his violent cha burst out. He had an infinite supply of energy due to the purple and red orbs. With his super regeneration divine art, he could take a beating very well.

As long he could s.h.i.+eld his vital points from a lethal attack, then he would be safe.

Lu Ze glanced at Condra and Kuris who had recovered a little. His eyes seemed a little hesitant, but they soon became resolved.

He was about to handle pain once again!

Lu Ze reached out to the blood lightning in his mental dimension. Immediately, intense pain entered his body. His black hair turned red.

He drew the blood lightning in his body once more to finish the battle quickly. Otherwise, the situation would be more volatile if those two recovered.

Lu Ze was surprised as the pain was much lighter than last time, and it didn’t burden him as much.

Was it because he reached level three of the mortal evolution state or was it that most of his lightning was converted?

The lightning G.o.d art completely became blood lightning G.o.d art.


Blood lightning snakes appeared in the lightning cloud. Simultaneously, blood lightning also formed around him.

Bing Li roared. “No way! How can you be so strong?”

Even he couldn’t help but tremble before the chi that was brewing in the lightning clouds.

Lu Ze grinned. “Nothing is impossible.” As he spoke, three extremely thick blood lightning shot towards Bing Li.

He couldn’t dodge it!

Bing Li was shaking on the inside. His ice armor became more focused, and more ice s.h.i.+elds appeared around him.

At this moment, those three thick blood lightning bolts struck his s.h.i.+eld.

The s.h.i.+elds only lasted a second and were violently torn to pieces.

In the next second, the lightning struck his



Another crisp sound reverberated, and under the torrent of blood lightning, Bing Li was flung more than a thousand kilometers away.

His ice armor cracked, and the remaining lightning struck his combat armor, which also cracked. His body was ravaged, and blue blood splashed out.

d.a.m.n it!

Why was that human male so strong?! It wasn’t right!

He couldn’t beat this level three mortal evolution state human?!


He was scared of the Terry Brothers’ punishment, but the human male wasn’t worried for the other two females at all.

He felt the Terry Brothers were a lost cause. That meant that he didn’t need to worry about punishment. He then glanced at the direction he was flying to. It was where their flying s.h.i.+p was.


He used his momentum to fly towards their black wars.h.i.+p. The main s.h.i.+p was loyal to the Terry Brothers, but he had the confidence to take control of the secondary s.h.i.+ps.

Lu Ze didn’t stop for a moment after attacking. He chased after Bing Li and saw that the latter was flying to the s.h.i.+p.

Was this guy attempting to escape?


Can you get away?!

Lu Ze’s speed was far superior to the heavily injured Bing Li. Accordingly, Bing Li sensed Lu Ze’s chi and looked back in fear.

Such speed!

Lu Ze already appeared next to him and pressed his hand on Bing Li’s face. The blood lightning rushed out, breaking Bing Li’s body. Lu Ze grabbed Bing Li’s face. He dragged the bloodied body of his opponent and flew hundreds of kilometers towards the black s.h.i.+p.

Afterward, Lu Ze thrust his hands and Bing Li’s body was launched toward the s.h.i.+p, which then left a ten-meter wide dent.

The s.h.i.+p wobbled, and Bing Li spewed out more blood.

Thereafter, Lu Ze held Bing Li’s face. In turn, Bing Li tried to break off Lu Ze’s hand, but it was useless.

Lu Ze looked coldly at Bing Li. “You want to run? Keep running!”